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Our Lady Priests 1984

To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons
From the writings of Don Stefano Gobbi

Year 1984

January 1, 1984
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Have Courage
a "Begin this new year in the light of my divine maternity Beloved sons, this feast should be a sign of confidence and of hope for all of you.

b Have courage; I am the Mother of Grace and of Mercy. If the new year is opening amid clouds that menacingly thicken on the horizon, if humanity is incapable of finding its way back to God, if the disintegrating forces of evil and death in the world are increasing, if insecurity and fear mark the passage of your days, look to me as to the Mother of Divine Mercy.
c Today I bend down over this generation, so ailing and so threatened, with the love a mother has for the neediest of her children and for those exposed to danger. With my immaculate hands I gather up all the sufferings and immense miseries of humanity and present them to the Heart of my Son, Jesus, that He may cause the river of his merciful love to flow down upon the world.
d Have courage, because Jesus loves you with his divine tenderness, and your heavenly Mother is always among you to share your difficulties and dangers.

e Have courage; I am the Mother of the Savior and of your Redeemer.
f On the Cross Jesus redeemed you forever, suffering and dying for you. His Sacrifice has an infinite value, transcending time. His blood, his wounds, his painful agony, his atrocious death upon the Cross, possess the value of salvation even for this generation of yours, which without Him would have gone to perdition.
g His Sacrifice is mystically consummated in every Holy Mass which is celebrated.
h To the general and renewed rejection of God, the answer is still that of his renewed and sorrowful prayer, with its infinite capacity for reparation: `Father, forgive them, for they know not what they say or what they do. ' (cf. Lk 23:34)
i If sin and evil are overflowing, today there is offered anew to the divine justice the innocent blood of the true Lamb of God, who takes away all the sins of the world.
j To the threat of war and of destruction, the answer is the certainty of having the real presence among you of Jesus in the Eucharist, he who is Life and who has conquered sin and death forever.
k At the beginning of this new year, look to Jesus your Redeemer and to your heavenly Mother, who console you and lead you to penetrate into the wonderful plan of your salvation.

l Have courage: I am the Mother and the Queen of Peace. Through me peace will come to you. Listen to my voice, and let yourselves be led by me with docility.
m On the eve of the great trials awaiting you, in the threat, now feared by all, of a new and frightful war, know that my presence among you, confirmed today in so many ways and with such great prodigies, is a sign which tells you how, at the end of the great suffering, my Immaculate Heart alone will triumph.
n This will be the great victory of love and of peace throughout the whole world!"

Shrine of Castelmonte (Udine, Italy);
January 21, 1984
Feast of St. Agnes
(After the Gospel during the concelebration)
My Book
a "I accept the homage from you, who have come up here to my Shrine, to give thanks to your heavenly Mother for the book. How many difficulties `my book' has encountered, but how much good has it already done in every part of the world, translated now into so many languages!
b It has been the instrument for carrying to the hearts and souls of so many beloved children the voice of the heavenly Mother, the manifestation of my maternal plan, my invitation to receive you all within the refuge of my Immaculate Heart.

c How should this book be read?
d With the simplicity of a child who is listening to his mother. He doesn't ask why she speaks, or how she speaks, or where her words are going to lead him. He loves her, and he listens to her. He does what she says. And then the child is happy, because he feels that in this way he is guided and illumined by his mother. Led by her and formed by her words, each day he continues to grow in life.
e So should it be for you. Read it with simplicity, without minding about such problems as how I speak, why I speak, where I am speaking. My only concern is that you live everything I have told you. Then your hearts will be inflamed with love, your souls will be illumined by my light, and I will transform you interiorly to lead you to do each day what pleases the Heart of Jesus.
f If you are consecrated to me, I take you just as you are, with your limitations, your defects and sins, your frailty, but then each day I transform you to bring you to be in accordance with the plan which God has entrusted to my Immaculate Heart.

