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Our Lady Priests 1985

To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons
From the writings of Don Stefano Gobbi

Year 1985

January 1, 1985
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
I Am the Beginning of the New Times
a "Beloved children, you are united today with the whole Church in venerating me as true Mother of God and your Mother, in the order of the supernatural life of faith and of divine grace.
b On this day, which for you marks the beginning of a new year, while all of you in the Church - bishops, priests, religious and faithful look to me as to your Mother, I say to you if that is what I am and if you honor me as such, I must be loved, listened to, and followed by each one of you.
c And so it is today, on the solemnity of my Divine Maternity, that I wish to give a message to the Church to be heard and welcomed by her.

d It is a message of trust and of hope.
e Notwithstanding the difficulties and the sufferings which the Church is called upon to bear, and the painful hours of agony and of passion which mark the time of her bloody purification, the moment of a renewed splendor and of a second Pentecost is in preparation for her.
f My dearly beloved children, never lose confidence and hope. Beneath the great and vast clamor which evil is managing to spread everywhere, many sprouts of goodness and holiness are budding forth in silence and hiddenness. These precious sprouts of new life are being daily cultivated in the secret garden of my Immaculate Heart.
g However be on your guard against three serious dangers which are threatening your growth in goodness and which have been pointed out to you by me many times: that of departing from the true faith by following the many errors which are being taught today; that of separating yourselves from the interior unity of the Church through contestation directed against the Pope and the hierarchy, which is still spreading within ecclesial life; and that of falling victims to secularism and moral permissiveness, which leads you to yield in the daily struggle against evil and sin.
h If you allow yourselves to be led by me, you walk along the sure road of love and of holiness.

i It is a message of comfort anti of consolation.
Entrust yourselves, all of you, to your heavenly Mother that you may be consoled. In the great battle which you are fighting, find strength and comfort there, and never lose your courage in the face of the difficulties which you meet.
j During the new year, the trials and sufferings which await you will become even greater, because you have already entered into the final phase of what I have foretold to you. A great and bloody trial is about to shake the whole earth, to prepare it for its complete renewal in the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.
j But the more severe the trial will become, the greater will be my presence at the side of each one of you, that you may be comforted and encouraged by me. If you live in my Immaculate Heart, nothing that can happen will be able to disturb you; within this motherly refuge of mine, you are always safe, wrapped in the light and the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, who loves you and surrounds you with its divine protection.

m It is a message of salvation and of mercy.
n You must be my powerful help, which I wish to offer today to all humanity in order to lead it to return along the road of goodness and of love.
o I am the way of this, its return. I am the doorway of divine mercy. I desire that, through you, all my lost children may be able to come back to the Lord, who awaits them with the anxiety and the joy of a Father who loves them and wants to save them. Thus you become also instruments of divine mercy, in these times in which the greatest triumph of the merciful love of my Son Jesus is in preparation.
p It is in order to be your trust, your consolation, and your salvation in the last times through which you are living, that I am manifesting myself today in such a powerful way, through the messages which I am giving, by means of this little son of mine and the apparitions which I am carrying out in a continuous and extraordinary way in many parts of the world.
q Believe in my invitations; accept my messages; and look at my signs! I am the Queen of Peace; I am the beginning of the new times; I am the dawn of the new day.
r With the Pope, the first of my beloved sons, I bless you all today in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

February 2, 1985
Feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus
First Saturday
I See Your Littleness
a "Beloved children, contemplate me in the mystery of the Presentation of my Child Jesus in the Temple. I want to reveal to you today what the sentiments were which filled my Heart as I passed my Child, forty days after his birth, from my arms into those of the priest.
b My Heart burned with gratitude towards the Lord, who had at last fulfilled the plan of salvation for his people. For how many centuries had this moment been awaited! With my soul I saw the face of the Father, bending down with pleasure, while the Holy Spirit came down upon some of those present and revealed to their minds the hidden plan of the Lord.
c My Heart beat violently with ineffable motherly love, in the contemplation of the whole of divinity enclosed in the members, so tiny, of my Baby, who was only forty days old.
d My Heart exulted with joy at the moment when the Lord entered the temple, and I felt that the vast cohorts of angels and all the heavenly spirits were accompanying Him, as He was led to take possession of his dwelling place.
e My Heart was also wounded with sorrow at the prophetic voice
of old Simeon, who announced to me how my motherly mission was also a call to a profound suffering, to an intimate and personal participation in the sorrowful mission of my Son Jesus.
f With these same sentiments I am leading you, dear children, each day to the altar of the Lord, to help you fulfill well his divine Will. `Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you have prepared for me; I have come to do your Will, O God.' (cf. Heb 10:5-7)

g I am filled with gratitude to my Son Jesus because, through you who have responded to me, I am able today to carry out my motherly plan of preparing the greatest triumph of his merciful love. I feel my Heart filled with love for you who, through your consecration, have offered yourselves to me as little children.
h I see your littleness; I look upon your weakness and fragility and at the innumerable snares set for you by my Adversary. I see you as so small that you are not even able to take a single step without my motherly help. For this reason I stoop over you with the renewed tenderness of a mother.
i I am happy too with the great degree of generosity with which you have responded to me. You have said yes to my r quest for consecration; you have offered me your entire life, that I might freely intervene to order it according to my plan, which is the Will of the Lord.
j Finally, I am also sorrowful because, as for Jesus so also for you, the mission which awaits you is that of suffering and of immolation. It is above all by means of this that I am able to offer to tl Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit a great force imploration and of reparation, so that the golden door of divii mercy may be soon opened, and the greatest miracle of complete transformation of the world be accomplished.
k For this reason, beloved children, each day, on my grateful Hea: happy and at the same time sorrowful, I carry you to the temp of the Lord and place you upon his altar, so that you may 1 offered to the perfect fulfillment of his divine Will."

