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Our Lady Priests 1997

To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons
From the writings of Don Stefano Gobbi

Year 1997

Milan (Italy); January 1, 1997
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
World Day of Peace
Jesus Christ Is the Only Savior
a "Today you are beginning the new year by celebrating the feast of your heavenly Mother, and you are contemplating me in the mystery of my divine maternity. I am true Mother of God, because the Son, to whom I have given flesh and blood for his human conception, is the Eternal Word of the Father and is true God.

b In the beginning was the Word, that is to say, from all eternity. The Word is in the bosom of the Father, as his only-begotten son, begotten, not created, consubstantial with Him. He is God almighty, omniscient, eternal.
c The Word was with God, as his perfect image, reflection of his glory, eternal and subsistent Word, Son in whom the Father is forever pleased.
d The Word was God. Through Him all has been created; everything that exists in the universe bears his indelible imprint.
e The Word took flesh and came to dwell among us. I have been chosen as Mother, to give human nature to the Word, thus I have become true Mother of God.
My Son Jesus, a few moments before dying, has given me as Mother to all of you. My maternal task, in respect to you, is exercised in leading you to understand the mystery of his divine Person.

g Jesus Christ is the only Savior.
h He is God with us. In the mystery of the holy birth, you come to understand what a degree of abasement God has chosen to become completely one with all of you. He has assumed human nature; He has imposed upon Himself the limitation of time and space; He is born like every other creature; He has been placed in a manger; He has lived according to the pattern of life of every human being. He has become a child, like you; He has grown through the stages of adolescence and youth; He has experienced the very same feelings as you. He has become sensitive to love and been wounded by pain. He has delighted in friends; He has suffered because of enemies.

i He is God for us. He has chosen to be one with us in all things, except for sin, in virtue of the love which God has for his creatures. From God, He became man, to become the only Savior of man. And so, I have been called to be the Mother of the Redeemer, united to Him in a special way, in the painful work of your salvation.

j He is God in us. The precious fruit of his redemptive work is the return of man to a full communion of life with God. God can live in you with his love, with his grace, and with his very own life. God has become man in order to live in the life of each man. Thus humanity is brought back to a full communion with its Creator and Savior.

k My motherly task is that of leading you all to Jesus Christ, your God and your Redeemer. Only thus will humanity be able to enjoy the inestimable blessing of peace. Jesus is your peace: peace between God and humanity; peace among all of you, called to be children of God and to form one single family.
l Peace is the fruit of love.
Peace is born of good will.
Peace brings us to harmony and to the brotherhood of all.
m To build true peace it is therefore necessary to receive Jesus Christ, who is the King of Peace. `To all who received Him, who believed in his name, He gave power to become children of God; who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.' (Jn 1:12-13)

n During this year, in which you are beginning the spiritual preparation for the Great Jubilee, I invite you to follow me along the way of a deeper understanding of the mystery of Jesus Christ, true God and King of eternal glory.

o Jesus Christ is the only Savior.
p His word, contained in the Gospel, leads you to salvation, because it is a word of truth and of life. I will lead you to a full understanding of his divine word; I will cause you to love and live the Gospel of my Son Jesus.

q I want to lead you to love Jesus, with my very own motherly Heart; for this, I ask you to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart. In this way, you come to be prepared by me to receive Jesus Christ with joy, when He returns in the splendor of his glory.
r And then you also, my little children, will be able to behold `...his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.' (Jn 1:14)
s On this day, I look upon you with maternal predilection, and I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Vacallo (Switzerland); February 2, 1997
Feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus
Eve of my Journey through South America
Upon the Way of the Beatitudes
a "Contemplate me at the moment when I present the Child Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem. He is so small, delicate and fragile; it is only forty days since He was born. I carry Him in my arms; with love I press Him to my Heart; enraptured, I contemplate his eyes, which gaze at me and enfold me in his divine light.
b Thus I myself come to be carried by Him upon the way of the beatitudes.

c Blessed are the poor in spirit. The Lord, omnipotent and omniscient God, is totally present, reduced to nothingness as it were, under the appearance of this, my little Son.
d He is born amidst great poverty, in a cave; He is placed in a manger; He spends his first days of life in a poor and bare dwelling place. And now I am bringing Him to the temple of the Lord, supported by my most chaste spouse, Joseph, and we offer for his ransom two little doves, which is the established price for poor people.

e Blessed are the afflicted. When my Child is given back to me by the priest and placed in my arms, the aged Simeon, enlightened by the Spirit of the Lord, reveals to my soul that his plan is, above all, one of a great suffering: `Behold, He is here for the fall and rising of many in Israel, a sign of contradiction, that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed. And for you also, a sword shall pierce your soul.' (cf. Lk 2:34-35) As Mother, I am thus associated with Him on the road of affliction.

f Blessed are the meek. Contemplate in this Child of mine the reflection of meekness and goodness. His hands are opened as a divine caress upon every human suffering; his eyes cause light to shine down upon every shadow of sin and evil; his feet are formed in order to journey along barren and insecure roads to seek out those far away, to find the straying, to help those in need, to heal the sick, to welcome back sinners, to give hope and salvation to all. His Heart beats with throbs of divine love to fashion the hearts of all in meekness and compassion.

g Blessed are the merciful. See in the Child, whom I bring to the temple of his glory, the Father's merciful love made man. The Father has so loved the world that He has given it his only-begotten Son, that it might be saved by means of Him. So then, in the fragile semblance of this Child, contemplate the victim, chosen and prepared, who must be immolated for your salvation. It is He who brings into the world the merciful love of the Father. It is He, the merciful Love, who renews the hearts of all.

h Blessed are the pure of heart. God is present in my Child Jesus. His Heart is the Heart of God. He has assumed human nature from me, but his Person is divine. Thus the Heart that beats in this Child is the very Heart of God. See God in the Son, whom I carry in my motherly arms. Feel the beating of the Heart of God in his, which beats, and learn to love. Purity of heart is born from the perfection of love. Therefore, only one who loves can attain to purity of heart, and only one who is pure of heart can see God.
i Blessed are the peacemakers. Here for you is the Child who is Peace itself. His name is Peace. His mission is to bring peace between God and humanity. His plan is to pacify the whole world. Only He can bring peace and render peaceful the hearts of all, called to form part of one single family of the children of God. If it rejects Him, the world will never know peace.

j Blessed are those persecuted for the sake of justice. See in this Child the Victim, called to journey along the road of rejection and persecution. As a little one, He must flee into exile, for Herod orders that He be killed; as a youth, He lives in a poor house and is subjected to humble and heavy labor; during his public mission, He is obstructed, marginalized, and threatened, even to the point of being arrested, tried and condemned to death. It is He, the persecuted and stricken One, who brings healing to all.

k And so today, as I carry Him in my arms to the temple of his glory, I gaze into his eyes, from which there appears the light of an immense beatitude.

l This is He, your one and only beatitude.
This is He who points out to you the way of the beatitudes, along which everyone must travel in order to attain salvation and peace.
This is the Eternal Word of the Father, under the appearance of this little Child, who traces out for you the way of truth and of life.
This is the only-begotten Son in whom the Father, from all eternity, is well pleased.
This is the Son of the Virgin Mother, whom today I carry to the temple of his glory, and to all of you, I repeat: Listen to Him.

m My little son, you find yourself again on the eve of a long and wearisome journey, which you must undertake for me in some countries of Latin America. Do not be fearful of the very heavy program which they have prepared for you. My angels of light are at your side at each moment, and in your very weakness, the power of your heavenly Mother will be the more manifest. Bring all into the refuge of my Immaculate Heart, so that I may help you to journey along the difficult way of your beatitudes."

