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Our Lady Priests 1975

To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons
From the writings of Don Stefano Gobbi

Year 1975

January 4, 1975
First Saturday
Faithful to My Voice and That of the Pope
a "How I appreciated the Holy Mass in honor of my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart which you celebrated this morning in my venerated Shrine!
b You came as on a pilgrimage of prayer, reciting the rosary and singing hymns in my honor.
c I have already manifested to you how delighted I am, and you are aware of this, especially at the moment when I stopped you and, through you, blessed all the priests of my Movement, in particular those who are the farthest away geographically: those of the German, the French and the English language, those in faraway America, and those in the missions of Africa and Asia.
d At that moment, in every part of the world, all my priests felt me close to them: my sons who on this first Saturday of the month and of the year are spiritually united in honoring my Immaculate Heart.

e My beloved sons, what joy and what comfort you give to my motherly Heart! You are at last answering with your generous yes to what I asked at Fatima for the salvation of the world.
f Your yes, O priests consecrated to my Heart, was the one thing I was waiting for in order to begin to act. Now, with you, I will begin my work!

g First of all, this Movement of mine will spread everywhere. I will bring together from every part of the world my beloved priests who, as it were, impelled by the irresistible force of the Holy Spirit, will respond and will gather together in the cohort of my priests who are called to remain faithful solely to the Gospel and to the Church.
h When the time comes for the terrible encounter with those priests who are bearers of error and who will range themselves against the Pope and my Church, dragging a great number of my poor children toward their perdition, you will be my faithful priests.
i In the darkness which the Evil Spirit will spread everywhere, in the midst of the many false ideas which, propagated by the Spirit of Pride, will be asserted and followed by almost everyone, at that moment when everything in the Church will be called into question, and when even the Gospel of my Son will be proclaimed by some as a legend, you, my consecrated priests, will be my faithful sons: faithful to the Gospel, faithful to the
j Church, and the strength of your fidelity will come from your habit of entrusting yourselves to me alone and of remaining docile and obedient solely to my voice.
k Hence, it will not be the voice of this or that theologian, nor the teaching of this or that person - even though he gain widespread approbation - but my voice alone which you will listen to, O my sons.
l And my voice will repeat to you gently only that which the Pope and the Church united to him will proclaim.
m Faithful to my voice and that of the Pope, you will be the cohort prepared by me to defend his person, to disseminate his unheeded teachings, to comfort him in his abandonment and his solitude.
n You also will be persecuted: the time will come when you will be the only light left burning, and thus, through your fidelity to the Gospel and your sufferings, you will be able to point out the way of salvation to a vast number of souls. And through my intervention, this light of yours will never be completely extinguished.
o My specially loved ones, be aware of my presence as Mother at the side of each one of you. Now the days are passing, and the great moment is approaching. This is the hour when I am gathering you together from each part of the world to enfold you all in my Immaculate Heart.
p With the help of your prayer and your immolation, I will be able to begin the battle and win my great victory."

January 28, 1975
Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas
The Time Left to You
a “Prepare, my son, to bring together again these sons of mine. Follow the directives which I have already made known to you.
b I must hasten, and I desire that the priests of my Movement be once again reunited before the great tempest.

c - To pray together: as in the Cenacle, I, the Mother, gather you together in prayer. O priests specially chosen by me, return to prayer. I have need of your prayer.
d Pray with me and through me, with that prayer which is so simple and yet so efficacious and which is the prayer I asked of you: the holy rosary.
e Pray well: with humility, with simplicity, with abandonment, with trust. Do not be any longer concerned about other things; you must no longer become troubled by other disturbing problems.
f In great numbers, souls are straying far from God and rushing down the road of depravity which is daily becoming more violent and inhuman. Now any action of yours, or any action undertaken by you alone, to restrain them is no longer sufficient. They are one step from their eternal damnation. I alone, through a motherly and miraculous intervention, will be able to save them at the last moment.
g This is why I need your prayer!
h My priests must be, at every moment, in this priestly attitude: close to my Heart in prayer for the salvation of the world.
i Discussions, feverish activity, taking on the problems and the ways of acting that are in vogue at this time but which dissipate and waste your energies, these are all the disturbing tactics of my Adversary who today succeeds in ensnaring everything and everybody.
j You, my beloved sons, will never be seduced by him, because you are consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Therefore, you will always be my priests alone, who pray with me without ceasing so that the great apostasy will be in part contained and the great and imminent chastisements be at least mitigated.

k - To love each other as brothers, gathered about your own Mother.
What grief my motherly Heart experiences every day in seeing that even amongst themselves priests today no longer love each other, nor do they help each other! Egoism has smothered every impulse of fraternal charity, and in the souls of many of my sons, there is only coldness and darkness.
l Love one another, my beloved sons! Seek out each other; be united with each other; help each other to be faithful priests: faithful to the Pope, to the Gospel and to the Church.
m Do not be worried if at present everything concerning the faith seems to be in ruin. Not one word of the Gospel of my Son is to be denied. All must be taken in its intended sense if you wish to remain in the truth.
n You yourselves must be the living Gospel in order to oppose with your light the great darkness which is growing ever denser throughout my Church.

o - To remain with me: in these gatherings all will experience my special presence. And because time is pressing, I will make myself perceptible to each one in an extraordinary way.
p There must be many more of these gatherings. The time left at your disposal is now short. Everything must be done well, so that the spirit of my beloved sons be prepared, but without their becoming fearful."

February 15, 1975
Anniversary of the Apparition of the "Virgin of the Poor" at Banneux
The Joy o f Making You Grow
a "My dearly beloved son, why are you troubled? Why do you sometimes lose your peace of mind?
b All that has happened to you these past days was arranged by me in order that you would really detach yourself from everyone, even from those persons who are especially loved by me and by my Son Jesus.
c You are so little that, without your noticing it, you end up by attaching yourself to them and depending on them. And your attachment becomes all the stronger, the closer these souls are to me.
d You have no need of anything but their prayers and their sufferings, and this is what I ask of them for you and for my Movement. And you should reciprocate with your prayer and your great brotherly love. This is sufficient. Anything else is not from me; for you, anything else is vain and superfluous: it is truly a waste of time.

e My beloved sons, let yourselves be truly detached from everything! See: it is not your defects, your falls or your great limitations that prevent you from being totally mine and available for my great plan. Oh, no! On the contrary, these are a great gift to you because they help you to realize how little you are and to remain little. They give you, so to speak, measure of your littleness.
f It is your attachments which make up the only obstacle which prevents you from being totally mine. How many ties you still have, my sons! Ties to your own self, to other persons however good and holy they be, to your activities, to your ideas, to your feelings. And I will break them, one by one, so that you will be mine alone.
g With each day that passes, I will liberate you from your attachments, and I will make you more and more free, little, trusting and surrendered, until you are totally mine and my Immaculate Heart is in fact your only good. Then I will be able to act in you and carry out my work as Mother, which is that of making each one of you into a living copy of my Son Jesus. Entrust yourselves to me without fear. Every pain that you feel because of a new detachment will be soothed by me with a new gift of love. Each time that you detach yourself from a creature, you will feel your Mother closer to you.
h My little children, let me have the joy of making you grow!"