g What do I say in this book of mine?
h I trace out a simple and beautiful road, but a difficult one, oh how difficult! It is necessary to travel it, if you wish to live the consecration.
i I teach you how to live; I form you in a practical way to live with me.
j I tell you the things which I have most on my Heart, because they are the very things which Jesus has told you in the Gospel, which today should be lived with the simplicity of little ones, with the ardor of martyrs, and with the fidelity of courageous witnesses: it should be lived to the letter!
k Accordingly I am calling you to prayer, to penitence, to mortification, to the practice of virtue, to trust, to hope, to the exercise of an ever more perfect charity.

l This is what I want to tell you. Don't be delayed, therefore, by the predictions I give you in the effort to make you comprehend the times in which you are living.
m Like a mother, I am telling you the dangers through which you are going, the imminent threats, the extent of the evils that could happen to you, only because these evils can yet be avoided by you, the dangers can be evaded, the plan of God's justice always can be changed by the force of his merciful love. Also when I predict chastisements to you, remember that everything at any moment, may be changed by the force of your prayer and your reparative penance.
n Do not say therefore: 'How much of what you predicted to us has not come true!' Instead, give thanks with me to the Heavenly Father because at the response of your prayer and consecration, your suffering, and on account of the immense suffering o: so many of my poor children, again He alters the period of justice, to permit that of the great mercy to come to flower..."

Zompita (Udine, Italy);
January 24, 1984
My Signs
a "Beloved children, I welcome this rosary you are reciting together with such great love and fervor.
b As Mother I want to tell you that I am here with you, represented by the statue you have here. Each of my statues is a sign of a presence of mine and reminds you of your heavenly Mother. Therefore it must be honored and put in places of greater veneration.
c Just as you look with love at a photograph of a cherished person because it transmits to you a reminder and a likeness, so too you should look with love at every image of your heavenly Mother, because it transmits to you a reminder of her, and still more, it becomes a particular sign of her presence among you.
d How deeply saddened I am by the fact that I am, so frequently today, ousted from the churches. Sometimes I am placed outside, in a corridor, like some trinket; sometimes I am put in the back of the church, so that none of my children can venerate me.
e A sign of how much I am pleased with the fitting veneration given to my images is also what I am doing through this little statue. It is a triple sign I give you: that of my eyes, which suddenly come alive; that of the color of my countenance, which changes its hue; and that of my Heart, which exudes a fragrance, now a delicate one, now one of greater strength.

f By the sign I give you in the eyes, I want to show you that your heavenly Mother, never so much as in these times, is watching you with her merciful eyes. She is not far from you; she takes cognizance of you in all the difficulties in which you find yourselves, in the difficult moments you are living through, with all the sufferings which are awaiting you, with the great cross you must carry.
g And with these eyes I look at all, at those far away, at the atheists, at the drug addicts, at my poor sinful children, to know them just as they are, to help them, to guide them along the path of goodness, of a return to God, of conversion, prayer, fasting and penance.
h In a particular way I look at you, my beloved, objects of my maternal complacency. Especially you, beloved of my sacerdotal Movement, who form for me an object of great gratification.
i I look at you, and I illumine you with my own beauty. In you I reflect the candor of heaven that is mine. You should be lilies in your purity, roses in your fragrance, cyclamens in your littleness. In this way you compose this beautiful crown of love that makes the thorny crown of my sorrow break into blossom.

j By the sign I give you in the color of my visage, I want to show you that I am Mother for all, and today I share in all your needs, and I rejoice in your joys. But I also suffer in all your numerous sufferings.
k When a mother is happy and jumps for joy, you see the color of her face become rosy; when she is worried about the fate of her children, you see her face turn completely pale. If this happens to an earthly mother, it also happens to me, and the sign I give you, so human and maternal, is to tell you that as Mother I truly share in all the moments of your life.
l When you suffer, I suffer. When you rejoice, I rejoice. When you are good, I jump for joy. When you love me, my face is all aflame because of the joy you give me.