Caracas (Venezuela); February 11, 1997
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
The Immaculate Conception
a "Today, with a great cenacle which you are holding in the stadium of this city, you are celebrating the anniversary of my apparition at Lourdes. I appeared as the Immaculate Conception. I wanted to confirm, through my words, the great privilege which the Lord had granted me, exempting me from the power of Satan and of sin, from the very moment of my human conception. Thus, I have been conceived without original sin.

b I am the Immaculate Conception. The Father reflects in me the perfect plan which He had at the moment of the creation of the entire universe. The Son takes flesh and blood from me, for his human birth, assuming a nature which has never been, not even for an instant, subject to the power of the Evil One. The Holy Spirit makes fruitful this, his maternal and virginal garden, with the fullness of all his gifts. The Most Holy Trinity is well pleased to reflect Itself in me.

c I am the Immaculate Conception. This I am for you, my poor children, so overwhelmed by sin and evil, stricken and wounded by my Adversary and yours, subjected to the gloomy yoke of enslavement to him. And so, today I invite you to follow me along the road of innocence and love, of prayer and mortification, of purity and holiness.
d See how all the world has now been reduced to an immense desert, where there spring up in great numbers the wicked weeds of sin and egoism, of pride and hatred, of pleasure and impurity. Impurity becomes extolled and spread by all the means of propaganda, and thus the innocence of little children begins to be ensnared, leading then to the destruction of purity among youth and of chastity within family life. Over this world, the demon of lust rules as the master and succeeds in seducing, with the cup of pleasure, all the nations of the earth.

e I am the Immaculate Conception. It is my motherly task to lead all my children along the road of mortification of the senses, and of prayer, of purity and of charity. Only thus can you penetrate into the mystery of love of my Son Jesus. Jesus holds purity very dear. Only to the pure of heart does Jesus reveal the secrets of his divine Heart. To little children of pure hearts, Jesus reveals the plans of his merciful love, which purifies and transforms everything.
f To penetrate into the mystery of the life of Jesus and of his Gospel of salvation, you must live the virtue of purity.

g Today, my little son, you find yourself in this great country of Venezuela, so ensnared by my Adversary, but so loved and protected by your heavenly Mother. How many of my children are being ensnared with the poison of corruption, of impurity, of error, of violence and of hatred!
h But in this great nation, your heavenly Mother is being more and more loved, implored and glorified by many of her children. And so I promise to gather all of you under my motherly mantle in the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart.
i I express to you my joy in seeing my Marian Movement of Priests so widely spread here. Its strength lies in the little ones, the poor, the simple, and in those who have responded generously to my invitation to spread everywhere the cenacles of prayer for which I have asked.
j I promise never to abandon you, but to be ever your secure defense and your heavenly Shepherdess. I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Capoliveri (Livorno, Italy); March 27, 1997 Holy Thursday
Into the Cenacte of His Divine Love
a "Enter into the cenacle of the divine Heart of Jesus, my beloved sons. Today is your feast. Today is your Passover. You are recalling the institution of the new Sacrifice and of the new Priesthood.
b Enter with me into the cenacle of his divine love. `I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.' (Lk 22:15)
c `I have earnestly desired.' His entire life had always been directed towards this ineffable moment. Jesus was reaching out in thought and desire to the summit of this holy mountain, Sion, where He would consummate his Passover. `I have desired to eat this Passover with you.'

d Enter into the cenacle of his divine love, to savor all the sweetness of this Last Supper. Jesus gives his body and his blood as spiritual food and drink for your new life. He wants thus to unite Himself intimately with each one of you, to the point of becoming totally one with you.
e Love demands communion; love leads to unity. Jesus brings about a very profound unity with you, even to the point of becoming flesh of your flesh and blood of your very own blood. As Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Him, so too, by means of the Eucharistic Communion, you are in Him, and He is in you.

f Enter into the cenacle of his divine love, to understand how Jesus is Love which gives Itself, is Love which immolates Itself for you. There follows upon the Passover Supper, consumed with the Apostles, the agony of Gethsemane, the betrayal by Judas, the abandonment by the disciples, the denial of Peter, the outrage and the affront of the servants of the high priest.
g No one has greater love than he who gives his life for those he loves. Jesus offers his life for love of you.
h Beloved sons, give thanks with me to Jesus for this, his great gift. Soothe his great sorrow with your priestly love; kiss each of his wounds; guard each of his words in your heart; respond with generosity to your vocation. Your priesthood forms part of this, his gift; your ministry enters into the depths of his mystery of love.

i In the cenacle of his divine love, learn to serve. Love which gives itself, love which immolates itself, is also love which puts itself at the service of others. Thus, Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. The Creator places Himself at the service of the creature; the first becomes the last; the Lord becomes a servant.
j My beloved priests, place yourselves at the service of all. Be the hands of Jesus which close wounds, heal the sick, pardon sinners, lift up the fallen, support the weak, console the despairing, guide the straying and give to all peace and salvation.

k In the cenacle of his divine love, live your priesthood in a spirit of gratitude and joy. You are called to be the ministers of the love of Jesus. Allow yourselves to be set afire by the flames of his divine charity, to become meek and humble of heart. Be faithful priests.
l For this, I invite you to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart. As Mother, I am able to form you as priests according to the Heart of Christ, ministers of his love and of his holiness.
m Thus by means of you, Jesus is able to continue to observe his Passover each day with you, even to the end of time."