March 15, 1975
Without Thinking of Tomorrow
a "Live each moment in me, without thinking of tomorrow, without ever worrying about what you must do. I will guide you by the hand at each moment.

b For a little while yet you will walk in light, but soon everything will be plunged in darkness. Then I myself will be your light and will guide you in carrying out that which my Immaculate Heart desires.
c To do this, beloved sons, I must ask of you that which your human nature finds most costly: I ask you to live without thinking of tomorrow, without being preoccupied about the future.
d Do not ask me: `What shall we do? How should we conduct ourselves? Is the great purification near? What will be the outcome for us?'
e Live, with perfect love and perfect abandonment, the present which I - moment by moment - arrange for you, my little babes.
f For this, accustom yourselves not to look at things but to me alone. Do not consider what is awaiting you, the deeply distressing events of these times of yours. Do not consider what many are doing today against my Son and against me and what they are preparing to do against you.
g The hour of darkness is approaching, the hour when you must drink the chalice which my Son has prepared for each one of you. But do not even think of this hour, that you may not be caught up in fear and anxiety.
h Look only to my Immaculate Heart: take refuge and warm yourselves here, strengthen yourselves here. Feel yourselves in safety here!
i Abandon yourselves completely and without reserve in this Heart; then only will you correspond to the great plan of salvation which my Heart has in each one of you, my little children."

March 28, 1975
Good Friday
The Way of the Cross
a "The reason why I have wanted you here today, far from all preoccupations and activities, is that you might remain alone with my Son Jesus.
b The path along which I wish to lead my beloved sons, the priests who are consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and who belong to the Movement, is that of the Cross.
c I want them all on the Cross with my Son, in prayer and in suffering. This is the road that Jesus took to carry out the work of redemption and to save all men.
d This is the road which the priests called to form my cohort must follow, in order that men redeemed by my Son, but snatched from Him by Satan, may yet be saved today through a special intervention of this motherly Heart of mine.

e The way of the Cross, my little children, is the only way that I have traced out for you because it is that which your Mother has first traveled, together with her Son Jesus.
f journey along it without fear, because you will be led by the hand, by me, enheartened by my motherly tenderness.
g Journey along it with me, in my Immaculate Heart; near your cross you will thus feel the presence of your Mother who will comfort and help you.
h This road must be traveled by you, because only in this way can you become similar to my Son Jesus in all things. My duty is that of making you in every way similar to Him.
i Now that I have detached you from everything to make you ready to do the Will of the Father, and formed you once again into little children to make you priests according to the Heart of Jesus, the time has come when you are being called to climb Calvary with Him.

j This is the hour of Calvary for my Church, for the Holy Father, and for all the priests who want to be faithful to my Son and to the Gospel.
k But it is also, beloved sons, your most beautiful hour for which I have prepared each one of you for a long time. Say with me: `Yes, Father, your Will be done!' (cf. Mt 26:39)
l Even if this hour is one of darkness, you are called by me to reflect the light of the Will and the plan of the Father. You will be called to bear witness to the fatherhood and the merciful love of God.
m This then is your hour, and this is why I am calling you to nothing but prayer, suffering and a total immolation of yourselves. Forget every other preoccupation, and entrust yourselves to me; and by your great love, second this plan of my Immaculate Heart."

April 25, 1975
Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist
Do Not Grieve Me by Your Doubt
a "My most beloved son, you have now almost completed the work which I have entrusted to you.
b Take refuge now in my Immaculate Heart: I want you here to strengthen you and to protect you at the time of the terrible trial.
c My beloved sons, priests consecrated to my Heart, listen again to the voice of your Mother who is gently admonishing you that you may be prepared for the great events which are now weighing upon the world.
d Be truly and only mine; give yourselves to me without reserve. After you have been consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, let there be no other concern within you but to allow yourselves to be led by me as little children.

e Think no longer of your past.
f There are some among you who are still dwelling upon their past, feeling again the pain of the many wounds which I have healed, and they are, as it were, impeded from giving themselves totally to me. They are impeded by this thought: `Is it possible that I - after all my shortcomings and infidelities - could be truly chosen and especially loved by the heavenly Mother?'
g O my children! My Heart overflows with tenderness for you precisely because you are small and weak, because you have sometimes fallen, because you feel yourself to be so frail.
h By yourselves, my little children, you would never be able to surmount that which is awaiting you, and this is why I want to enfold you in my Immaculate Heart. I myself will be your security and your defense.

i There are some among you who are still caught up in the temptation of doubt and criticism. After all I have done for you!
j Do not grieve my Heart by your doubt, by your incredulity. Have you not yet learned to let yourselves be guided by me? Overcome this temptation by prayer.
k From my priests, I want only prayer and confidence in me. Every moment which is not spent by them with me in the most complete abandonment is, as it were, lost to them and taken away from me, and this deeply grieves my motherly Heart.

l The time has come when some of my priest-sons are preparing to openly oppose my Son, myself, the Pope and the Church.
m I will then be no longer able to recognize them as my children; I myself will come down from heaven to place myself at the head of the cohort of my beloved sons, and I will crush their plots.
n After a great upheaval and the purification of the earth, my Immaculate Heart will sing of its victory in the greatest triumph of God.

o It is for this moment, my beloved priests, that I have called you one by one from all parts of the world and have made you ready.
p This is no longer a time for doubt and uncertainty: this is the time of battle!
q Each one of you should let himself be enfolded by me in my Immaculate Heart."