Shrine of Castelmonte (Udine, Italy); February 9, 1985
(After the recitation of the holy rosary)
My Word
a "Beloved children, you have come to my shrine in a spirit of prayer and of reparation. On pilgrimage, you have come up here, where I await you to fill you with graces, with comfort and with motherly consolation.
b Each time you come to the feet of my image, so venerated, to bring me your filial homage of love, I cause many graces to come down from my Immaculate Heart upon you, upon all my beloved children throughout the world, upon the Church, upon my poor sinful children, and upon humanity which is so threatened by evil, by hatred, by violence, and by war and which is dried up by sin and by an ever more widespread immorality.
c In this House, your heavenly Mother consoles and encourages you, molds and leads you, strengthens and confirms you by the word which she gives you to show you the way. Oh! How necessary is my motherly word for you today! For this reason I cause it to gush forth from my Heart in an ever more abundant manner. Feel a great desire for it; receive it with humility and docility; meditate upon it in your heart; put it into practice in your life.

d My word is above all a flower of wisdom, which I cause to come down from heaven. It sets out from the eternal Wisdom, from the Word. It is He who is the uncreated Wisdom, who reveals the plan of the Father whose perfect image He is. This Wisdom, made flesh in my virginal womb, from Word became man, and has the task of always giving men the gift of eternal Truth. This divine word, contained in Holy Scripture and above all in the Gospel, is the only light which must guide you.
e But today it is being surrounded by many doubts, because there is a desire to interpret it according to the human way of reasoning and of seeing things, and is often no longer presented in its integrity. Errors are spreading, and, when you come to the plan of God, you are impeded from understanding it in its fullness, because you are making use of an attitude which is too human and which seeks to understand only by means of reason. This is an attitude of pride, and it is the very least to be recommended for approaching the great mystery of God.
f To understand his truth, it is necessary to be little; to see it in its proper light, it is necessary to be poor; to keep it in its integrity, one must be simple; to give it to others in the splendor of its authenticity, one must be humble. For this reason, with my word, I am forming you to humility, to simplicity and to littleness. I want to lead you to be like so many little children, because only then can I speak to you.
g My word is a flower of wisdom, which forms you through the Holy Spirit, given to you by the Father and the Son and who leads you to an ever more complete and deep understanding of the Gospel. In the obscurity which today has fallen everywhere, my word of wisdom becomes a ray of purest light which points out to you the way you must follow and the road along which you must go in order to remain always in the truth.
h Darkness, with a thick, cold fog, has entered the Church, obscuring it in the splendor of its truth. For this reason, every day, my word is forming you to the spirit of wisdom, that you may always see, in the light, the truth which my Son has taught you and proclaim it with courage to all in its integrity.
i The time has now come when only the little children, cons crated to my Immaculate Heart and entrusted completely i their heavenly Mother, will have the gift of keeping themselves intact in the faith and of bringing to the true faith the souls entrusted to them.

j My word is also a drop of dew, which I cause to fall upon ti is earth, which has become an immense desert, and upon hum in life, so dried up by sin and suffering. How many of my children are like dried up trees without life; and in the Church, how maim among my beloved ones have allowed themselves to be seized by aridity and discouragement! They continue to exercise their ministry but without enthusiasm and without joy, because they have become hindered by difficulties and become crushed by the enormous weight of the purification which you are living through.
k You have need for my word to cause a rain of motherly tenderness to fall into your dried-up hearts, a rain of freshness, of filial abandonment and of hope for the beautiful days which await you, in the new era, which is even now about to blossom upon the desert of the last times. My word is therefore like a drop of dew which I cause to fall from my Immaculate Heart into your hearts, that they may be able to open up to the warmth of the new life which I am cultivating within you, to offer you as fragrant flowers, now finally opened, to the perfect homage of the Most Holy Trinity.

l My word is lastly a spring of graces, which I cause to flow over you, to open up your souls to a new splendor of beauty an holiness and to cleanse you also, once again, of every least stain c sin, because I want you to be beautiful, pure and luminous, opened to the divine gift of grace, so that the fullness of love and of the most perfect charity may blossom in your life. My graces come to you through the gift of my word, which becomes light to the mind, life to the heart, and support for your journey.
m In the fearful and bloody final period of the purification which awaits you and which, in these very years, will make itself felt in a particularly painful way, I am preparing you to receive, with greater docility, the motherly gift of my word. Thus, in the midst of great darkness, you are able to walk in the light of wisdom; in aridity you can always be consoled by my tenderness, a balm which is placed on so many open and bleeding wounds. In every circumstance of your life, you can obtain the grace of responding to the love of Jesus and of singing today the glory of the Divine Trinity, walking along the road of a holiness which I want to be ever greater.
n In these very years of the great purification, I want to offer you to the Church as an ever more visible sign of my motherly triumph.”

Shrine of Castelmonte (Udine, Italy); February 14, 1985
After the recitation of the holy rosary)
My Purity and Yours
a "My beloved children, I have wanted you here today, on a brilliant day, with a blue sky, a warm sun and the snow which gives a tone of purity to the high mountains which form a crown for this place, from which rises the blessed house of your heavenly Mother. I enfold you with my motherly rays; I enlighten you with the light which comes from my Immaculate Heart; I cover you with my heavenly mantle to make you also ever purer.

b I am the Mother of Purity. I am the ever Virgin Mother. I am Immaculate Whiteness, the Splendor of Heaven which reflects the light of the Most Holy Trinity upon the world, the dawn which puts an end to night, the Mother of Grace who drives away every sin from you, the Medicine of Paradise which, like soothing balm, closes up all your wounds.
c I am the all-beautiful Mother: tota pulchra, tota pulchra!