Capoliveri (Livorno, Italy); March 28, 1997
Good Friday
I Will Draw Everyone to Myself
a "'And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw everyone to Myself.’ (Jn 12:32) Beloved sons, live, together with me, this day of the passion and death of my Son Jesus.

b `When I am lifted up from the earth.' For this, the Word of the Father came down into my virginal womb; for this, He was formed for nine months in my motherly womb; for this, He was born of me in a poor and bare cave; for this, He lived through the days of his threatened infancy, of his adolescence and of his youth, bent over his daily work.
c As I would watch Him grow in the beauty of his divine body, my thoughts would often go with trepidation to the place where He was to be immolated, as the victim prepared and awaited by the Father. And with Jesus, together we would gaze at this summit of Golgotha, where now his bloody Sacrifice is about to be accomplished.

d `I will draw everyone to Myself’. The Father has so loved the world that He has given it his only-begotten Son, that the world may be saved by means of Him. Jesus offers Himself as the price of your ransom. Jesus immolates Himself for your salvation. Jesus is put to death on the Cross, so that the gift of his redemption may reach all humanity.
e See in Jesus Crucified the living icon of the divine mercy of the Father. It is mercy which impels the Father to give you his only-begotten Son. It is mercy that leads Jesus to immolate Himself on the Cross for you. It is mercy that causes all the blows, insults and outrages of this day to fall upon his divine body.
f See with me the new buds of divine mercy as they open upon his immolated body. Bend down with me to kiss the fragrant flowers of mercy, as they blossom from all his suffering. Let us kiss his body, reduced to one single wound; let us kiss his head, pierced by the penetrating thorns; let us kiss his face, stricken and disfigured; let us kiss his hands and his feet, transfixed by the nails; let us kiss his Heart, rent by the lance. Let us kiss, with love and sorrow, the true Lamb of God, immolated upon the Cross for our salvation.

g `I will draw everyone to Myself.’ All humanity is drawn into his love of Savior and Redeemer. From Him is born the new humanity, brought to full communion of life with his Heavenly Father. From his pierced Heart, divine mercy descends with water and blood. From here is born the Church and gush forth the sacraments of your salvation.
h And thus the divine mercy becomes a defense for the innocence of the little ones, firmness for the vigor of youth, support for the weakness of the great, comfort for the suffering of the poor, pardon for the guilt of the sinners, hope for the fear of the dying, salvation and life for all.
i In Jesus, raised up from the earth upon the Cross for you, see the triumph of Divine Mercy over all humanity, redeemed and saved by Him.

j `I will draw everyone to Myself.’ I participate as Mother in this, his plan of salvation. For this reason, I am close to my crucified Son today, and I look upon Him with profound compassion, as He is raised up from the earth. I share in his every suffering; I feel upon myself the weight of his Cross; the nails transfix my soul; the lance of the Roman soldier pierces also my motherly Heart. And thus I participate, as Co-redemptrix, in the work of your redemption.
k I unite my motherly sorrow to all the suffering of my Son, because I have been called to be the Mother of Divine Mercy. For this reason, redeemed humanity is entrusted by my Son to my motherly love as well. Jesus has given me as true Mother to all humanity.

l All of you, let yourselves be drawn into the cradle of this, my new and spiritual motherhood. Enter into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart.
m With his triumph, foretold by me at Fatima, you will see accomplished the greatest miracle of the divine mercy upon the world."

Capoliveri (Livorno, Italy); March 29, 1997
Holy Saturday
Mother of the Redeemer
a "Keep watch with me, beloved sons, on this day when I remained without my Son.

b I am the Mother of the Redeemer. His mission is completed. His body, cruelly reviled, abused and crucified, now rests in his new sepulcher. The Victim has been immolated. The Sacrifice of the new and eternal Covenant has been offered. The new humanity, reconciled to God, is born in the cradle of an immense suffering.
c The Mother remains still alive. I keep vigil in the sorrow which enwraps me and takes complete hold of me, and I continue to offer Him to the Heavenly Father, in an unceasing prayer, in a firm faith, in a hope which is about to become a certitude.
d My Son Jesus, slain upon the Cross and laid in the sepulcher, is preparing to rise in the splendor of his divine glory. He who is the Author of Life cannot remain in death. He who is the light of the world cannot be subject to darkness. He who has set you free forever from your bondage to evil cannot bear upon himself the consequence of sin.

e I am the Mother of the Redeemer. This day of my great sorrow prepares the dawn of the greatest joy for all humanity, because my Son, who today lies lifeless in the sepulcher, is your only Savior, is your only Redeemer.

f And so spend this day together with me, your immaculate and sorrowful Mother.
Live it with faith in his divinity.
Live it with hope of his definitive victory.
Live it with love and in the grace which He has given you.

g Today is the first day of my new and universal motherhood. I have become Mother also of the whole of humanity. The sepulcher, which receives the remains of my Son, becomes the cradle for your new birth.
h Enter into the new sepulcher of my Immaculate Heart. This is the cradle in which I want to place all my children. Here, I help you to put aside the old man of sin and evil, of egoism and pride, of wickedness and impurity. Here, I form you into the new man of grace and goodness, of love and humility, of holiness and purity.
i Second my motherly action, which brings you to an ever more perfect resemblance to your divine Brother, Jesus. And thus, Jesus sees with joy the fragrant flowers of his suffering coming into blossom, and in you, He is able to gather up the precious fruits of his redemption.

j Beloved sons, live with me this day of the holy Sabbath. Participate in my maternal sorrow Share with me my firm hope. Let my sure faith be your comfort.
k He who today lies in the sepulcher is preparing for his greatest victory, at the moment when He will come forth in the splendor of his divine glory."

Capoliveri (Livorno, Italy); March 30, 1997
Easter Sunday
Witness of the Resurrection
a "Live, together with your heavenly Mother, the profound joy of this Easter Day. Christ is alive! Christ is risen!
b When Jesus, in the light of his glorified body, appeared to me in all his divine splendor and, as a Son, bent over to close each wound of my motherly sorrow, my Heart was submerged in the fullness of Easter joy. Christ is risen! Christ lives forever!
c I have become the first and silent witness of his resurrection. The first witness, because Jesus has willed to share above all with his Mother the first fruits of this Easter joy. I am however a silent witness, because it is to the pious women and to the disciples that the task of announcing to the world this stupendous and divine prodigy has been entrusted.

d I am a witness of the resurrection. My task is that of sustaining and increasing the faith in those who have come to believe in Him. I have given new courage to those who were thinking that all was now finished; I have asked the pious women to go quickly to the sepulcher, which I knew was already empty; I have confirmed the faith of the Apostles, telling them how Jesus had first shown Himself to me in the splendor of his divine glory.
e The Gospels have not spoken of this, because my task as Mother is that of being the silent witness of the resurrection.
f As I had been a silent presence at the word announced by Him during the years of his public mission, so too I had to be a silent presence at the word which now had to be proclaimed by the Church.
g But there has been entrusted to the Mother the joyous task of bearing witness in life that my Son Jesus Christ has risen and is sitting at the right hand of his Heavenly Father in the glory of paradise.

h I am today a witness of the resurrection. In these times, when the historical fact of his resurrection is being denied or placed in doubt by many, I charge you, my beloved ones, to announce with force and to give witness with courage to the wonderful event of Christ Risen.
i If Christ had not risen, vain would be your faith.
If Christ had not risen, useless would be the announcement of his Gospel.
If Christ had not risen, there would be no reason for you to believe any longer in the truth of his word.

j Christ is risen, because He is God.
Christ is risen, because He had predicted it.
Christ is risen and has appeared in the divine splendor of his glory to the witnesses, chosen by Him beforehand.
Christ is risen and has appeared first of all to his Mother.
k I have contemplated Him, more resplendent than the sun, white as the snow, and his divine beauty has so impressed itself upon my life that, from that moment, I have begun to live paradise here below.

l And so, above all in your days, I invite you all, my dearly beloved ones, to announce with courage his death, to proclaim with force his resurrection, to await with certitude his coming in glory."