June 7, 1975
Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
First Saturday
Respond to My Supreme Call
a "Once again write what I will dictate to your childlike heart, chosen by my Immaculate Heart.
b Be ever more docile and obedient to your spiritual director. Entrust yourself to him completely. I will give him the necessary light to understand what I want of him for the realization of my plans.

c Do not fear, my most beloved son. Why do you become troubled and sometimes lose your peace of mind?
d You are in my Heart; live habitually enfolded in my motherly Heart. Feel all its serenity and all the tenderness it has for you!
e Live, my son, so that I may pour out, upon you, all the tenderness of my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart...
Have you not yet understood that I want to make of you the personification of the tenderness of this my Mamma’s Heart?
f Whoever looks at you, listens to you or passes by you should be able to sense in his soul a touch of this supernatural perfume of mine and the tenderness which my motherly Heart has for all her children.
g And so I want you to be truly detached from everyone. Do not seek other voices or other supports. Do you not see that I myself am speaking to you and leading you? My Immaculate Heart will be your only comfort, and from this Heart will come all your encouragement.
h As for the rest, leave it to me. This is my work alone, and no one will touch it, because I am jealous of it with the very jealousy of God. This work is willed by me for the great triumph of God and the conclusive defeat of Satan.
i Do not become uneasy if you find that movements inspired by souls to whom I have revealed myself are springing up here and there: on the contrary, all is part of my great plan. And so each thing must be in its place.
j Your place is the Marian Movement of Priests. Through my priests, an immense number of the laity will again be consecrated to my Heart and entrust themselves completely to me. With simplicity and without organization, let them give themselves to me as a little child gives himself completely to his own mother.
k My children, the battle has already begun, and I ask you only to respond to my supreme call.
l Be my priests; be solely priests of prayer. Do not waste any more time, because the time left to you is far too precious. Pray the holy rosary often and well. Live and spread the Gospel of my Son Jesus.
m Pray for, help and defend the Vicar of Christ: the Pope. Be poor; be little; be humble: be nothing other than my little children who form a crown of love about my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart.
n Today, one by one, I bless you; I embrace you, and I enfold you in this Heart of mine.
o Never, even for an instant, feel yourselves alone and without me. Sons consecrated to my Heart, I am your Mother who today gives you the gift of her habitual presence at the side of each one of you."

July 9, 1975
Your Heaviest Cross
a "How often I tell you: remain always in my Heart and fear nothing. Never become preoccupied, even concerning my Movement; all I want of you is prayer, suffering and a most complete surrender to me.
b At this time, I have not wanted to put you to the test. You are so little and so completely mine that your Mother cannot leave you alone, not even for an instant. I know how much you love me: I know that by now your every breath is a great act of love for Me.
c I have wanted you to taste just a little drop of the great bitterness which overwhelms my Heart because of so many of my poor priest-sons of whom Satan has now taken complete possession.
d My poor sons, what anguish they cause me!
e Priests of my Son, they no longer believe in my Son and continually betray Him; priests called to be ministers of grace, they now live habitually in sin: their life is an uninterrupted succession of sacrileges. Priests sent to proclaim the Gospel of salvation, they have now become propagators of error. Priests chosen to save many souls, they lead so very many souls along the road of perdition.
f This is the hour when the abomination of desolation is truly entering into the holy temple of God.
g They are no longer the salt of the earth, but a salt without savor, corrupted and nauseating, good only to be strewn on the ground and trampled underfoot by everyone. They are no longer the light on the candlestick, but darkness which makes the night even more obscure.
h They are all poor ailing priest-sons of mine, because they have fallen under the dominion of Satan.
i My beloved son, how can my Heart not be submerged in an infinite sea of sorrow?

j Priests of my Movement, you beloved sons of my sorrowful Heart, what must you do in order to save all these priests who are so ill and so much in need of my motherly help?

k Help them, without ever judging them. Love them always. Do not condemn them; this is not your role. Love them by your suffering, by your witnessing, by your good example.
l Be an example to them by defending, even exteriorly, your dignity. You should never abandon the ecclesiastical garb, thus obeying the will, time and time again expressed, of the Vicar of my Son, the Pope.

m Pray for them. A great force of prayer is needed to obtain from the Heart of Jesus the conversion and repentance of these poor sons of mine. You have been chosen by me for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world. But this triumph will begin with the salvation of many of these poor priest-sons of mine who have gone astray.
n Form an unbroken chain of prayer and of love to ask for their salvation and that my Immaculate Heart may become, especially for them, the most secure refuge.

o Suffer with the Pope, with the bishops, with the faithful priests.

p This is the cross which Jesus now asks you to carry: to live side by side with brother-priests who no longer believe, who spiritually are no longer alive, who betray the Gospel, who are unfaithful servants and yet remain in the Church to be ministers of this infidelity. This is for you the heaviest of crosses, but it enters into a greater plan of mine. The decisive events have already begun, and the one you are living through is the beginning of these.
q This scandal will become even greater and more serious. You will be called upon to suffer more and more, because this veritable apostasy from the Gospel will one day become general in the Church, before the great liberating purification.
r Therefore, no longer fix your attention on time; do not be even reckoning on the time of my triumph. Live simply in surrender and trust, like my little children, in my Immaculate Heart.”

July 24, 1975
Serene in This Time of Your Repose
a "Enter, my dearly beloved son, into my Immaculate Heart: this is the place of your repose.
b Spend these days constantly with me, in my company. I wanted you here again this year: in the midst of these little children of mine, humanly speaking a little frail and more needy, and therefore dearer to my Heart.
c Be only and ever my little child, in need of everything, rejoicing to receive everything from me in all simplicity.
d This way I have of talking to you may astonish the grown-ups, but it is very natural and simple for my little children.
e The sun, the sea, nature: all is a gift to you from the Heavenly Father; all is made holy by the presence and the joy of my Son Jesus.
f In times of anguish, how comforting for the Heart of my Son was this nature, prostrate, as it were, at his feet: the sun with its light, the charming countryside of Galilee with its flowers, with its songs with its warm and golden harvest and the lovely mirror of the great lake.
g Everything spoke in harmony, as it were, with the great prayer of my Son Jesus, with his ardent thirst for solitude, with his natural desire of living in the company of his Father.

h How many today, on these same shores, live forgetful of God, submerged in a new paganism, and offend Him, ungrateful for this great gift of his.
i But here, in these same places, many of my little children love and console Him.
j Your presence, my son, should be like an act of reparation. It must therefore be a presence of love and of prayer, a presence of life with me.

k So also is the presence of the priests of my Movement in the world of today: consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, they are offered by me to the Father as a sign of reparation.
l For this reason, the more sin will increase, the more their love for God will grow; the more filth will submerge everything, the more their purity will become limpid and shining; the more apostasy will spread, the more heroic will be the witness of their faith, even to blood.
m In this way they will be a sign of reparation: by their love, by their fidelity, by their purity.
n And it will be due to these little children of mine, consecrated to my Heart, that evil will not prevail. On the contrary it will, in the end, be defeated.
o For this purpose they have been all chosen and prepared by me for this great purification of the earth.
p From this place I bless you all with an abundance of graces, including your spiritual director whom I have placed at your side and whom I am making an increasingly docile instrument in my hands for the realization of my plans, and including also these little children of mine who are keeping you company.

q Pray, rest, work, love: even these days of yours form part of the great plan which I have in your regard. So then, enter serenely into this time of rest.”