d Mine is above all a purity of mind. Oh, my reason was always directed to seeking, to meditating upon, to keeping and to living the Will of the Lord! His word was received by me with docility and with virginity; I was always diligent in understanding it and keeping it in its entirety. Throughout my whole life, not even the slightest shadow of a doubt or of an error ever grazed the virginal integrity of my mind, which was open only to receive the gift of divine wisdom.
e This purity of mind was the road that led me to a deeper purity of heart. My Heart was completely formed to receive the love of God and to give it back to Him, with the virginal and motherly impulse of a creature cultivated in the garden of the Trinity, in the divine sun of a love received and exchanged in a perfect manner.
f No human heart has ever loved nor will it ever be able to love, as has that of your heavenly Mother. It opened up like a flower which unfolds its petals to shed all about it the brightness, beauty, and fragrance of heaven. For this reason I was able to form the flesh and the blood for Him who is the Lily of the Valley and who loves, in a special way, the pure of heart.
g I was also the purest in love of neighbor. After Jesus, no creature has been able to love humanity as has the Heart of your Mother; in this perfect love toward all is to be found the intimate source from which there springs the working of my divine and universal motherhood.

h From purity of heart, enter yet further with me into the innermost depths of my life to discover how I was pure in soul.
i The soul becomes impure when it is darkened or beclouded by even the least shadow of sin. The slightest stain of venial sin defiles its whiteness and causes the enchantment of its light to fade and be spoiled.
j I, through a singular privilege, was preserved from original sin and was filled with grace. Throughout my whole life, my soul was never, not even for an instant, touched by sin, even venial sin; it has ever been all light, all beautiful, all pure.
k If every soul created by God, being spiritual and raised to the state of sharing in his divine nature, reflects the light of the Trinity, you can understand how no soul will ever be able to reflect, as in a perfectly clear mirror, the splendor of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, as has the soul of your heavenly Mother.

l The wrapping which was to enclose the precious treasure of perfect purity of mind, of heart, and of soul was to be this body mine. And so then my body too was completely wrapped by light of inviolate purity.
m I have been pure in body, not only through having always kept it intact from the slightest sin of impurity, but also because the Lord has willed to make his divine masterpiece shine forth in it in a marvelous way. My body, which, through its function of motherhood, had to be opened at the moment of the gift of the Son and to break the enchantment of its integrity, through a singular privilege remained intact. Thus I was able to give you my Son, while the virginal wrapping, by means of which even at the moment of my gift of motherhood I remained ever a virgin, remained intact:
n Virgin before birth, because that which took place in me was solely the work of the Holy Spirit;
o Virgin during birth, because that which was accomplished at that moment was the working of the Most Holy Trinity - enwrapped by the light of God and by his secret, before Him alone took place the miraculous birth of my divine Son;
p Virgin after birth, because nothing ever disturbed the inviolate charm of my most pure body, called to guard my immaculate soul, so that in the person of your heavenly Mother there should be able to shine out, in a perfect way, the most holy splendor of the Divine Trinity.
q Defend this privilege of mine, which is denied by many today in a facile and banal manner; defend it always.

r And I ask all of you as well to be pure.
s How great is my suffering when I see that, today, this virtue is no longer taught and cultivated in the hearts of the young and of adolescents, and even of those who are consecrated to God. In the name of a false freedom, they are led into experiences which take this delight of paradise from their souls.
t How sorrowful is your heavenly Mother today as she sees so many priestly and consecrated lives dried up through impurity, which has spread everywhere like a terrible cancer! This is why you are no longer able to understand the plan of God and to be so simple and small as to listen with docility also to the voice of your heavenly Mother.

u Only to the pure are the mysteries of the reign of God revealed:
v -The pure of mind, because they know how to recognize his plan and to accept it with humility.
w -The pure of heart, because they are detached from goods, from creatures and from their own way of seeing things, which impedes one from receiving my light because one wants to filter and judge it through one's own human and limited intelligence,
x -The pure of soul, who flee the least shadow of sin, because it obscures the light of God within you and makes you unable to accept his divine mystery,
y -The pure of body, because, consecrating it to God in celibacy and in the vow of chastity, it becomes more conformed to that of Jesus Crucified and enlightened by the immaculate light which clothes my glorious body.

z Beloved children, I want you all to be pure of mind, of heart, of soul, and of body in imitation of your all-beautiful heavenly Mother. Then, upon the world of today, so permeated with coldness and hatred, you will be the light of the sun, coming down to warm souls and open them up to the life of God. Amidst the threatening clouds which have appeared upon humanity's present moment, you open up a clear blue patch in the sky. Over the rotting and putrid swamp to which the world has been reduced, you will be a mirror of purity; in it the world will be reflected and will be helped to be slowly transformed into a new garden.
A Only in this way, beloved children of mine, will you be able to become the rays which shine down from my Immaculate Heart to light up the terrible time of purification through which you are living, and to give to everyone the sure sign of my presence and of my victory.
B I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Dongo (Como, Italy); March 16, 1985
A Saturday of Lent
The Fast Which I Ask of You
"Walk along the road of penance and of mortification.
b I am asking of you a bodily fast as a means of mortifying your senses, in order to ward off the widespread deceit by which so many of my children are being seduced today, driven as they are to seek happiness only in the complete satisfaction of bodily and material pleasures.
c How many there are who are nourished with the poison food of impurity and drugs! How the putrid sore of immoral literature and pornography is spreading! The means of social communication are often becoming instruments for the moral corruption of consciences, for the diffusion of vice and obscenity, and for sin which is now proposed as a good and as something of value.
d For this reason I am asking you, my beloved ones and children consecrated to me, to provide me with a great force of reparation, with which I will form a dam against the flooding of so contagious and dangerous an evil. I am asking of you a bodily fast in order to mortify your senses, so as to witness today to the necessity of putting a limit to the mad quest for pleasure. By your good example you must teach that `man does not live by bread alone, but by every word which comes from the mouth of God.' (Mt 4:4)

e I am asking of you a spiritual fast from every form of evil, so that you may be nourished only by what is good, by grace and by love. The food which is the word of God nourishes you spiritually and gives strength to your existence in the life of grace. I am requesting of you a fast of the mind, preserving it from every error as you welcome the truth which Jesus has revealed to you.
f Nourish yourselves I tell you again with the precious food of divine Scripture, above all with the Gospel of Jesus. Receive, meditate upon and live the messages which today, in so many ways, your heavenly Mother, as well, is giving you.
g For this, you must be careful to reject all ideologies which are contrary to your faith and which contain subtle and dangerous errors and so much damage your growth in fidelity to the commitments assumed at the time of baptism.