Fatima (Portugal); May 8, 1997
Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Birth of the Marian Movement of Priests
The Message of Fatima Is Reaching Its Fulfillment
a "I receive with joy the homage of the Marian Movement of Priests, which you are offering to me, on this day which recalls the twenty-fifth anniversary of its birth. You are here in the very same place, before the little Chapel of the Apparitions, where I have revealed to your heart the great plan of love and mercy of my Immaculate Heart. I have chosen you, my poor little child, to be, you yourself, the instrument of this plan of mine.
b Thus, during these years, I have led you through all parts of the world, and with toils and sufferings without number, you have visited several times many of the countries of the five continents.
c Now my plan is about to be completed. With my Marian Movement of Priests, I have called all my children to consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart.

d It is the message of Fatima which is reaching its fulfillment and is being realized everywhere, through the merciful action of your heavenly Mother. Through it I have asked for the consecration to my Immaculate Heart, as a sure means of obtaining conversion of heart and of life, and of leading humanity back along the road of its full return to the Lord.
e By means of my Marian Movement of Priests, this consecration, willed and requested by me, has now been made in every part of the earth. Thus I have been able to form for myself the cohort of my little children, with which I will bring to completion my greatest victory.

f It is the message of Fatima which is being fulfilled in the spread, now on a world-wide level, of the cenacles which I have asked of you, in order to gather you together in prayer, made with me and through me. With great joy I accept today from your hands, my little son, the homage which you are offering to me in these cenacles, which are being multiplied everywhere, among priests and faithful, among children, youth and above all in families.
g With these cenacles, you are able to obtain the grace of conversion for many poor sinners, especially for those most in need of divine mercy.
h With these cenacles, you offer a great force of intercession and of reparation to your heavenly Mother, who has intervened many times, in an extraordinary way, to shorten the painful time of the great purifying trial.
i With these cenacles, you invoke the gift of the second Pentecost, which is now close at hand, because my Immaculate Heart has become the new spiritual cenacle, where this divine prodigy for the Church and all humanity will be accomplished.

j It is the message of Fatima which is being fulfilled in your pledge of love, of prayer and of unity with the Pope and with the Church united to him. Here, I have predicted and have shown in a vision to the little children to whom I appeared, the sufferings, the oppositions, and the bloody trials of the Pope. These prophecies of mine are being fulfilled above all in this Pope of mine, John Paul the Second, who is the masterpiece formed in my Immaculate Heart.
k With your pledge of love and prayer, you are his comfort and his consolation at the moment of his greatest sacrifice. With your docility and obedience, you become his most effective means of assistance, in order that his Magisterium be everywhere received, heeded and followed. With your unity with him, you are confirmed in remaining in the true faith, in the present times foretold here by me, when the faith is being lost by many of my children, because of the errors which are being taught and spread about more and more.

l I have caused to spring up here, for twenty-five years now, my Marian Movement of Priests, so that the message of Fatima, often contested and rejected by many, might in your days come to its complete fulfillment.
m Its fulfillment is necessary for you, my children, threatened and stricken, so that you may attain salvation. Its fulfillment is necessary for the Church, so wounded and crucified, so that from its painful and bloody trial it might emerge all beautiful, without spot or wrinkle, in imitation of its heavenly Mother. Its fulfillment is necessary for all humanity, so that it may return to the arms of its Father and come to know the new times of its full communion of love and of life with its Lord and God.
n As of now, this plan of mine is being fulfilled with the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.

o I bless you, my little son, together with my Pope, with the bishops, the priests and the faithful of my Movement, spread through every part of the world. I bless you with love and joy. I bless you with the gratitude of a Mother, who has been listened to, followed, consoled and glorified by you."

Marseille (France); May 18, 1997
Solemnity of Pentecost
In the Light of His Truth
a "My little son, continue this wearying journey throughout all of France, in order to hold everywhere wonderful cenacles with the priests and the faithful of my Movement. This is my hour. This is the hour when I want to gather you all into the spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate Heart. Here, the prodigy of the second Pentecost for the Church and for all humanity will soon take place.

b The Holy Spirit will give his perfect testimony.
c It is the testimony of the Holy Spirit which will convince the world of sin.
d In the light of his truth, all humanity will understand the abyss into which it has allowed itself to be led by Satan who, in it [humanity] and by means of it, has wanted to repeat the proud gesture of his rejection of God and of his Law.
e Thus humanity has arrived at building a civilization without God, has given itself a morality contrary to his Law, has justified every form of evil and of sin, and has allowed itself to be seduced by materialism, hatred, violence and impurity.
f By the divine fire of the Holy Spirit, humanity will be completely purified, that it may again become that new garden where the Most Holy Trinity will receive its greatest glory.

g It is the testimony of the Holy Spirit which will profoundly renew the Church.
h In the light of his truth, the Church will see herself in all her human weakness and will be healed of her crisis of faith; she will be set free from the snares of errors, which have spread the deep wound of apostasy and infidelity within her.
i Renewed by the divine fire of the Holy Spirit, the entire Church will reflect the glory of her Lord and will again become a faithful and chaste Spouse, all beautiful, without spot or wrinkle, in imitation of her heavenly Mother.

j It is the testimony of the Holy Spirit which will bring you to n understanding of the whole and entire truth.
k In the light of his truth, there will become apparent to all the saving power of the Gospel of Jesus, which will spread his divine splendor everywhere. And thus, Jesus will be listened to in his word, followed on the way traced out by Him, imitated in his life, and glorified in his Person.

l The hour has come when my Son Jesus must be glorified by all. With the prodigy of the second Pentecost, humanity will acknowledge Jesus Christ as its Redeemer and as its only Savior.
m Then the Holy Spirit will open hearts and souls to welcome Christ, who will return to you in the splendor of his divine glory.
n Thus my Immaculate Heart will finally attain its great triumph."