m By the sign I give you with the fragrance I exude, sometimes of lesser, sometimes of greater strength, I wish to show you that I am always among you, but especially when you are more in need of me.
n If you do not recognize the perfume, or you notice it in a very faint way, it is not because I do not love you, or because you are wicked. The Mother loves with merciful predilection even those who have the greater need for her!
o Understand then why my maternal compassion goes out sinners, all, but especially those who are furthest away, those most in need of divine mercy. Appearing at Fatima, I taught you pray to Jesus in this way: `Bring all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of thy mercy.'
p I love all, beginning with the furthest away, those of my children who are sinners, for whom I am a secure and maternal refuge.

q Look at my merciful eyes which shed tears of sorrow and compassion. In so many parts of the world I give this sign, causing copious tears to stream from my eyes, even tears of blood.
r To give a sign of my presence and to accord to your lives a secure support, and amid the tribulations you are living, to call you to joy and to trust, in so many parts of the world, I am still giving my maternal messages. They announce to you the certitude that I am following you and am with you. I live with you; I prepare everything for you; I lead you by the hand along the difficult road of this time of purification.
s A fragrant sign of my maternal presence is to be found in the apparitions I am still making in many regions of the world. Yes, in these times I am appearing in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in America, and in distant Oceania. The whole world is wrapped in my mantle.
t In the struggle, now conclusive, between me and my Adversary, my extraordinary presence tells you that my victory has already begun. My beloved children, how much I love you!
u From you, to whom I have given so much, this I ask: that you increase your love for me!..."

San Marco (Udine, Italy); January 28, 1984
Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas
My Gift to You
a "...Everything in life has been arranged for you, in every particular, by the providence of God the Father and of your heavenly Mother: the moments of suffering, those of spiritual trial and interior difficulties, the moments of joy and of consolation, the moments of special fervor and of union with me.
b Everything is the gift of God to you, which Jesus gives you through the Immaculate Heart of your heavenly Mother. For this reason it is also a gift from me.
c When my Heart, which is replete with grace and with love, opens and pours out upon you my maternal predilection, encouraging and consoling you, what is this unfolding of my maternal tenderness, of the fullness of my immaculate love, if not a gift I am giving you?

d The task of the Mother is to prepare this gift each day for her children, for all; for the furthest away, it is a gift of mercy and pardon; for sinners, it is a sorrowful gift, one recalling them to the road of goodness; for the many who suffer, it is a gift of compassion and comfort; for those soon to die, it is a gift of support, helping them to close their lives here below in a good way and opening the golden gate of the life awaiting them after death.
e And for you, my beloved ones, the gift is one of most particular predilection, expressing itself by the ordering of all things, the arranging of every circumstance of your day like an embroidery of perfect beauty woven by the fingers of your heavenly Mother.
f Your being together among yourselves, your gathering together in prayer, the frequent recitation of my prayer, the holy rosary, your mutual love, and this even with your weaknesses and human miseries, all is a gift of my Immaculate Heart.
g Walk forward always united, hand in hand like so many little brothers, praying together, loving together, rejoicing and suffering together, because I have now revealed to you my plan, which should be realized in a most perfect unity.