h I am asking of you a fast of the heart, closing it to disordinate attachment to yourselves, to goods, and to creatures.
i How many there are who can only think of themselves and who allow themselves to be devoured by an unbridled egoism, which closes them up to any possibility of true communion with others! How many are slaves to a mad attachment to goods and to money, which they seek as the only object of their lives, and they become consumed with avarice, which is the source of many other vices and sins! And thus they close their hearts to the tremendous needs of the little people, of the poor and the marginalized; they are unable to see those who are in difficulties and are in need of being helped.

j I am asking of you a fast of the soul, by keeping it far from any sir: even the least, so that it may be nourished only by the life of grace and by the light of God. Flee mortal sin as the greatest o: all evils; make your examination of conscience every day; allow yourselves to be led with docility by the Spirit. Let the custom which is so very useful, of frequent confession, return.
k Flee also from the easy occasions of sin. For this, I ask you to close your eyes and ears to television and to the cinema, in order to preserve your soul in the light of purity and of grace.
l If you carry out this fast which I am asking of you, you will build about yourselves a strong barrier against the flood of evil and of sin, and you will offer to the Lord a holocaust of immolation and of reparation, to obtain the return to Him of many of my poor sinful children.
m In this way you will become instruments of my peace; you will spread about you peace of heart, walking along the road which your heavenly Mother has traced out for you."

Dongo (Como, Italy); April 4, 1985
Holy Thursday
The Hour of a New Agony
a "Beloved sons, live these hours in the depths of my Immaculate Heart, that you may be able to penetrate with me into the blazing furnace of the infinite and merciful love of my Son Jesus. During his life, how much He awaited this moment! `I hay greatly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.' (Lk 22:15) It is Holy Thursday.
b It is the day of the institution of the Eucharist. This great Sacrament allows Him to be really present in your midst, to renew mystically his Sacrifice of the new and eternal Covenant and to give Himself in a personal communion of life with you.

c It is also the day of the institution of the priesthood. It is perpetuated through his commandment given to the Apostles and to those who succeed them in the exercise of the sacred ministry: `Do this in memory of me.' (Lk 22:19)

d It is your day, beloved sons. The heavenly Mother looks upon you with particular and sorrowful concern at the moment when, reunited in concelebration about your bishops, you renew the commitments assumed on the day of your priestly ordination.

e How many are the dangers which surround you, the obstacles which my Adversary places in your way, the seductions of the world in which you live, the difficulties which weigh upon the faithful exercise of your ministry.
f The institution of the Eucharist was immediately followed by the terrible and bloody agony of Gethsemane during which Jesus was left alone, at the moment when He had the greatest need of assistance and comfort, felt the bitter abandonment by his own, and was betrayed by Judas and denied by Peter.
g Today, among my beloved ones, how many there are who flee from and abandon Jesus and the Church, seduced by the easy attractions of the world in which they live... How many of them betray Him, driven on by the desire to be more accepted and followed, in greater harmony with the tastes and ideologies of your time. How many repeat the gesture of Peter, who denied the Master out of cowardice and fear. This is for many the fear of not appearing up-to-date and in line with the cultural demands which are fashionable today.

h On this Holy Thursday, allow your heavenly Mother to gather you into the sheepfold of her Immaculate Heart to form you to be ever more faithful to Jesus and to his Gospel. Be humble, strong, courageous. Do not allow yourselves to be seized either by fear or by discouragement. The night of error, of apostasy, and of infidelity has already descended upon the world and into the Church.
i The mystical body of Jesus is living through the hour of a new painful agony. For this reason, there are repeated again today, in a much greater way, the same things that were done at that time: the abandonment, the denial, the betrayal.
j You, O little sons formed in the Immaculate Heart of your heavenly Mother, must, like the Apostle John, keep watch in prayer and in trust during the painful hours of this new Holy Thursday."

Dongo (Como, Italy); April 5, 1985
Good Friday
Your Sorrowful Passion
a "The cross for you, O son, is the Will of the Father, which you carry out well only if, at each moment, you second the plan of my Immaculate Heart.
b Carry your cross each day, and never depart from the divine Will. Your wounds are the misunderstandings, the doubts, the perplexities and the numerous abandonments. These are the real wounds of the soul, which no one sees, more precious than gold, the blood from which I am always gathering up to water the garden of the dried up and thirsty souls of your brother-priests.
c Your climb to Calvary is the journey you must undertake for me, advancing alone and full of trust, in the midst of your many fears and the proud skepticism of those who surround you and who do not believe. The immense weariness which you feel, that sense of exhaustion which so prostrates you, is your thirst. The scourges and the blows are the snares and the painful temptations of my Adversary.
d The cries of condemnation are the venomous serpents which obstruct your way and the briars which pierce your frail body of a child, which has been struck so many times.
e The abandonment to which I am calling you is the bitter taste of feeling yourself to be ever more alone, far from friends and disciples, rejected sometimes even by your most fervent followers.
f But at your side is the sorrowful Mother; together with her, live out, with love and trust, your sorrowful passion, which no one is able to see, but which consumes you each day, as a victim immolated by me for all your brother-priests.
g Your death is the very great silence, the hiddenness, the humiliation and rejection which I am always asking of you. The virginal bosom of your Mother is the new sepulcher for this, your pasch, which has now been perpetuated in the depths of my Immaculate Heart, my littlest and most loved from among the sons of predilection."