Valdragone (San Marino), June 24, 1997
Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist
Spiritual Exercises in the Form of a Cenacle with 28 Bishops and 300 Priests of the M.M.P. from Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania
Jesus Christ Is the Only Savior
a "You have come again this year to this mountain to live these days in a continuous cenacle of prayer and fraternity with your heavenly Mother. You have come in such large numbers, bishops and priests of my Movement from every part of the world.
b I look upon you with the delight of a Mother, who is listened to, followed and glorified by you. I unite myself to your prayer, which I gather up in my hands to present at the throne of the Most Holy and Divine Trinity. I help you to love one another as brothers, so that Jesus may have the joy of seeing his new commandment lived among you. I cause to descend into your souls the heavenly dew of grace, mercy, comfort, joy and peace.
c Follow me on the way that leads you to the Great jubilee, along the path that has been indicated to you by my Pope, John Paul the Second. Let yourselves be carried in my Immaculate Heart to the encounter with Jesus Christ, your Redeemer and your only Savior.

d Jesus Christ is the only Savior, because He is the Eternal Word of the Father, who was incarnated in my virginal womb, was born, grew up and died upon the Cross for your redemption and your salvation.

e Jesus Christ is the only Savior, because He is the Truth. The perfect image of the Father, his Eternal Word, brings you the gift of the divine truth. His truth is contained in the Gospel. Beloved sons, be faithful and powerful proclaimers of the Gospel.
f See how the truth contained in the Gospel is obscured by rationalism and torn by the errors that are more and more widely spread about. Thus many are moving away from the true faith.
g Live to the letter the Gospel of my Son Jesus. Proclaim to the letter the Gospel that you are living. Do not stop spreading the light of the truth in the world, pervaded by the darkness of error and apostasy. Be the apostles of the new evangelization in a world that has become pagan, after almost two thousand years since the first proclamation of the Gospel.

h Jesus Christ is the only Savior, because He is the Life. Life is possessed by Him because He is God. Life is given to all by Him because He has obtained it for you by immolating Himself on the Cross for you. Life comes to you with grace, which makes you participate in the divine nature itself.
i Beloved sons, become the ministers of grace; become the bearers of life. For this reason, I ask you to be solicitous in the administration of the sacraments which Jesus has entrusted to you. Be, above all, available to minister the sacrament of Reconciliation, today so greatly neglected in many parts of the Church.
j Be the ministers of divine mercy. Through you, priests consecrated to me, let my motherly tenderness come down upon everyone. Seek out those who are far away; sustain the weak; pardon the sinners; console the afflicted; bring comfort to the sick; guide the uncertain; protect the little ones. Take everyone into your priestly arms, and carry them to the secure refuge of my Immaculate Heart.

k Jesus Christ is the only Savior, because He is the Way. He leads you to the Father in his Spirit of Love. He brings you along the path of perfect and eternal happiness. He prepares for you the longed-for final moment of your encounter in splendor with his divine glory.
l Jesus Christ is the only way that leads you to paradise. There is no other name given under heaven in which we can find salvation. Humanity is traveling along the way of its encounter with Him, which will take place when Jesus will return in glory to bring his reign into the world. Walk in the joyous expectation of his coming. Cross the threshold of hope, and live in peace, in joy, in serenity, in trust and in your filial abandonment.
m In these days of the cenacle, the Spirit of the Lord has descended upon each one of you and has placed in your hearts and souls the charism of his gifts. The Holy Spirit has confirmed you in your vocation and has given you light and strength in the fulfillment of your priestly ministry. Be faithful proclaimers of the truth; be solicitous bearers of life; be the light of hope and trust for everyone.
n During these days, I have healed so many wounds; I have placed the balm of comfort on much bitterness; I have dried hidden tears; I have inspired good resolutions; I have transformed hearts.
o Beloved sons, go forth from this cenacle in peace and joy. Become instruments of my peace in every part of the world. I am with you always. By means of you, I reveal myself to the Church and humanity. Through you, the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world is accomplished each day.
p With your loved ones, with those who have been entrusted to your ministry, I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Rubbio (Vicenza, Italy); August 6, 1997
Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord
King of Eternal Glory
a "Climb with me the holy mountain of grace and holiness, that you may be illumined and transfigured by the glorious light of my Son Jesus. He is the only-begotten Son of the Father. He is the Word, eternally generated by the Father, consubstantial with Him, his perfect image and reflection of his divine splendor. He is the King of eternal glory.
b As He was transfigured on Mount Tabor in the presence of the three Apostles, Peter, James and John, so also will He manifest Himself to you in the splendor of his divine glory, if you climb with me the holy mountain of humility and littleness, of love and purity, of silence and prayer.
c The Father manifests his secrets only to children and little ones, while He hides them from the great and the learned. The Son reveals his divine splendor to you, little children formed and led by me with motherly kindness, upon the summit of holiness.
d King of eternal glory. When the Word became flesh in my virginal womb, his divine splendor was completely veiled by the humanity He assumed. Thus his divinity was hidden by his humanity.
e Look at the newborn Child placed in the manger, the little one in need of everything, the adolescent in the rhythm of his human development, the youth bent over his daily work, the man of sorrows who bears the weight of weakness, the rejection by his own, the condemnation to the gibbet, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the crucifixion and death on the Cross!
f See how his divinity becomes truly reduced to nothing under the painful limitations of his humanity. And still, with an act of unceasing and heroic faith, I adored my God in my Son Jesus, and with my soul, I always contemplated Him in the splendor of his divinity.

g King of eternal glory. It is at the moment of his resurrection that his divinity is made manifest in all its splendor, in such a way as to assume into it even his humanity. In Jesus Risen, his humanity becomes divinized, because his is now a glorified body, just as it appeared to the three Apostles on Mount Tabor. `And He was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his garments became white as light.' (Mt 17:2)
h In paradise, Jesus is now seated at the right hand of the Father, in the refulgence of his divinity. Today you must look more at the eternal glory of Jesus Christ. Many entertain doubts concerning his divine nature; they make of his word a matter of debate; they deny the historical fact of his resurrection.
i Beloved sons, announce to all with courage the divinity of my Son Jesus. Let yourselves be surrounded by the splendor of his truth. Remember his death; proclaim his resurrection in the expectation of his coming in glory.

j King of eternal glory. When Jesus will return in his divine glory and appear to all humanity, each one will be called to undergo the same experience as Peter, James and John 'underwent on Mount Tabor, because Jesus will manifest Himself in his splendor and his humanity will be completely transfigured in the most brilliant light of his divinity.
k Then the whole universe will proclaim Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the perfect Image of the Father, the Word made man, the one and only Savior, He through whom all things have been made and who has the power to subject all things to Himself. Jesus will bring his glorious kingdom into the world, and it will be a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of justice, of love and of peace.

l Beloved sons, live in the joyous expectation of his glorious return. For this, I invite you to walk with me along the road of littleness and humility. In this way, the Father will reveal to you the secret of his Son; the Holy Spirit will lead you to an understanding of the whole and entire truth; Jesus Christ will manifest Himself to you in the splendor of his divine Person, so that He may be adored, loved and glorified by all as the King of eternal glory. "

Dongo (Como, Italy); August 15, 1997
Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven
Resplendent Is the Queen at Your Right Hand
a "Beloved sons, look today, with confidence and sure hope, at your heavenly Mother assumed into the glory of paradise, with body and soul. All the cohorts of the heavenly spirits prostrate themselves in profound veneration before their Queen, as I am raised to the highest part of heaven and am placed at the right hand of my Son Jesus. And all Paradise, with sweetest harmonies of lights and songs, which no one here below on earth could possibly hear, exalts me and proclaims: Resplendent, O Lord, is the Queen at your right hand.