h Also a gift of my Immaculate Heart O yes, a most particular gift! - is the book containing my messages.
i In my book what you should know has already been revealed. If you know how to read it, therein is my total plan, in its preparation, in its sorrowful actualization, and in its luminous and victorious completion.
j Read it, my beloved sons; meditate on it; live it! Have no doubt; I am speaking to you. Through these words I am present in it and manifest myself. Only tomorrow will you understand the importance of this maternal message of mine.
k A gift of my Immaculate Heart is the plan I have revealed to you. When I speak to you, I use your human words, but whereas you speak in virtue of the experience you have from your earthly life, I speak to you in virtue of the light of paradise. In the Heart of my Son Jesus and in the profound mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, a single reality is comprised, binding together in a true communion of life the present, the past and the future, the Church that is triumphant and rejoicing in heaven, that which is suffering and being purified in purgatory, and that which, as a pilgrim on your poor earth, is still struggling.
l In the vision of this divine communion that now unites you, I speak to you always in the vision of eternity, so that for me there is no difference between my children living here in paradise, between those still in purgatory, and those yet walking upon earth...
m For this reason I see close to you, still members as valuable as ever of my Movement, your brothers and my beloved ones who have arrived here above and compose so beautiful a harmony... You should feel them close to you, these brother-priests of yours who have arrived here above, because they are forever a part of my Movement. Perceive them as members who are living and working, and as valuable fighters in my victorious cohort, which battles at my command!
n A gift of my Immaculate Heart to the Church is this, my Movement. It is my work alone.
o For eleven years I have been diffusing it in every part of the world; I call my sons, and they respond. For eleven years I have been achieving a masterpiece of love and mercy for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. Everything that I have told you will be fulfilled to the letter. The Church will come to an ever greater realization of how the Marian Movement of Priests is a gift of my Immaculate Heart, because with it too I wish to give the Church the certainty of my perennial presence and my maternal protection...

p But above all, the gift of my Immaculate Heart will be the new Pentecost. Just as in the Cenacle of Jerusalem the Apostles, reunited with me in prayer, prepared for the moment of the first Pentecost, so also, in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart - and consequently in the cenacles where you are gathered in prayer - you apostles of these last times can, with your heavenly Mother, obtain a new effusion of the Holy Spirit.
q It will be the Spirit of Love, with his powerful action of fire and of grace renewing the very foundations of the whole world.
r It will be He, the Spirit of Love, with his great force of holiness and of light, bringing my Church to new splendor, making it therefore humble and poor, evangelical and chaste, merciful and holy.
s It will be the Spirit of Love, through the fire of innumerable sufferings renewing all creation, that it may become that garden of God, that terrestrial paradise in which Jesus will always be with you, like a sun of light reflecting its rays everywhere."

February 2, 1984
Feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus
The Soul Transpierced
a "At the moment I presented my Son Jesus in the temple and my Heart was overwhelmed by maternal bliss in seeing how the Spirit had revealed the secret plan of the Father to two simple and elderly creatures, my soul was transpierced by the prophetic words addressed to me: `He is to be as a sign of contradiction, for the salvation and the downfall of many .. and a sword will transpierce your soul!' (cf. Lk 2:34-35)
b See now how the profound mystery of my divine and universal maternity was also revealed.

c It is a mystery of love.
d My motherly Heart opens itself to love in a perfect manner. No other creature can ever possess so profound a capacity for love.
e If the extent of maternal love can be measured by the number of the children, consider how great must be the love of your heavenly Mother, to whom Jesus has confided all mankind as her children.
f How great is my motherly love! It embraces all and each one in particular; it follows each one along his road; it participates in difficulties, shares in your sufferings, helps you in all your necessities; it assists you in dangers, keeps vigil in decisive moments. No one is ever abandoned or forgotten.
g Penetrate into the secret of my maternal love, and you will always be consoled.

h It is also a mystery of sorrow.
i At the moment my Infant Jesus was put back into my arms by the priest and I contemplated Him, then forty days old, in all his beauty with the freshness of a flower that has just begun to bloom, the prophetic voice of the aged Simeon caused me to behold Him mentally already stretched out on the Cross, and then my soul was truly transpierced by a sword.

j I am the Mother of the Transpierced Soul! Therefore all your wounds are now mine, O sons, just as those of my Son Jesus were mine!
k You are living days of great sufferings that are ever increasing, especially for you, my beloved ones. The time in which you are living is marked by wounds of every kind, caused by a persistent and general rejection of God, by a great neglect of your duties, by the widespread habit of ignoring and no longer obeying the commandments of God's Law.
l Within the Church the confusion grows; too few are those who accept my invitation to let themselves be formed and led by me, with the humble docility of my Infant Jesus; and consequently, the darkness deepens in minds, in hearts and in souls.