Pescara (Italy); May 2, 1985
Your Reparation
a "Walk along the road which I have traced out for you, without allowing yourselves to be seized by lack of confidence or discouragement. This is the most dangerous snare with which my Adversary seeks today to check the force of my victorious cohort. And in this way he tries to bring misunderstanding and division into your midst; he makes you feel the burden of the difficulties which weigh upon the exercise of your priestly ministry; he emphasizes the sense of misunderstanding and rejection with which you are sometimes surrounded.
b Do not stop before these snares which Satan places in your way, because he feels fear of my cohort, which I have formed for myself in every part of the world, with the little ones who have accepted my invitation to consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart.
c Respond with the greatest confidence and with your filial abandonment to me. Offer me, with the simplicity of little children, everything that happens to you: joys and sorrows, interior trials and physical sufferings, the numerous wounds of your soul and everything which, in whatever manner, becomes a source of suffering to you.
d Answer with that prayer which must become intensified and continual. Then you will have the strength from Jesus to resist all the subtle seductions of the Evil One; you will receive from the Holy Spirit the light of the wisdom which enlightens you and leads you to see every dangerous snare which is set along your path. From the Father there is given to you the joy or a tender and filial abandonment to his divine action which predisposes with love for each one of you every circumstance in your life.
e In this month of May, consecrated to me, intense as well your filial reparation for the sacrilegious and diabolical way in which the life of your heavenly Mother is being publicly presented. All Heaven trembles with indignation before the public and grave outrage tendered to the honor of your heavenly Mother, and Jesus is now personally taking up the defense of the Creature who is most loved and glorified by Him.

f Not much time will go by before a great chastisement will strike the whole of your poor country, so loved and protected by me and which has publicly willed to permit this sacrilegious outrage tendered to your heavenly Mother.
g My Heart bleeds to see how only the first of my beloved sons, my Pope, has willed to protest publicly and to make reparation and has raised his voice in a courageous act of condemnation. But no other member of the hierarchy has had the courage to do this; indeed some bishops and some priests have had the audacity to publicly justify this horrible sacrilege.
h For this, there has now come for the Church the time of its greatest division, of the apostasy which has entered its interior, which will lead it to live through the moment of its gravest crisis, of its bloody and terrible persecution.
i For this reason, I invite you to make reparation in a continual act of prayer and of penance, of trust and of filial abandonment. Then you, my beloved children, will pour the balm of love on the open and bleeding wounds of my Immaculate and so Sorrowful Heart.”

Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy); May 26, 1985
Solemnity of Pentecost
Come, Spirit of Love
a "Beloved children, who have entered into the cenacle of n Immaculate Heart to let yourselves be formed by me for the great task which the Lord has entrusted to you, pass this day in an unceasing prayer, addressed to the Father and to the Son, so at they may grant you the gift of the Holy Spirit.
b For this reason alone have I invited you to enter into the cenacle my motherly Heart. For this reason alone I invite today the hole Church to gather together in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart in a continuous prayer made with me and through e. For this reason alone I recommend to you to gather together often in your cenacles, in order to give me a great force of prayer, with which I may be able to intervene before my Son Jesus, that He may quickly obtain for you from the Father the ft of a new and second Pentecost for the Church and for all humanity.

c Come, O Spirit of Love and renew the face of the earth; grant that it may entirely become once again a new garden of grace and of sanctity, of justice and of love, of communion and of peace, so at the Most Holy Trinity may once again be reflected, pleased and glorified.

d Come, O Spirit of Love and renew the whole Church; bring it to the perfection of love, of unity and of holiness, that it may become today the greatest of all lights which shines upon all in the great darkness which has spread everywhere.

e Come, O Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, and open the way for hearts to the understanding of the truth, whole and entire. With the burning force of your divine fire, root out every error; sweep away every heresy, so that the light of the truth which Jesus has revealed may shine forth for all in its integrity.

f Come, O Spirit of Counsel and Fortitude, and make us courageous witnesses of the Gospel we have received. Sustain the persecuted; encourage the spurned; give strength to the imprisoned; grant perseverance to the downtrodden and tortured; obtain the palm of victory for those who, again today, are being led to martyrdom.

g Come, O Spirit of Knowledge, of Piety, and of Fear of God, and renew, with the lymph of your divine love, the life of all those who have been consecrated in Baptism and signed with your seal in Confirmation, of those who have offered themselves in service to God, of the bishops, the priests and the deacons, that they may all be enabled to correspond to your plan which you are bringing about in these times of the second Pentecost, sc long implored and awaited.
h Only then will the task which I myself have entrusted to my Marian Movement of Priests be completed. Only then wit there have taken place the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, at the beginning of a time in which the new heavens and the nevi earth will at last be able to be seen by all."

Valdragone (San Marino); July 5, 1985
Spiritual Exercises
(Message given orally at the end of the evening procession)
Instruments of My Peace
a "My beloved sons, how I have welcomed this evening the homage which you have offered to me, at the conclusion of a week in which you have all been gathered together here in the precious refuge of my Immaculate Heart. Never as in these present times has my Immaculate Heart been for each one of you the refuge and the sure way which leads you to God.
b That which I predicted at Fatima to my daughter, Sister Lucy, is today becoming a reality. For humanity and for the Church there is great need of my motherly and immaculate refuge, because you are all living within my times. These are the painful times foretold by me, in which everything is moving towards its most painful and bloody fulfillment.
c For this reason, I have again wanted you here on this mountain, on a week of Spiritual Exercises, so extraordinary in graces. These Exercises have a great and particular importance, which you will understand only later on.
d During these days, I have formed you for prayer. I have taught you to pray, to pray well, with me. rn your prayer, which must come from the heart, your prayer of the heart, you must see and feel with your mind, your will, your heart and your soul the reality you address in prayer. Your heavenly Mother wants to form you ever more and more in the prayer of the heart, so that this prayer may be the way which leads you to peace of heart.
e I want to obtain for each one of you the gift of peace of heart. You came with your hearts burdened with difficulties, with sorrows, with hopes, with cares and with expectations; I have taken everything into my Immaculate Heart, and I give you peace of heart. Go in the peace of your hearts, and to all about you, become instruments of my peace.