b Resplendent is the Queen at your right hand.

c A person who is worthy of a very particular honor is placed on one's immediate right. When my Son Jesus, after having consigned Himself to death to obtain for you an eternal redemption, rises in the splendor of his divine glory and ascends into leaven, the Heavenly Father places Him at his right hand.
d At the right hand of the Father, because there is bestowed upon Him that honor which is due to Him alone, as his only-begotten Son.
e At the right hand of the Father, because, having completed the work of redemption, He has brought back all humanity, made a slave of sin, to full communion of life with God.
f At the right hand of the Father, because Jesus is the only conqueror of the Evil One, of sin, of wickedness and of death.
g At the right hand of the Father, because through Him the universe was created, and only to Him is given the power to subject all things to Himself, after having conquered and annihilated his enemies. `The Lord says to my Lord: Sit at my right hand, till I make your enemies your footstool.' (Ps 110:1)
h The Heavenly Father, placing Jesus Christ at his right hand, thus attributes to Him the greatest honor which is due to his only-begotten Son, to the Word made flesh, to the Redeemer, to the one and only Savior, and to the King of all the universe.

i Resplendent is the Queen at your right hand.

j When I am assumed to the glory of paradise, I am placed at the right hand of my Son. Jesus thus acknowledges the greatest honor that is due to me as his Virgin Mother, intimately associated with Him in the work of redemption, sharing in all his sufferings, called now to share in his divine power in glory.
k At the right hand of the Son, because, with my yes, I gave my consent for Him to assume human nature in my most pure womb.
l At the right hand of the Son, because I had been at his side during every moment of his life, drinking together with Him the chalice of much bitterness.
m At the right hand of the Son, because beneath the Cross, with my immaculate and maternal sorrow, I have become true Co-redemptrix, offering my Son Jesus to the Father as the price of your ransom.
n At the right hand of the Son, because, in Him and by means of Him, I have achieved the victory over the Evil One, over sin and over death which entered into the world as a chastisement for the sin committed by the first parents.
o At the right hand of the Son, because now I share in his divine power to subject all things to Himself.
p At the right hand of the Son, that I may exercise close to Him my spiritual function as Mother of the Church and of all humanity.
q At the right hand of the Son, I pray for you, intercede on your behalf, assist you and help you in the terrible struggle against Satan and all the wicked spirits, against evil and sin, so that one day Christ may conquer the power which death still has over you.

r Thus, at the end of the world, when Jesus will raise you up for his final and universal judgment, you too, my children, may ascend up here into paradise, and then, you will be placed at the right hand of the Son and of your heavenly Mother to enjoy with them forever perfect and eternal happiness."

Milan (Italy); September 8, 1997
Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Round About My Cradle
a "Beloved sons, celebrate with love and confidence the feast of my nativity, and join in the joy of all the Church, which gathers in an act of profound veneration about the cradle where I am placed after my birth. Let yourselves be drawn by my sweet and heavenly fragrance.

b Round about my cradle, all Paradise gathers in exultation, because the Most Holy Trinity is receiving its greatest glory. The Heavenly Father contemplates with pleasure the masterpiece of his love, which from all eternity He had decreed in the plan of his divine wisdom. The Word rejoices because He can at last see that creature whom He Himself has prepared as Mother for his birth in time. The Holy Spirit exults, because I am possessed by Him as his sacred and inviolate temple for his divine plan.

c Round about my cradle, there gather all the heavenly spirits, because they contemplate in the little child just born, she who is destined to become their Queen. And they compose sweetest harmonies of songs and lights, which fill my soul with joy and cause my Heart to tremble, this Heart which has hardly begun to give forth its first throbs of love.

d Round about my cradle, gather today, all of you my children, called by me to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart, to be part of my victorious army. Learn from me to be little. Let yourselves be formed by me in order to become servants. Enter into my cradle, that you may experience with me the beauty and the delightfulness of littleness and humility. You must all walk today along the way of littleness.
e Satan is at the peak of his great power and feels that he is now the sure victor. He can now be defeated only by humility and the littleness of children consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. For this, I am leading you along the way of humility, of littleness, of simplicity, of innocence, of trust and of your greatest filial abandonment.

f Round about my cradle, in which I place all of you today, Jesus experiences the great joy of feeling Himself listened to, loved and followed by you. He knows that only the little and pure of heart know how to listen with docility to his words and to put them into practice. He gathers into the precious garden of his divine love the humble, the poor, the simple, the weak. He sees Himself ever followed with faithfulness by my little children, who are poor in spirit and in goods, and with them He is forming his disciples, who again today will remain with Him even to the end.

g Round about my cradle, there are reflected today the powerful rays of trust and of firm hope, to brighten up the painful days in which you are living and to give you motherly comfort in the sufferings and in the great agony of these last times.

h Allow yourselves to be enveloped by my light; welcome with love and docility the words which I give you, because with these I lead you along the road of goodness and holiness.
i In you, I am being consoled and glorified, because, by the response which you have everywhere given me, I now see close at hand the dawn of the new times for the Church and for all humanity."

Sale (Alessandria, Italy); October 1, 1997
Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Merciful Love
a "Beloved sons, enter into the spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, so that I may have you penetrate into the divine mystery of the merciful love of my Son Jesus.

b Jesus is Merciful Love, because in Him is reflected the divine mercy of the Father, who has so loved the world that He has sent it his only-begotten Son for its salvation. In Jesus, the mercy of the Father becomes personified and realizes itself in the plan of salvation. By means of Him, the Father causes his pardon to descend upon humanity, which had wandered away because of sin, and brings it back to a full communion of love and of life with its Lord and its Creator.

c Jesus is Merciful Love, because, by making Himself man, He takes upon Himself the fragility, weakness and the suffering of all humanity. When a baby, He carries in his Heart the wails and the sighs of all the babies of the world; as a youth, He lives through all the vicissitudes and difficulties of youth, so fragile and exposed to the impetuous wind of the passions; when He reaches maturity, He carries within his divine Person the problems, the anguish, and the pains of everyone.
d He bows down over the poor to announce to them the Gospel of salvation; He proclaims freedom to prisoners; He comforts the abandoned, pardons sinners, heals the sick, consoles the afflicted, and drives out Satan from those he had possessed.

e Jesus is Merciful Love, because He is meek and humble of heart. Let yourselves be drawn after his meekness. See how He is gentle, tender, and compassionate to all; docile and meek, He lets Himself be led by his enemies, like a lamb which is being carried to its bloody sacrifice.
f Let yourselves be possessed by his humility. The first becomes the last; the Master becomes the disciple; the Lord puts Himself at the service of all. The fullness of his divinity becomes hidden in Him under the human veil of his humility. `Learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.' (Mt 11:29)
g Jesus is Merciful Love, because He wants to draw all into the burning furnace of his divine love. Allow yourselves to be drawn by Him. Do not resist his calls. Walk with me along the road of is divine love. Beloved sons, you too must make your own the sweet experience of your love for Jesus.

h Today you are celebrating the liturgical memorial of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, which is occurring on the first centenary of her birth into heaven. Today I give her to all of you as your little sister. It was she who consecrated herself as a victim to the merciful love of Jesus. It was she who allowed herself to be completely consumed by the burning furnace of his divine charity.
i Imitate her in this, her little way. You too must become little, simple, humble, meek and gentle. You must become, all of you, little children, traveling along the way of spiritual childhood which she has traced out for you.
j You too must offer yourselves as victims to the merciful love of Jesus, so that, through you, He may very soon shed upon the world the great prodigy of divine mercy.”