July 29, 1975
Behold the Handmaid of the Lord
a "Consider, my son, the good that the Mother wants for you.
b You are now becoming accustomed to doing everything with me; you are coming to realize how at each moment I lead you to do what I desire of you. It is the Mother's Heart which is carrying you; here you now experience how all your anxieties cease.

c Priests so dearly beloved by me, I want you all to abandon yourselves to me in this way.
d Do not think about yourselves any longer; do not be worried about anything; let yourselves be carried by me, one and all.
e I need only your trust; I want only your complete abandonment to me.

f Satan fears only this: an army of priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and completely abandoned to me.
g He knows that through them I myself have accepted the challenge which he has again dared to hurl at my Son, and he now senses that his defeat is at hand.
h To his renewed gesture of pride and rebellion by which he has now seduced the whole of humanity, I will again repeat through my little children: `Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to your word.' (Lk 1:38)
i And then will come the final defeat of Satan and of his many followers, through the triumph of my little children in my Immaculate Heart.
j Do not ask me when this will take place, because I have already initiated this triumph."

August 5, 1975
Feast of Our Lady of the Snows
The Priests Are Responding to Me
a "Remain serene; have confidence in me, even for what pertains to the spread of my Movement.
b Do not be anxious over the many requests for the little book over these past months, to which, through no negligence on your part, it has been impossible to answer.
c Let us suppose that with a perfect organization we could send out immediately all the booklets requested. Do you think that this would be sufficient for the spread of my Movement? No, my son, because the booklets, once they had arrived at their destination, could be put away in a drawer by those who receive them, without being read; or even if read, they could leave the reader completely indifferent.
d My motherly action is the only thing necessary for the spread of my Movement. It is my action alone that prepares souls to receive this gift of mine, that determines for each one the moment when this will be given, that gives a special grace by which my words can be understood and can produce in souls that marvelous reality which they express.
e This is why I ask you insistently to support my action with your prayer. This is what I am always asking of you because this, and not technical perfection, is what is necessary for me.
f Tell X that I look upon him with delight when he is working for my Movement, as I know that he is already taken up by so many other occupations.
g But in order that my sorrowful Heart might be consoled by him and that he himself might live in the intimacy of this Heart, I ask his generous soul for more prayer, more moments of silence and of living with me.

h Of you, my dearest son, I ask prayer, suffering and silence.
i Silence, above all, concerning our intimacy.
j Do not speak about what I am doing for you, so as not to curb my action and delay the plan of my Immaculate Heart. Tell everything only to your confessor and spiritual director.
k You see how I myself have brought you to a great intimacy with me, but your brothers are still on the way. Therefore, they are not yet able to understand.
l Of you I always expect prayer and suffering.

m The announcement of my Movement has now reached all parts of the world, and those priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart are all responding to me.
n However, it is necessary that these sons of mine walk under my guidance, without ever halting. Not one of them must be mediocre. I want to lead them all, in my Immaculate Heart, to the summit of sanctity.
o If you only knew how much Satan tempts and obstructs them, torments and discourages them.
p Remain always in my Heart and on the cross for their sakes: your prayer and your suffering will help them to grow in holiness.
q On the cross and in my Immaculate Heart, at my side, you will then be constantly helping those who are your brothers and my beloved sons."

August 13, 1975
Satan Breaks Loose
a "You are aware that I am always near; sometimes my motherly action absorbs, as it were, your own activity, and you live habitually recollected in my Immaculate Heart.
b You are here in this place where my Son Jesus resides, and where I also am present...
c Why have I wanted you up here?
d To help you climb your cross, my little one. I will give you great gifts of love and of pain. Only in this way will you be able to help your brother-priests to grow in holiness and to become priests after the Heart of Jesus.
e It is true, you have consecrated them all to my Immaculate Heart; they are now mine; they belong to me, and it is my duty to form them as the priests that Jesus wants them to be.
f But if you only knew, my son, how human they still are: attached to themselves, to pleasures, to the esteem of others, to the goods of this world, to their own way of looking at things. They still doubt me, my son, and they doubt you and the mission that I myself have confided to you.
g Satan torments them, sifts them violently, seduces them with pride and greatly discourages them! He bites furiously at my heel; he hurls himself with rage at my little children; he knows that soon it will be the faithful priests, and I with them, who will crush his head forever.
h I have wanted you up here because it is here that your Calvary begins. From this place I bless all the priests of my Movement, in every part of the world; I am the Immaculate Conception, the Fount of Mercy."

August 23, 1975
Feast of St. Rose of Lima
You Will Have Them Walk Toward Me
a “Be at peace once again in my Immaculate Heart. How much you have suffered these past days: the darkness, the obscurity, the doubt. In a certain sense, you have tasted even the bitterness of being abandoned!
b At these moments it seems to you that you have lost your way; you call on me, and it seems to you that I am far away, that all is an illusion. On the contrary, never as in these moments, never as at this very moment, my son, am I so close to you and do I clasp you so close to my Immaculate Heart and gaze on you with such tenderness and love.
c I need this suffering of yours: all I want of you is prayer and suffering. And then I will give you new light and new serenity; you will rejoice and be strengthened and thus made even more ready to be placed again upon your cross.
d Only when you will be lifted up on your cross will you be able to help all the priests of my Movement to be that which my Immaculate Heart wants them to be.
e What a long road these sons of mine must still travel, and you will give them your hand and have them walk toward me. For my Movement of Priests, I will manifest myself through you; you are the instrument chosen by me for this mission. This must be understood by everyone in order to avoid any confusion whatsoever with which my Adversary will attempt to obscure my work. Those who will accept it through you will receive the gift of my most pure light."