f To this end, gather souls together ever more and more in cenacles of intense prayer, of deep prayer, so that I may be able to give them peace of heart. At a time when peace is departing ever further and further from men, from families, from nations, and from humanity, the sign of my motherly triumph is peace, which even now I want to bring into the hearts of all my children: of those who listen to me, follow me, and consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart. For this, I am again asking you to continue in your cenacles of prayer because, through the grace which springs from my Heart and which brings you to a fullness of love for my Son Jesus, I wish to give my children, today, the precious gift of peace of heart.
g Here also I have taught you to love one another. How happy the Mother is when she sees you as so many little brothers who love one another and who want to grow in love, notwithstanding the difficulties which come from your limitations, from your numerous defects and from the subtle snares which are laid for you by my Adversary. He seeks only to rob your hearts of peace and to spread discord, misunderstandings, and divisions among you!

h As with prayer I lead you to peace, so also with my motherly presence I bring you to brotherhood. You must increase more in your mutual love; you must know how to love one another more. The Mother rejoices when you love one another and when, after every least breach in this love, you know how to be reconciled with one another, to extend the hand to each other and to walk together, because I love each one of you individually and all of you together.
i You cannot come to me alone. If you come alone, I ask you: `And your brothers, where are they?' You must come to nr Heart all together, joined by the divine bond of your ever increasingly perfect and reciprocal love.
j Because my Adversary is laying many snares for you along this road, before you go down from this mountain, I want you to make me a promise: that of loving each other ever more and more, that of walking all together, taking each other by the hand because, in a world where my Adversary is succeeding in dominating through egoism, hatred, and division, the sign of my triumph is this mutual love of yours.
k I want it to become even greater, as an anticipation of the new world which you are preparing and which awaits you, and which will be a world thrown open only to the perfect, immense, and true capacity of your loving one another.

l But before you go down from this mountain, I am also accepting the gift of your personal suffering. As I foretold to you in the country where I am still appearing, as it were by way of anticipation and motherly preparation for that which was awaiting you, I have in the course of this year, profoundly purified my Movement. I have burdened it with a cross the weight of which you still feel, deep to be sure, very deep, so that this work of mine might be purified and might increasingly respond to my plan.
m Do not be discouraged. Have strong faith in me. Something great and new is also about to open up for my work, because you have entered into the full phase of its fulfillment.
n How much pain you will find along the roads of the world! As you go down from this cenacle in which I have gathered you, bring everywhere the motherly reflection of my merciful assistance. Pour balm on the many open and bleeding wounds; speak my sweet word to those who walk in aridity, in darkness, in discomfort, and in desperation.

o You are the sign of my motherly presence, the rays of light which come forth from my Immaculate Heart to descend upon a devastated humanity and upon a darkened and divided Church.
p Soon this division will become open, strong and widespread, and then you will have to be the bonds which unite those who want to remain in the unity of faith and of obedience to the new times which are awaiting you. I have not let you go without speaking to you my motherly word and without giving you the comfort which comes down from my Immaculate Heart. I am always with you. You will always feel me close to you. I am your tender Mother who leads you to Jesus and brings you to peace.
q With joy and gratitude for whatever good you have done and for whatever comfort you have given to the deep sorrow of my Immaculate Heart, I, this evening, as your Mother, thank you all and bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

August 15, 1985
Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven
Do Not Be Afraid
a "Today look at the paradise which awaits you, beloved children, if you want to walk in the light of j oy and of hope. On this day the whole heavenly cohort of angels and saints, especially of your brothers who have preceded you here and who await you, forms a great crown of glory about the glorious body of your heavenly Mother, assumed into heaven.
b From my motherly and Immaculate Heart, I cause an extraordinary rain of graces to come down upon each one of you, to encourage you, to console you and to help you walk along the road which I have traced out for you.
c Never before as today has the world in which you live become such a desert which produces poisonous and rotten fruit. Never before as today has my Adversary attempted in every way to obstruct you, to seduce you, and to strike you. Never before as today has Satan, exercising the great power which has been conceded to him, done everything to ruin my project and to destroy my work of love, which I myself am carrying out in these last times of yours.
d For this, the Adversary is tormenting you in every way, is placing snares upon your path, is sowing misunderstandings and divisions to bring you to discouragement and is seducing you with temptations of all kinds, in order to intimidate you and cause you to halt. This is the time when his attacks against my Movement are becoming strong and continuous and when above all he is seeking to sow confusion and division among those whom I have chosen as directors in this work of mine.
e Do not be afraid! I am covering you with my immaculate mantle and protecting you. I am always at your side, and I am leading you along the way which I have traced out for you. I allow his snares in order to purify you, but then I personally intervene in order to help you conquer them and to overcome them.
f With my glorious body I often make myself present to give you signs of my motherly assistance. For this reason I am still appearing in a continuous, daily, and extraordinary manner. Even now the light of my motherly presence is uniting the heavenly world to the earthly one, in a perennial communion of love and of prayer, in the terrible moments which are awaiting you in this concluding period of the great purification."