Sale (Alessandria, Italy); November 21, 1997
Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Conformed to Jesus Crucified
a "Beloved sons, let yourselves be carried into the heavenly temple of my Immaculate Heart, so that I can make you more and more conformed to my Son Jesus. Your priestly life must be conformed in all things to that of Jesus. He wants to live in you in all his fullness. You must become his word, lived out and proclaimed to all with courage and fidelity, in such a way that the light of the Gospel may brighten up the dense darkness which envelops the world.
b His merciful love wants to manifest itself and to draw all souls into the burning fire of his divine charity, especially those furthest away, the straying, those who are lying prostrate under bondage to evil and sin. Jesus works the prodigy of divine mercy, above all through your priestly suffering. For this, the moment has come when I wish to render all of you conformed to Jesus Crucified.

c Conformed to Jesus Crucified, in your daily priestly ministry. The times have come when you, my beloved sons, must drink to the dregs the bitter chalice which the Heavenly Father has prepared for you. Interior sufferings are increasing, those caused by your own limitations, by human misery, by feeling in life the weight of your very great weakness. Also increasing are the intimate sufferings caused by the misunderstanding and rejection, often on the part of those close to you. I am asking you to taste, you also, the painful hour of Gethsemane.

d Conformed to Jesus Crucified, especially in your many exterior sufferings. I have need of your priestly suffering. For each one of you also, I have prepared the moment of your own particular crucifixion.
e For this reason, my little son, I have asked of you much suffering, caused by the painful heart operation which you have had to undergo. You have offered everything to me with great docility and filial abandonment, and this has greatly supported the plan of my Immaculate Heart.
f It is above all with the physical sufferings, borne by you with docility and love, that I am conforming you to my Crucified Son, while I am at your side with the same motherly concern with which I stood close to Jesus in the bloody moments of his passion and his immolation on the Cross.

g Conformed to Jesus Crucified, beloved sons, now that you are approaching the fulfillment of my plan, for which I have been forming and cultivating you for years with motherly urgency and jealousy.
h Take courage, resume the journey in trust and hope. You are approaching moments of grace in which you will see flow out upon the world the torrents of divine mercy. The world will then be purified by this divine fire of love, and it will be completely renewed, so that Jesus may bring into your midst his kingdom of grace and of holiness, of justice, of love and of peace.
i For this, I am asking you to second, each day, my motherly action, which seeks to make you all more and more conformed to Jesus Crucified."

Vacallo (Switzerland); December 8, 1997
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
Open the Doors to Christ
a "Look today at the heavenly splendor of your immaculate Mother, and let yourselves be drawn, each and all, by the waves of my sweet fragrance.
b I am the Immaculate Conception.
I am all beautiful: tota pulchra.
I am the living tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity, where the Father is everlastingly glorified, the Son perfectly loved, and the Holy Spirit fully possessed.
I am the door which opens upon your salvation. My motherly task is that of preparing you to receive my Son who is coming.

c Open the doors to Christ. Jesus has come into your midst on the day of his earthly birth, by means of me, his virginal Mother, in order to become your Savior and your sole Redeemer.
d Contemplate Him with purity of heart and with a look of Love, at the moment when He is born of me and placed in a manger, feeling the rigors of the cold and the chill of a world which ignores and rejects Him. This little Child who is crying is God-with-us, is the Redeemer of the world, is the only Savior. Without Him, it is not possible for man to find salvation.

e Open the doors to Christ. Open the doors of your mind, to receive his divine word with humility and docility. In the deep darkness which envelops the minds of a humanity submerged in errors, only his word brings you the light of truth. Make the announcement of his Gospel shine forth in the world. Carry out the task of a new evangelization which has been entrusted to you.
f Bring, once again today, his word to the poor, the sinners, the sick, the prisoners, so that they may all walk in the light of the truth.

g Open the doors to Christ. Open the doors of your soul to receive Him in a worthy manner at the moment when He communicates Himself to you under the Eucharistic species. It is Jesus in his divine Person, with his glorious body and his divinity, whom you receive when you approach Holy Communion. You must prepare in your souls a dwelling place which should be worthy of Him.
h I For this reason, I urge you to flee from sin, to not allow yourselves to become possessed by sin, to live always in the grace and love of God. If ever it should happen that you fall into mortal sin, sacramental confession is necessary before receiving Holy Communion. Today my Heart bleeds to see how sacrilegious communions are spreading more and more, because many come to receive Jesus in the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin without having gone to confession.
i Therefore, let your souls be filled with grace and holiness, so that you may receive Jesus in a worthy manner when He gives Himself to you in the sacrament of his love.

j Open the doors to Christ. Open the doors of your heart, that you may welcome Him with the firmness of your love. Jesus brings you to the perfection of love. He loves in you; by means of you, his love spreads to all. He wants to love each person whom you meet along your way. By means of you, his divine charity spreads, and thus you become the instruments of the triumph of his merciful love.

k Open the doors to Christ. Open the doors of your life to Christ when He returns in the splendor of his glory. The Christian life must be ever oriented to this expectation. And so, I invite you to live in trust and in a great hope. Let yourselves be carried with filial abandonment in the arms of your Heavenly Father.
l Then, each day of this painful time will be lived by you in serenity and joy. Because the sufferings of the present moment are not comparable to the glory which awaits you, when Christ will manifest Himself and you will see Him as He is, in the blazing light of his divine splendor."