m I am your Mother of the Transpierced Soul. I am close by you to close your wounds.
n Do not lose heart! Pray; do penance; be little and docile; let yourselves be formed by me; let yourselves be carried in my Heart over the stormy waters. Courage!
o Above all, my transpierced soul today wishes to pour down upon you the fullness of its light and grace.
p I hold you in my Heart; each day I carry you to the temple of the Lord, and from my maternal arms I place you upon his altar, victims prepared by me and pleasing to Him, for the salvation of the world."

March 19, 1984
Solemnity of St. Joseph
Look at My Spouse Joseph
a "My beloved sons, today look at my most chaste spouse, Joseph, who is an example for all of you in furthering God's plan with love, with purity, with faith, and with perseverance.
b During his life he was a chaste and faithful spouse for me, a valuable collaborator in the loving care of the Child Jesus, a silent and provident worker, careful to see that none of the things necessary for our human existence were lacking, just and firm in daily fulfilling the tasks entrusted to him by the Heavenly Father.
c How much he loved and followed each day the wonderful growth of our divine Son Jesus! And Jesus repaid him with an affection that was filial and profound; how He listened to him and obeyed him; how He comforted him and helped him!
d So also in you, beloved sons, I wish those virtues to flourish which made him so perfect in the fulfillment of the providential design for him.
e May his silence and self-effacement, which are necessary in these times to enable you to carry out the plan I have entrusted to you, be in you.
f Live far from noise and commotion, from shouting and the din that to an ever greater degree surrounds you. Maintain your interior quiet in silent colloquy with Jesus and with your heavenly Mother.
g Take no part in worldly shows, and shut your eyes to the loose seductions of the world. Know how to avoid the subtle tactics of moral perversion, today disseminated in so insidious and dangerous a way by the press and the television.
h Do not waste time in front of the television, stealing precious moments from prayer and from listening to my word.

i May his virginal purity also be in you, in a detachment - which I wish to be as great as possible - from yourselves, from creatures, from human affairs, so that you will be interiorly free, able to love and to fulfill with faithful perseverance whatever the Lord asks of you.
j Imitate my most loving spouse, Joseph, in his humble and trusting prayer, his heavy labors, his patience and great goodness.
k Entrust yourselves and my Movement to his powerful protection. Just as once he knew how to protect the menaced life of the Infant Jesus, so now he will protect this, my work of love, during those moments in which it will be attacked and furiously combated by my Adversary.
l With him, and together with our divine Infant Jesus, I encourage you today, and I bless you."

March 25, 1984
Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord
I Ask for the Consecration of All
a "Consider the ineffable moment of the Annunciation made by the Archangel Gabriel, sent by God to receive my yes for the realization of his eternal plan of redemption, and for the great mystery of the Incarnation of the Word in my virginal womb, and then you will understand why I ask you to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart.
b Yes, I myself manifested my wish at Fatima, when I appeared in 1917; I have asked it many times of my daughter, Sister Lucy, who is still on earth for the accomplishment of this mission I have entrusted to her; during these years I have insistently requested it through the message entrusted to my sacerdotal Movement; today I renew my request that all be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.

c Before all I ask it of Pope John Paul II, the first of my beloved sons, who on the occasion of this feast, performed the consecration in a solemn manner, after writing to the bishops of the world and inviting them to do so in union with him.
d Unfortunately the invitation was not welcomed by all the bishops; particular circumstances have not yet permitted the explicit consecration of Russia which I have requested many times. As I have already told you, this consecration will be made to me when the bloody events are well on the way to actuality.
e I bless this courageous act of my Pope in his wish to entrust the world and all the nations to my Immaculate Heart; I receive it with love and gratitude, and because of it I promise to intervene to shorten greatly the hours of the purification and to lessen the gravity of the trial.
f But I ask this consecration also from all the bishops, from all the priests, from all religious, and from all the faithful. This is the hour in which the whole Church must assemble in the secure refuge of my Immaculate Heart!