Fulda (Germany); September 8, 1985
Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
The Hour of Public Witness
a "Beloved sons, accept my invitation today to enter into my Immaculate Heart and to let yourselves be led by me. All those who accept this invitation of mine and consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart form part of my victorious cohort.
b On this day, the feast of my birth, I want to have you all about my cradle as a fragrant crown of love and of prayer.
c Today I am calling you all to a public and courageous witness. Look at your heavenly Mother who is born `like the rising of the dawn, beautiful as the moon.' (Sg 6:10). What is it that is darkening the life of men today? It is the darkness of rebellion against God, of their obstinate and so very widespread denial. You must spread everywhere the powerful cry: `God is! Who is like God?'
d Only in return td God is the possibility of salvation opened up for humanity. And so you must spread with courage my motherly invitation to conversion and to return to the Lord, along the way of prayer and of penance, of charity and of fasting. For a little while yet, this is still the favorable time granted to humanity for its conversion.
e Look at your heavenly Mother who is born `bright as the sun. (Sg 6:10). What is it that is obscuring the beauty and the brightness of the Church? It is the smoke of the errors which Satan has caused to enter into it. These are becoming constantly more and more disseminated and are bringing very many souls to the loss of the faith.
f The cause of such a vast diffusion of errors and of this great apostasy rests with unfaithful pastors. They remain silent when they should speak with courage to condemn error and to defend the truth. They do not intervene when they should be unmasking the rapacious wolves who, hidden beneath the clothing of lambs, have insinuated themselves into the flock of Christ. They are mute dogs who allow their flocks to be torn to pieces. You, on the other hand, must speak out with force and with courage to condemn error and to spread only the truth. The time of your public and courageous witness has come.
g The splendor of the Church is also darkened by the profound division which has entered into its interior and which is growing greater every day. And so you must bear witness to this unity, with a strong commitment of union with the Pope and with the bishops united to him. Do not follow those bishops who oppose the Pope. Make of yourselves courageous defenders of the Pope and denounce openly those who are opposed to his Magisterium and who teach in a manner contrary to it. Look to your heavenly Mother who is born `terrible as an army in battle array.' (Sg 6:10)
h What is it that makes your strength ineffectual and halts you with fear in the face of the great attack of my Adversary? It is the tolerance of sin which draws you away from the life of my Son Jesus. It is the great neglect of prayer, which gives you his very own strength.
i So then be today courageous witnesses in fighting against sin. Through you, let the great gift which Jesus has made to you in the sacrament of Reconciliation shine forth once again in the Church. Return to the practice of going often to confession, and pray more. Pray with me; pray the holy rosary.
j Everything that my Pope has said in this place corresponds with the truth.
k You are close to the greatest chastisement, and so I say to you: entrust yourselves to me, and remember that the weapon to use in these terrible moments is that of the holy rosary. Then you will form my cohort which I am leading, in these times, to its greatest victory."

Fatima (Portugal); October 13, 1985
Anniversary of the Last Apparition at Fatima
The Two Cohorts
a "From here, where I appeared as the Woman Clothed with the Sun, I am calling all of you to gather together about your heavenly Leader.
b These are the times of the great battle between me and the powerful cohort which is under the orders of the Red Dragon and the Black Beast. Marxist atheism and Masonry are guiding this army, which has been mustered to lead all humanity to the denial of God and to rebellion against Him.
c At its head is Lucifer himself, who is repeating today his act of defiance in placing himself against God to make himself adored as God. With him are fighting all the demons who are, in these times, being poured out from hell upon the earth, in order to lead the greatest possible number of souls to perdition.
d United with them are all the souls of the damned and those who, in this life, are walking in rejection of God, whom they offend and blaspheme, as they walk along the road of egoism and hatred, of evil and impurity. They make their one and only aim the quest for pleasures; they satisfy all their passions; they fight for the triumph of hatred, of evil, and of impiety.

e The cohort which I myself am leading is made up of all the angels and saints of paradise, guided by Saint Michael the Arch angel, who is the head of all the heavenly militia.
f This is a great battle which is being waged above all at the level of spirits.
g On this earth, my cohort is made up of all those who live by loving and glorifying God, according to the grace received in holy Baptism, and who are walking along the sure road of perfect observance of the commandments of the Lord. They are humble, docile, little and charitable; they flee from the snares of the demon and from the easy seductions of pleasure; they journey along the way of love, of purity, and of holiness. This cohort of mine is made up of all my little children who, in every part of the world, are answering me today with a yes and are following me along the road which, in these years, I have traced out for you.
h It is with my cohort that I am bringing on my victory in these times. It is with my cohort that I am building up, each day, the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. It is with my cohort that I am preparing the way along which the glorious reign of Jesus will come to you, and it will be a reign of love and of grace, of holiness, of justice, and of peace.
i From this place where I appeared, I repeat to you again today my motherly appeal: join together, all of you, as quickly as possible in this my cohort! The hour of the great battle has already arrived. Fight with the weapon of the holy rosary, and walk along the way of love for Jesus, of contempt for the world and for yourselves, of humility, of charity, of simplicity, of purity. Then you will be ready to bear the great trials which will soon begin for the Church and for humanity.
j From this blessed place, with my Pope and with my beloved ones and the children consecrated to me, I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Auckland (New Zealand); November 12, 1985
Feast of St. Josaphat, Martyr
My Path
a "From this land of the Far East, where I have brought you to spread my motherly message and to gather together my children in the refuge of my Immaculate Heart, I am again calling the whole Church and all of humanity to follow the path traced out by your heavenly Mother. It is the sure path which brings you to the God of salvation and of peace.
b upon it you experience the love of the Father, who loves you very much and leads you, who prepares everything for you through his divine providence, and who calls you to an ever greater happiness. Allow yourselves to be carried at every moment by this fatherly love, like little children who entrust themselves completely to his divine Will.
c Upon it you meet the divine Person of my Son Jesus, who, with his glorified body and his divinity, is ever close to each one of you. He wants to be your joy and your peace. He wants to be loved, followed and imitated by each one of you. The path upon which I am leading you is that of perfect imitation of my Son Jesus. In this way you live out the consecration of your baptism, and you renounce the world and its seductions, in order to walk along the way of divine grace, of love and of holiness.
d Upon it you become transformed each day by the powerful action of the Holy Spirit, my most beloved Spouse, who is leading you to the perfection of your witness.
e I have ordained that it is to be, for you, a painful witness. The times of the purification and of the bloody trial are drawing close. This is necessary for the salvation of my children and to purify the Church from the wound of apostasy and infidelity.
f My motherly love constrains me to shorten the times. Within a short time, you will begin to understand all that I have been telling you for years.
g Then all my little children, who, from every part of the world, have answered me with a yes and who have consecrated themselves to me and whom I am now cultivating in silence and in hiddenness, will open up like fragrant flowers to announce the new season of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. I bless you all with love and with joy."