Dongo (Como, Italy); December 24, 1997
The Holy Night
Enter with Me
a "Enter with me, beloved sons, into the cave where, on this holy night, my divine Child is born. Do not be disturbed by its squalor; do not be dismayed by its poverty; do not be saddened by its solitude. This cave is a sweet shelter for our weariness; it is a safe refuge for our pilgrimage; it is a cradle chosen by the Heavenly Father for the human birth of his only-begotten Son.

b Enter with me into the cave in silence and in an act of profound adoration. The Eternal Word of the Father is born to his human life; He is placed in a manger; He is glorified by the angels, adored by the shepherds, comforted and loved by me, his Virgin Mother, and by my most chaste spouse, Joseph.
c Understand, beloved sons, how much God has loved the world, so as to give it his very own Son. Contemplate with astonishment the manger: the Son of God has chosen to be born in poverty, in humility, in solitude, in pain and in tears.
d Feel with me the intense desire to cover Him with every kind of gratitude; warm Him with the kiss of your priestly love; clothe Him with the white garments of your virtues; wipe away his tears with the precious linen of your immolation; adore Him together with the shepherds, with the purity of your prayer; clasp Him to your heart as your only and greatest treasure.
e Enter with me into this dark cave, if you wish to share in the splendor of his divine dwelling.

f Enter with me into the fullness of time. This holy night brings time to its fullness. The time has been ordained by God in which to prepare for the human birth of the Son. From Adam to Noah, from Abraham to David, from the patriarchs and the prophets, time has been marked by a long and ardent waiting for his coming.
g On this holy night, the time of the first Advent is fulfilled, because a Child is born to you, Emmanuel, God-with-us. The very Son of God shares in the human fragility, which becomes apparent in a particular way in his birth, in his growth, in his adolescence, and in his youth. He carries the burden of all sufferings and offers Himself, as a gentle lamb, in his cruel Sacrifice for your redemption and your salvation.
h Humanity is redeemed; man is saved; time reaches its apex when it marks the precious moment of universal redemption. As of this night, a new journey begins for humanity, illuminated by the hope and expectation of his second coming in glory.

i Enter with me into the fullness of time, which will take place when Jesus returns in the splendor of his divine glory. This, his first coming, will reach its full significance only at his second coming. This holy night is ordained to the radiant day that will have no dusk.
j My divine Child, whom you now contemplate in the manger and who cries and shivers from the cold, will one day return in the power of his divine glory and will bring time and history to its fullness. Time and history will reach their completion; with his divine and glorious presence, He will make all things new
k You are living out the mystery of this second Advent, which is preparing you to receive Jesus, when He returns to you on the clouds of heaven.
Only then will the second Advent through which you are living reach its fulfillment.
Then time will attain its fullness.
Then will the Immaculate Heart of your heavenly Mother attain her triumph, in the definitive and glorious triumph of her Son Jesus.

l Enter with me into the fullness of time, and prepare yourselves to live the Great jubilee, for which my Pope is preparing you, which will cause the ineffable light of the Divine and Most Holy Trinity to come down upon the world."

December 31, 1997
Last Night of the Year
All Has Been Revealed to You
a "Beloved sons, in silence and in prayer, spend with me the final hours of this year which is about to end. Do not spend them in dissipation and entertainments, as so many of my children do.

b This year has been particularly important for my plan. You are now entering into my times. For this, I have traced out for you a light-filled way, along which all of you must walk, in order to live the consecration which you have made to my Immaculate Heart.

c Now all has been revealed to you.

d All has been revealed to you: my plan has been prophetically announced to you at Fatima, and during these years, I have been carrying it out through my Marian Movement of Priests. This has been revealed to you in its gradual preparation.
e This century of yours, which is about to end, has been placed under the sign of a strong power conceded to my Adversary. Thus, humanity has been led astray by the error of theoretical and practical atheism; in the place of God, idols have been built which everyone adores: pleasure, money, amusement, power, )ride and impurity.
f Truly Satan, with the cup of lust, has succeeded in seducing all the nations of the earth. He has replaced love with hatred; communion with division; justice with many injustices; peace with continuous war. In fact this entire century has been spent under the sign of cruel and bloody wars, which have claimed millions of innocent victims.
g So then, the Most Holy Trinity has decreed that your century be placed under the sign of my powerful, maternal and extraordinary presence. Thus, at Fatima I pointed out the way along which humanity must journey for its return to the Lord: that of conversion, prayer and penance. And as a safe refuge, I offered you my Immaculate Heart.

h All has been revealed to you: my plan has been pointed out to you even in its painful realization. Humanity has fallen under the domination of Satan and of his great power, exercised with the satanic and Masonic forces; my Church has become obscured by his smoke which has penetrated into it. Errors are being taught and propagated, causing many to lose true faith in Christ and in his Gospel; the holy Law of God is openly violated; sin is committed and often even justified, and thus the light of grace and of the divine presence is lost; unity is deeply split apart by a strong contestation directed against the Magisterium, and especially against the Pope; and the wound caused by painful lacerations becomes ever wider.

i In order to give the suffering and crucified Church of your time my motherly help and a safe refuge, I have brought the Marian Movement of Priests into being and have spread it through every part of the world by means of my book, which traces out for you the road along which you must journey in order to spread my light. With this book, I teach you to live the consecration to my Immaculate Heart with the simplicity of children, in a spirit of humility, of poverty, of trust and of filial abandonment.
j I have now been guiding you for twenty-five years, with the words which I have spoken to the heart of this, my little son, whom I have chosen as an instrument for the realization of my maternal plan. During these years I myself have carried him several times to every part of the world, and he has allowed himself to be led with docility, small and fearful but totally abandoned to me, like a little baby in the arms of his mother.

k As of now, all that I had to say to you has been said, because all has been revealed to you.
l Therefore, on this night, there come to an end the public messages, which I have been giving you for twenty-five years; now you must meditate on them, live them and put them into practice. Then the words which I have caused to come down from my Immaculate Heart, as drops of heavenly dew upon the desert of your life, so threatened by snares, will produce fruits of grace and holiness.
m From now on, I will manifest myself through the word, the person and the actions of this, my little son, whom I have chosen to be your guide and whom I am now leading to the painful summit of his mission.

n All has been revealed to you: my plan has been foretold to you especially in its wonderful and victorious fulfillment.
o I have announced to you the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world. In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.
p This will come about in the greatest triumph of Jesus, who will bring into the world his glorious reign of love, of justice and of peace, and will make all things new.

q Open your hearts to hope.
Throw open the doors to Christ who comes to you in glory.
Live the trembling hour of this second Advent.
r Become thus the courageous heralds of this, his triumph, because you - little babes consecrated to me who live from my very own spirit - are the apostles of these last times.
s Live as faithful disciples of Jesus, in contempt for the world and for yourselves, in poverty, in humility, in silence, in prayer, in mortification, in charity and in union with God, while you are unknown and despised by the world.

t The moment has come for you to come out from your hiddenness in order to go and shed light upon the earth.
u Show yourselves to all as my children, for I am with you always. Let the faith be the light which enlightens you in these days of darkness, and let zeal alone consume you, zeal for the honor and glory of my Son Jesus.
v Fight, children of the light, because the hour of my battle has now arrived. In the harshest of winters, you are the buds which are opening up from my Immaculate Heart and which I am placing on the branches of the Church to tell you that her most beautiful springtime is about to arrive.
w This will be for her the second Pentecost. For this reason, I invite you to repeat often in the cenacles, the prayer that I have asked of you: `Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved Spouse.'
x With the love of a Mother who, during these years, has been listened to, followed and glorified by you, I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

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