g Why do I ask you for the consecration?
h When a thing is consecrated, it is removed from all uses other than the sacred one to which it has been assigned, and so it is with an object designated for the divine worship.
i But this can also be the case with a person, when such a one is called by God to render Him perfect worship. Understand then how your true act of consecration is that of baptism.
j By this sacrament, instituted by Jesus, grace is communicated to you, placing you in an order of life higher than your own, namely the supernatural life. Through this you participate in the divine nature, you enter into a communion of love with God, and your actions, accordingly, have a new value exceeding that of your nature, because they have a value which is truly divine.
k After baptism you are then destined for the perfect glorification of the Most Holy Trinity and consecrated to live in the love of the Father, in the imitation of the Son, and in full communion with the Holy Spirit.

l The fact that characterizes the act of consecration is its totality: when you are consecrated you are then wholly so, and forever!
m When I ask you for the consecration to my Immaculate Heart, it is to make you understand that you must completely entrust yourselves to me, in a total and everlasting way, that I may dispose of you according to the Will of God.
n You must entrust yourselves in a manner that is complete, giving me everything; you should not give me one thing and hold on to another, for yourselves; you should truly be wholly mine.
o And then you should entrust yourselves to me not on one day yes and on another day no, or for a period of time as you would have it, but forever.
p It is to emphasize this important aspect of a complete and lasting dedication to me, your heavenly Mother, that I ask for the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.

q How should the consecration be lived by you?
r If you consider the ineffable mystery the Church commemorates today, you will understand how the consecration I have asked of you should be lived.
s The Word of the Father was entrusted completely to me, in love. After my yes, He came down into my virginal womb.
t He was entrusted to me in his divinity.
u The Eternal Word, Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, after the incarnation, was received and hidden in the tiny dwelling, miraculously prepared by the Holy Spirit, of my virginal womb.
v He was entrusted to me in his humanity, in a manner as profound as the way any son is entrusted to the mother, from whom everything is expected: blood, flesh, breath, food, love, to enable him to grow in her womb each day, and then - after birth each year, always close to the mother.
w For this reason, just as I am the Mother of the Incarnation, so also I am the Mother of the Redemption, which had on this occasion its wonderful beginning.
x And so you see me intimately associated with my Son Jesus; I collaborate with Him in his work of salvation, during his infancy, his adolescence, his thirty years of hidden life at Nazareth, his public ministry, during his sorrowful passion and up to the Cross where I offer and suffer with Him, receiving his last words of love and sorrow, in which I am given to all humanity as true Mother.

y Beloved sons, called to imitate Jesus in everything because you are his ministers, imitate Him also in this, his complete reliance on the heavenly Mother. For this reason I ask you to offer yourselves to me with your consecration.
z I will be able to be an attentive Mother for you, concerned to make you grow in God's plan, to realize in your lives the great gift of the priesthood to which you have been called; I will bring you each day to an ever better imitation of Jesus, who must be your only model and your greatest love. You will be true instruments, faithful collaborators in his redemption.
A Today this is necessary for the salvation of all humanity, so diseased and so far from God and from the Church.
B By an extraordinary intervention of his merciful love, the Lord can save this humanity, and you, priests of Christ and my beloved sons, are called to be the instruments of the triumph of the merciful love of Jesus.
C Today this is indispensable for my Church, which must be healed from its wounds of infidelity and apostasy in order to return to its splendor and to renewed holiness.
D Your heavenly Mother wishes to heal the Church through you, my priests. I will do this soon, if you will allow me to work in you, if you entrust yourselves with docility and simplicity to my merciful maternal action.
E Again today, with sorrowful supplication, I ask you all to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart."