Melbourne (Australia); December 1, 1985
First Sunday of Advent
Blessed in Expectation
a "My message has now reached every part of the world. Beloved children, sustain and support with generosity and trust the plan of your heavenly Mother.
b Live in peace of heart. Love; pray; make reparation. With the simplicity of little children, live the present moment, which the Father is preparing for you as a gift of his divine providence.
c Do not allow yourselves to be seduced by those who point to years and days, as though they wanted to impose a timetable on the infinite mercy of the divine Heart of my Son Jesus.
d Today, many are the false prophets who are spreading lying messages in order to cast many of my children into anguish and fear.
e I am the Mother of Hope and of Trust. Live with me through these times of your second Advent. As I was the virginal Mother of the first coming of Jesus, so also today I am the glorious Mother of his second coming.
f Live in this expectation, and you will be blessed.
g Blessed in the midst of trials and sufferings of every kind, because you have the certitude that the time of the present tribulation is preparing the time of the glorious return of my Son Jesus.
h Blessed in the midst of misunderstandings and persecutions, because your names are written in my Immaculate Heart and because you are being guarded in my secure and motherly refuge.
i Blessed also if you are living in a Church which is darkened, wounded, and divided because this, her hour of agony, is preparing for her the radiant dawn of a second Pentecost.
j Live in my Immaculate Heart, blessed in the expectation of the blessed hope and the glorious coming of my Son Jesus."

Perth (Australia); December 8, 1985
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
Your Motherly Shepherdess
a "I am the Immaculate Conception. I am your all-beautiful Mother.
b Beloved children, walk along the road of love, of purity and of holiness.
c Today I am happy to see how my motherly message has now spread to every part of the world.
d Many priests, but especially the faithful in great numbers and with great enthusiasm, have responded to my invitation to consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart, to be united with the Pope, to walk along the way of divine grace, to flee sin, to pray the holy rosary and to gather together in cenacles of unceasing prayer, made with me and through me.
e And you, my little son, find yourself this day in a city, so very far away, set at the extreme south of this great continent to be the gentle shepherd's staff of your motherly Shepherdess, who wants to gather you all together as quickly as possible in the safe sheepfold of her Immaculate Heart.
f My times have now come. What I have foretold to you is now about to be accomplished. You are on the threshold of grave and painful events for the Church and for humanity.
g And so today, when heaven and earth are united with joy in venerating the singular privilege of my Immaculate Conception, I am inviting you all to gather together in the cohort, and at the orders of your heavenly Leader, who is leading you in the battle against the Evil One and sin, so that the most pure light of divine grace and of holiness may shine forth resplendently in you.”

Dongo (Como, Italy); December 24, 1985
The Holy Night
A Great Silence
a "This is the holy night. Beloved children, spend it with me, in the joyous remembrance of the moments which I lived through, while the birth in time of the Word of the Father, of the true Son of God, was in preparation.
b A mysterious silence marked the unfolding of this great mystery of love. A sweet harmony of peace enwrapped my virginal person, called to open itself to the motherly gift of the Son.
c A great silence surrounded the accomplishment of this divine mystery. While silence enfolded everything, in the middle of the night, the Eternal Word of the Father came down as a dew upon the world, called to receive its divine bud. And upon this great silence, behold, the heavenly voices of the angels are opened up and also hearts of the shepherds, who are able to understand that which is hidden to the great ones.
d And thus it must be for every encounter with the Word, who becomes flesh in the life of each one of you. Thus it must be in your daily encounter with my Son Jesus. Thus it must be for the Christmas which you are called to live out each day, as you welcome with love into your hearts and your souls the Lord who saves you and leads you to peace.
e Thus too it must be for his second coming, when He will return in the splendor of his divinity and will come upon the clouds of heaven to establish his reign in glory.
f There is need again today of a great silence, in order to understand the mysterious plan of God and to know how to read the signs of the times through which you are living and which announce to you his imminent return.
g Open up your hearts to the humility, the simplicity, and the candor of little ones. Persevere in prayer and trust. Each day, in company with your heavenly Mother, live your perennial Christmas, which is already perpetuated in time, for the joy and salvation of all.”

Dongo (Como, Italy); December 31, 1985
Last Night of the Year
Your Prayer with Me
a "Beloved children, spend the hours of this last night of the year with me in prayer. So many of my children are spending these hours in amusements and in dissipation, in order to greet the new year with noise and diversion.

b You on the other hand, are to lift up to the Lord, with me, a powerful prayer of thanksgiving.
c His merciful love is continuing today to carry out a great plan of salvation and of mercy even for the people of these times of yours who are so lost and ill. Sin is your real illness, sin which is infecting my children more and more and leading them to live in egoism, in hatred, in impurity and in the obstinate rejection of the Lord your God, who has created you and is leading you along the road of true happiness.
d The Lord is asking you to come back along the way of return to Him, and in many ways, even during this year, He has given you signs of his invitation to conversion.

e Lift up to the Lord, with me, a powerful prayer of reparation.
f Iniquity is covering the whole earth like a deep layer of ice and has dried up the hearts and the souls of many of my children. The cup of divine justice is full; it is flowing over; and it demands to be appeased.
g While the greatest mystery of iniquity is about to be completed in the world, I am turning to you, my children, to invite you to form with me a great chain of reparation. Offer all your prayers and your sufferings of whatever kind, uniting them each day to the Sacrifice of my Son Jesus, which is everywhere being renewed in reparation and in remission for all the sins of the world.
h Then you will be helping me to keep in suspension the chastisement, which this human race has even now drawn upon itself, because of its own impious way of life.
i The new times are already at the gates. I am the Mother who is leading you along the way of salvation and of peace.
j In prayer, in fasting, in mortification and in penance, dispose yourselves to live with me the new days which are awaiting you and which the mercy of the Father is preparing for you.”

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