September 12, 1975
Feast of the Holy Name of Mary and
Anniversary of the Victory of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Vienna (1683)
Little to Others, Great to Me
a "I have chosen you precisely because of your littleness, your poverty. Jesus looks with pleasure and with predilection on the small, the pure of heart, the simple.
b Be ever thus!
c And so never look at yourself, because I will make you the gift of leaving you with your faults.
d My Son Jesus does not love you for what you can do, but for yourself. He loves you just as you are. It is not your merits but only his love which draws Him strongly to you.
e I also, your Mother, love you just as you are: even with your defects, as long as you are always striving to correct them. And if they give you a true measure of your littleness, even they will help me to make you more my own.
f Priests of my Movement, do not fear if you sometimes feel far away from the ideal which I am proposing to you. Your humility, your trust and your good will suffice for me.
g I am forming a cohort of priests who will perhaps never be perfect, but they will certainly be all mine.
h The perfection which I will build in them will be interior and hidden: little to others, great to me. They will even be despised and persecuted by many, but in their soul they will always have my joy.
i I want you to offer me these flowers, my son, on this feast day of mine.
j I bless you; I bless you all with gratitude and thankfulness."

September 15, 1975
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
Offer and Suffer with Me
"My very dear son, through the entreaty and wish of my dying Son, I became your true Mother.

b I am the Mother of all.
c By the privilege of my bodily assumption into heaven, my Immaculate Heart never ceases to beat with love for you.
d Thus it has never ceased to be saddened and pained by so many of my children who continue to do evil and who walk on the road of perdition, making useless all the suffering of my Son Jesus and mine.
e To be sure, I am in heaven: I am perfectly happy close to my Son, in the light of the Most Holy Trinity, in the eternal joy of the angels and saints. But my duty as Mother still binds me to you and keeps me close to you on this earth.
f If I am your Mother, all your pain is mine as well.
g And so it is that in my Heart I truly feel the repercussions of all the bitterness, all the misery and all the great suffering of the world.
h If I am your Mother, I cannot help but suffer for my children, for all, especially those who are farthest away, who are most in need, and above all for my poor children who are in sin.
i If I am the Mother, I cannot help but suffer for those who are sinners, for all of them, because I desire that they all return to the Heart of my Son Jesus and to my motherly Heart.
j I who am happy in heaven am grieving on earth, close to you, my poor afflicted children.

k Priests of my Movement, beloved sons of my sorrowful Heart, do you wish to accept my gentle invitation to suffer with me?
l Often I am, as it were, surprised to see with what anxiety and sometimes even with such great human curiosity you scrutinize the future. You often on occasion ask yourself `But when will this purification take place?'
m There are even some who, in my name, believe that they can indicate the dates of events and exact occurrences, and they forget that the hour and the moment is a secret hidden in the merciful and fatherly Heart of God.
n The Mother cannot put time limits on her motherly admonition or her merciful expectation.
o And so I say to you, beloved sons, do not scrutinize the future, and thus, neither anxiety nor discouragement will take hold of you! Live only in the present instant, in complete abandonment, close to my Immaculate Heart, the present instant which the love of the Heavenly Father puts at your disposal, my little children...
p Before the Father - the omnipresent Father - only the present moment counts: not the past nor the future because this time is not yours.
q Live then each moment upon my Heart in prayer. Share my suffering, privileged sons of mine. At the time when the whole world was once for all redeemed and purified, the Father accepted the Son's divine suffering together with my human suffering of the Mother.
r Your suffering, my sons, is truly contributing to the purification of the earth.
s If the chastisement comes, it will be only as an ultimate and solemn demand for suffering to bring about the renewal of the world and the salvation of so many poor children of mine.
t But nothing contributes so much to the triumph of my Immaculate Heart as a priestly heart which suffers. In you, my sons, it is Jesus who continues his mission of purification. Only his blood can wash away all the evil, all the hatred and all the sin of the world.
u And so, now that the moment of the purification is here, you will be called upon to suffer more and more. For you, my sons, this is the hour of the cross. But you will suffer with me, with your Mother who begot you under the Cross.
v Be ever with me, in the present moment which the Father gives you: to offer and to suffer in the Heart of your sorrowful Mother."

October 7, 1975
Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
Anniversary of the Victory of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lepanto
What It Means to Be a Mother
a "My son, you have come here only because I wanted you here, and you have seen my marvels.
b You have seen where my special favor is always directed: upon the little ones, the poor, the suffering, the sinners.
c Wherever there is suffering, there also is my predilection.
d If you knew what it means to be a mother!
e If you could but succeed in understanding this, you would no longer fear anything: it is my maternity that saves you.
f The Justice of the Father has determined that the sufferings and the death of the Son are to pay for your redemption. The love of the Heart of the Son has determined that his Mother is to bring you to salvation.

g Priests so dearly loved by me, it is for this reason that I say to you: Do not be afraid; it is the Mother who is preparing each thing for you. Do not be anxious; leave all your worries in my Mother’s Heart.
Soon you will see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. I have chosen and called you for this. Thus I repeat again: you must be more mine: in prayer, in abandonment, in trust.
h Be prepared to see my greatest marvels. Today you recall one of my victories, but soon you will all be witnesses of my greatest triumph.
i My cohort is now ready and the time has come. With the weapon of prayer, of the rosary and of your trust, it is now the time to enter into battle.
j Soon, my sons, a new date will be celebrated. The entire Church will flourish anew under the most pure mantle of your Mother."

October 18, 1975
Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist
Be Joyous
a "I have chosen you, my son, for this simple reason: because you are the poorest, the smallest and the most limited. Humanly speaking, you are the most destitute.
b I have chosen you because in your past life my Adversary had almost succeeded in claiming a victory. In your life, I have had you live, as if by anticipation, the experience of what I myself will do at the moment of my great triumph.

c My Adversary will one day think that he is celebrating a complete victory: over the world, over the Church, over souls.
d It will be only then that I will intervene - terrible and victorious - that his defeat may be all the greater when he is certain in his conviction that he has conquered once for all.

e What is in preparation is so extraordinary that its like has never happened since the creation of the world. That is why everything has already been predicted in the Bible.
f The terrible struggle between me, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and the Red Dragon, Satan, who has now succeeded in seducing many even with the error of Marxist atheism, has already been foretold to you. The struggle between the angels together with my children and the followers of the dragon led by the rebellious angels has already been foretold to you. Above all, my complete victory has already been clearly foretold.
g You, my sons, have been called to live through these events.
h It is now the time for you to know this, that you may be consciously prepared for the battle. This is now the time for me to begin disclosing part of my plan.
i First of all, it is necessary that my Enemy have the impression of having conquered everything, of having everything now in his hands. This is why he will be permitted to penetrate even into the interior of my Church, and he will succeed in plunging the sanctuary of God into darkness. He will reap the greatest number of victims from among the ministers of the sanctuary.
j This will in fact be a time of great falls on the part of my beloved sons, my priests.
k Satan will seduce some of them by pride, others by love of the flesh, others by doubts, others by unbelief, and still others by discouragement and loneliness.
l How many will have doubts about my Son and about me and will believe that this is the end of my Church!

m Priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, my beloved sons whom I am gathering together for this great battle, the first weapon that you must make use of is trust in me. It is your complete abandonment to me.
n Conquer the temptation of fear, of discouragement, of sadness. Distrust paralyzes your activity and greatly benefits my Adversary.
o Be serene; be joyful!
p This is not the end of my Church; what is in preparation is the beginning of its total and marvelous renewal!
q The Vicar of my Son, in virtue of a gift I grant to him, is already able to foresee this, and though living in the present moment of sadness, he invites you to be joyous.
r `To be joyous?' you ask me, all surprised.
s Yes, my sons, in the joy of my Immaculate Heart where I enfold you all. My motherly Heart will be for you the place of your peace, while outside the most violent storm is raging.
t Even if you have been wounded, even if you have fallen many times, even if you have doubted, even if at certain times you have betrayed your calling, do not become discouraged, because I love you!
u The more my Adversary will have sought to rage about you, the greater will be my love for you.
v I am the Mother, and I love you all the more, my sons, for your having been snatched away from me.
w And my joy is to make each one of you, priests beloved of my Immaculate Heart, sons so purified and strengthened that from now on no one will ever again succeed in snatching you from the love of my Son Jesus.
x I will make of you living copies of my Son Jesus.
y And so be content, be confident and be totally abandoned to me. Remain always in prayer with me.
z The weapons that I will use to fight and win this battle will be your prayer and your suffering.
A And so then, yes, you too will be on the cross with me and with my Son Jesus, close to his Mother and yours. And then I myself will do everything, because God has arranged that this be my hour, my hour and yours, O sons consecrated to my Immaculate Heart."

October 24, 1975
Your Silence
a "How many times I repeat to you: you will meet with sufferings and misunderstandings, but never obstacles! This is my work; no one will touch it.
b My angels have already begun the battle; at my orders they are bringing these sons of mine together from all parts of the world. My Heart knows what means to use to reach them; I find my greatest joy when they answer yes to me.
c Many feel so small and unworthy; they are conscious of so many past infidelities and weaknesses, and they are rather perplexed in taking this step.
d The yes which they say to me makes my Heart leap for joy.

e Count now how many of these yeses there are; calculate how much joy is given to my Immaculate Heart!
f This complete offering of yours is the only thing I ask of you, my sons: the offering of yourselves with your limitations, your weaknesses and your inabilities.
g I need this in my plan.
h If I have asked for no juridical structure for the Movement, it is precisely because I want it to be spread in silence and hiddenness.
i The second weapon which you must use, after your trust and abandonment of yourself to me, is your prayer and your silence.

j Interior silence: let it be the Mother who speaks within you.
k She will repeat softly to your childlike heart all the Gospel of Jesus. She will give you once again a taste for his word.
l You will not listen to other voices or other words: you will hunger and thirst for his alone, and thus you will be formed in the school of the word of God.

m Exterior silence: let it be the Mother who speaks through you. I am so eager to do this, if you will let me act freely within you.
n In order that I may speak, I need your silence. Some of you find it difficult to understand this. Yet this silence is so necessary, even for your own word.
o Some of you believe that even for my Movement it is necessary to do, to write, to act. Yet your silence is so necessary for the spread of my Movement, according to the plan which has already been clearly outlined by my Immaculate Heart.
p Speak always by your life. Let your life be your word. Then it will be I myself who will speak in you and through you. Then your words will be understood and received into the hearts of your listeners.
q Today when the spoken word is the weapon used by my Adversary to seduce all humanity, I ask you to oppose him with your silence.
r Thus it will again be the Spirit who will speak in you, and by means of the Spirit, making use of you, the whole world will be completely renewed."

October 30, 1975
I Am Calling Them All
a "Have you seen how I place in your path the priests called by me to consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart? Your task, my son, is to gather them together and to entrust them all to me.
b These sons of mine have now such great need to be consoled and encouraged. And this is why I am always present in these gatherings. The souls of these sons of mine will thereby rejoice, and they shall all be consoled.
c The time has come when I will make myself more manifest in the Church, through increasingly greater signs.
d My tears are shed in many places to call everyone back to the sorrowful Heart of their Mother.
e The tears of a mother succeed in moving the most hardened hearts. But now my tears, even tears of blood, leave many of my children completely indifferent.
f My messages which will become all the more frequent, the more the voice of the ministers refuses to proclaim the truth.
g Because so many priests have abandoned their trust, how many of my children are now suffering from a true spiritual famine of the word of God.
h The truths which are most important for your life today are no longer preached: heaven which awaits you, the Cross of my Son which saves you, sin which wounds the Heart of Jesus and mine, hell into which innumerable souls are falling every day, the urgent necessity of prayer and penance.
i The more sin spreads like a pestilence and causes the death of souls, the less it is talked about. Today some of my priests even deny its existence.
j It is my duty as Mother to give nourishment to the souls of my children; if the voice of the ministers is stilled, the Heart of the Mother will open up more and more.
k Following now upon my interventions, the time has come when I must make myself present in person and act in the Church whose Mother I am.
l I want to act through you, O priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. This too is part of my plan.
m The Evil One, my Adversary from the beginning, is now in the process of seducing a great number of priests, and he is working among them and gathering them together against my Son, against me and against the Church.
n I am personally intervening and calling together into my cohort the priests who are determined to remain faithful. I call them all to consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart and to take refuge in me.
o The struggle will be especially between me and the ancient Serpent whose head I will, in the end, crush. And so I now ask of you only those things which, according to you human way of looking at things, seem small and insignificant.
p As day by day propaganda increases, as well as the clamor of the enemies of God who are succeeding in winning everything over to themselves, all I ask of you is to respond with your trust and total abandonment, with prayer, with suffering and with your silence.
q However, whatever you offer to my Heart will become in my hands a terrible weapon with which to fight and to win this battle.
r To the haughty cohort of the arrogant who rebel against God, I will reply with the cohort of my little, humble, despised and persecuted sons.
s And through you the victory will belong, in the end, to the humble ‘handmaid of the Lord.’ ” (Lk 1:38).

November 9, 1975
Dedication of the Basilica of St. John Lateran
Live Your Consecration
a "My son, now you have signs, always greater, of how much I love you. You were chosen by me to make everyone - and especially your brother-priests - understand the wealth and the wonders of my Heart.
b At Fatima, I pointed to my Immaculate Heart as a means for the salvation of all humanity. I pointed out the way of return to God. But I was not listened to.
c Now I want to offer you my Immaculate Heart as your only refuge in the very painful moments that await you.
d Day by day your sufferings will increase. The crisis, now under way within my Church, will grow deeper to the point of open rebellion especially on the part of many of my sons who share in the priesthood of my Son Jesus. The darkness, which is indeed already growing denser, will deepen into night throughout the world.
e Marxist atheism will contaminate everything; like a poisonous fog it will penetrate everywhere and will bring many of my children to death of faith.
f It will subvert the truth contained in the Gospel. It will deny the divine nature of my Son and the divine origin of the Church. Above all, it will threaten its hierarchical structure and attempt to break down the Rock upon which the edifice of the Church is built.
g This is the time when I want to pour out the mercy of my Heart upon all my children, to save them through my motherly love which always understands, helps and pardons.
h I want to act through you, O priests especially chosen by me.
i In order that I may do this, you must be totally at my disposal. I will be able to act in you to the extent that you allow yourselves to be possessed by my gentle motherly action.
j You do this through your consecration to my Immaculate Heart: it is the only thing necessary for you to do in order to belong to my priestly Movement.
k Make it; renew it often, and especially, my sons, live this consecration of yours!
l How much comfort you give to my sorrowful Heart when, in your gatherings, coming together for concelebration, you renew all together the act of consecration to my Heart!
m If you live your consecration, your life will be truly transformed: I will accustom you to my way of seeing, of thinking, of praying, of loving.
n I will communicate my spirit to you and will make you ever littler, more simple and more humble.
o I will bring you to trust always and only in God. And the more that doubt and denial increase, the more you will find your certainty in Him, and you will bear witness to this.
p I will bring you to love the Church very much. Today the Church is going through times of great suffering because it is loved less and less by its own children.
q Many would like to renovate it and purify it solely by criticism and by violent attacks on its institution. Nothing is ever renewed or purified without love!
r I will bring you to love the Pope with a deep filial love; the Mother will lead you to carry his cross with him and to share his sufferings.
s Where are they now, those priests who are close to the first priest, to this first son whom the Mother loves with special tenderness?
r Let it be you, O priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, who are closest to the heart of the Pope.
u Pray for him; suffer with him; be always with him! Listen to him; put his instructions into practice; spread his unheeded teachings!
v In the darkest hours of night, this will be the only light left burning. You will be illumined by this light, and, led by me, you will spread it throughout the world, so full of darkness.
w It will also be with the weapon of your fidelity that I will fight and win the battle.
x For this reason, my sons, I invite you to take refuge completely in my Immaculate Heart.”

November 25, 1975
These Hours Will Be Shortened
a "My plan, O son, is now being accomplished.
b The decisive events have begun, and you will be called to suffer more and more.
c I have need of all your sufferings: this is the most precious weapon that can be used in this battle of mine. So I ask you to be prepared to suffer, to get ready to climb Calvary with Jesus and me, to offer yourselves to the Father as victims chosen by me and long prepared with motherly care.
d In fact, as your Mother, I have gathered you all into my Immaculate Heart. Here is your refuge, the altar on which you will be immolated for the salvation of the world.

e Do not let your hearts be troubled, my sons. Give yourselves to me at every moment! The time of desolation and abandonment of my Church has come. It will be abandoned especially by many of its ministers and its own children.
f It will be scoffed at, betrayed and given into the hands of him who is its enemy and who wishes to destroy it. It will be some of its own ministers who will hand it over to its executioners.
g Prepare yourselves with me to live out these moments. Everything has already been arranged by the Father. This is the chalice which you must drink to the dregs.
h You too will be scoffed at, betrayed and persecuted with the Vicar of my Son, the Pope. Many will have to give their lives and shed their blood. The others will remain to be consumed as a holocaust, by living through these moments of great suffering which are in preparation for the purification of the earth. Thus you will be my light in the great darkness.
i But this most severe trial, my beloved sons, will be of short duration. Through my special intervention, these hours will be shortened. And soon there will shine forth upon a renewed world the triumph of my Immaculate Heart."

December 8, 1975
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
I Will Be Victorious
a "I am the Immaculate Conception!
b I came from heaven, my sons, and at Lourdes I recalled that truth which the Church had but a short time before officially defined.
c By a privilege I am exempt from all sin whatsoever, even from that original sin which each one of you contracts at the moment of conception.
d I was preserved from sin because, in this humble creature, the Most Holy Trinity wanted its wondrous plan to be reflected, whole and entire.
e I was preserved from sin and filled with grace because I was chosen to become the Mother of the Word (Word refers to the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity) and destined to give you my Son Jesus. And my Son Jesus has given me to each one of you as your true Mother.
f Therefore my motherly plan for you is to clothe you in my own immaculateness. I want above all to heal you from the evil that makes you so ugly: sin.

g My beloved sons, priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart: from the beginning I have been announced as the enemy, the antagonist and the Conqueror of Satan, the father and the first artificer of all sin.
h My mission is to fight and defeat Satan, to crush his head with my heel.
i I conquered in the beginning when the Trinity proclaimed me as the sign of sure victory, at the moment when all humanity had fallen under the bondage of sin. `I will put enmity between you and the Woman; between your offspring and hers. She will crush your head as you make an attempt on her heel.' (Gen 3:15)

j I conquered when, by my yes, the Word was made flesh in my most pure womb and when on Calvary my Son Jesus offered Himself on the altar of the Cross.
k In Him, who has redeemed you all, my total victory was accomplished.

l I have continued my battle throughout the long years of the Church's pilgrimage on earth: its greatest victories have been due to my special motherly action.
m But when, in this last century, my Adversary wanted to challenge me and begin a struggle which, through the error of atheism, would have seduced and deceived all humanity, from heaven I appeared upon earth as the Immaculate One to comfort you, because it is, above all, my duty to fight and to conquer the Evil One.

n And in this century, while atheism has organized itself as a force spread out for the conquest of the whole world and the complete destruction of my Church, I again appeared from heaven to tell you not to fear, because in this terrible struggle I will be the victress: `In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph!'
o You, my poor sons, are the ones most knocked about in a struggle which is, above all, between me and my Adversary, the Ancient Serpent, Satan, the seducer and the artificer of all evil.
p For this reason, before telling you of the battle, I have, as Mother, invited you to seek a safe refuge. Take refuge in me; entrust yourselves completely to my Heart.

q My Immaculate Heart: now you understand, my sons, why it is the greatest gift which the Heavenly Father offers you.
r My Immaculate Heart: it is your safest refuge and the means of salvation which, at this time, God gives to the Church and to humanity.
s The special intervention of this Heart of mine is the work which I am carrying out in my Church to call all priests, my beloved ones, to take refuge in me.
t Do you see how Satan has now entered into the interior of the Church? How he deceives, corrupts and drags off so many of my poor priest-sons?
u This is then the hour when I will personally intervene.
v I have called you to trust, to complete abandonment and to consecrate yourselves totally to my Immaculate Heart. I have revealed my plan to you, and I have indicated the arms which I have selected for this battle.
w Now, my sons, I reaffirm to you that I alone will be the victress. This victory of mine has already begun, and soon it will shine forth upon the entire Church and upon the whole of renewed humanity, when Satan will once again be crushed by the power of my virginal foot."

December 24, 1975
The Holy Night
Do Not Fear
a "This is the holy night, my most beloved son, and so live it in my Heart.
b I want to have you share completely in my love, in my motherly anxiety at the moment when, caught up in a light from heaven, my Son Jesus is born into this world. He is born of me, his Mother in a virginal and miraculous manner.
c It was deep night. Deeper still was the night which enveloped humanity, enslaved in sin and beyond hope of salvation. The night also enveloped the Chosen People, who no longer responded to the spirit of their election and were not ready to receive their Messiah.
d On this night so deep, the Light appeared; my little Infant was born. At a time when no one was looking for his coming, when there was no place open to receive Him.
e Unexpected, unwelcomed, rejected by humanity - and yet, at this moment redemption begins for humanity - my Jesus is born to redeem all men from their sins.
f Thus the light rises in the midst of such great darkness, and my little Child comes to save the world.
g He is born in poverty and in the pain of this rejection, and his first cries are but tears of mourning: he feels the rigor of the chill, as the whole world envelops Him in its cold.
h My Immaculate Heart gathered the first tears of the divine Child. They were mingled with those of my own Heart, and I wiped them away with my motherly kisses.

i On this holy night, as I again give you my Son, I say once more: Do not fear; Jesus is your Savior.
j Now, more than ever, the world is plunged in darkness; the coldness of hatred, of pride and of unbelief envelops the hearts of men. Even the Church is disrupted by a profound crisis, and even many of its priests have doubts about my little Child.
k O my Church, receive with joy the coming of your Jesus: He is living in you because He wants to save all these poor children of mine!

l Priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, do not fear. Today I announce to you great tidings of joy for all: my Son Jesus is your Savior. You were all redeemed by Him; now you can all be saved by Him.
m Do not fear: as my Heart has given you the Savior, so now in these times my Immaculate Heart gives you the joy of his salvation.
n Soon the whole world, which is pervaded with darkness and which has been snatched from my Son, will at last rejoice over the fruit of this holy night.
o The triumph of my Immaculate Heart will be realized through a new birth of Jesus in the hearts and the souls of my poor wandering children.
p Only have confidence, and do not let anxiety or discouragement take hold of you. The future that awaits you will be a new dawn of light for the whole world, now at last made clean.

q On this night, close by the humble crib of my Child, I feel the loving presence of these dear sons of mine, these priests consecrated to me, and together with my Son Jesus whom I clasp to my Heart, I thank and bless you all."

December 31, 1975
Last Night of the Year
The Gift Which I Give to the Church
a "Spend the last hours of this year close to my Immaculate Heart in prayer.
b So closes a year which has been a year of grace and of mercy: the Holy Year, 1975.
c Many of my children have accepted the invitation of the Vicar of Christ and have come from all parts of the world to receive the great pardon.
d Other children of mine have passed this year in complete indifference, immersed only in their earthly interests.
e A great many others have not heard this invitation; on the contrary, they have deliberately closed their souls to the great mercy of my Son Jesus.
f Among these, alas, there have also been some priests.
g This is the sign of the truth of what I have often caused you to perceive in your heart.
h Satan is maneuvering more and more openly in my Church. He has now associated many of my priest-sons with himself, deluding them with the false mirage that Marxism proposes to all: exclusive interest in the poor, a Christianity engaged solely in the building up of a more equitable human society, a Church which would be more evangelical and therefore disengaged from its hierarchical institutions.
i This real division within my Church, this real apostasy on the part of so many of my priest-sons, will become accentuated and thus develop into a violent and open rebellion.
j This is why, my dearly beloved sons, I have now completed my work in the course of this past year. As I foretold to you a year ago, my Movement has spread everywhere and has blossomed into a wonderful spring for the whole Church. My work has expanded throughout the whole world; the cohort of my priests is now ready.
k I will still continue this motherly action of mine, which will become daily more apparent and strong, for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.
l And so spend the last hours of this year in prayer. Unite your prayer to that of all my beloved sons. In every part of the world, they will hear during these hours my invitation to gather in prayer with me and to draw close - all of them - to my Immaculate Heart.
m What now awaits you, my most beloved sons, is nothing less than your complete sacrifice for the salvation of the world and the purification of the earth.
n The time which the Father still leaves at your disposal is too precious: do not waste it! You should live every moment with me, in my Heart.
o Do not look to the future; live only the present which your Mother prepares for you.
p May the evil which is increasing ever more and more and appearing to submerge everything neither disturb nor discourage you. Very soon, I myself will gather up all the good that is to be found in the whole world, and I will lay it up in my Heart to offer to the justice of God.
q Begin the new year with me, my beloved sons. You are the warp and woof of my plan; the loving design of your mother; the gift that I give to the Church, to comfort her in the passion and apparent death that awaits her, before her wondrous renewal through the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world!"

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