April 20, 1984
Good Friday
Close to Every Altar
a "I am your Mother, so very sorrowful. I am close to my Son Jesus at the moment He ascends Calvary, exhausted by immense suffering and by the weight of the Cross which He carries with meekness and with love.
b His feet leave their bloody imprint on the ground; his hands grip the Cross, which weighs upon his wounded shoulders; his body is bruised and lacerated by the terrible scourging it has undergone; from his head fall streams of blood, flowing from the wounds opened by the crown of thorns...
c What weariness the ascent costs Jesus; what suffering is imposed upon Him by each step He makes towards the summit of Calvary!
d He staggers; He stops; He is shaken by spasms of fever and pain; He bends down as if to recoup new energies; this no longer avails Him, and He falls to the earth.
e Behold the Man. Behold, O sons, your King.
f With an outburst of my motherly Heart, I would help Him to his feet, to succor Him with the force of my sorrow, to comfort Him with the strength of my presence; I caress Him with the moan of my prayer; I accompany Him with the anguish of a wounded mother; and upon my Immaculate Heart, now united with his in a single offering to the Will of the Father, I lead Him towards the summit of Golgotha.
g I am close to Him when they strip Him of his garments, and with a mother's impulse, understood and accepted by the executioners, I give my white veil so that his modesty will be protected. I watch Him as they stretch Him out on the gibbet; I hear the hammer on the nails which pierce his hands and feet; the terrible thud of the Cross upon the ground penetrates my soul, and makes Him quiver with pain.
h I am beneath the Cross on this Good Friday, to live together with my Son the long and terrible hours of his passion.
i Like a mantle, the peace that comes from his immolated body envelops me; like a river of grace, it flows into me, and I feel myself opening to an immense capacity for love; a new and greater maternal vocation discloses itself to my soul, while my Immaculate Heart receives every precious drop of his sorrow during the hours of agony.

j This Good Friday has truly illumined every day granted you by the Lord for your earthly pilgrimage, O my sons, because it was on this day that you were redeemed.
k Let all behold Him whom today they have pierced!
l Let yourselves be washed in his blood, penetrated by his love, be generated by his sorrow, hidden in his wounds, restored by his ransom, redeemed by his new and eternal Sacrifice.

m This Good Friday is repeated when Jesus is again immolate for you, although in an unbloody manner, in the Sacrifice of Holy Mass. The supreme gift of this day is mystically renewed by you.
n But, close to Jesus who is immolated, the sorrowful oblation of your heavenly Mother is also repeated. She is always present close to every altar upon which Holy Mass is celebrated, just as she was during the long and sorrowful Good Friday.
o Let your confidence be great and irresistible!
p Evil, every evil, and the spirit of Evil, Satan your Adversary from the beginning, has been vanquished and reduced henceforth to perpetual bondage.
q His great commotion of today should not frighten you, should not disturb you. Live in the joy and in the peace of Jesus, the gentle and meek Victim, offered on the Cross to the Father as the price of your everlasting ransom.

r Now that darkness has again fallen over the world, and the night envelops a straying humanity, on this, his Good Friday, behold Him whom they have pierced, so that you will understand how the victory over evil, over hatred, and over death, has now been forever obtained for you by the force of the merciful love of Jesus, your divine Redeemer."

May 13, 1984
Anniversary of the First Apparition at Fatima
Be Converted!
a "These are my times. Today while you recall my first apparition which took place at Fatima in 1917, you are living the events I then predicted to you.
b You are in the period in which the struggle between me, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and my Adversary, the Red Dragon, is moving now toward its conclusion, and for this reason I am again appearing in a new and more extraordinary way to assure you that my presence in your midst is habitual.
c I am communicating to all my maternal will with a message which today has become anguished and urgent:
d Be converted, and repent of your sins!
e Be converted, and return to the God who saves you!
f Be converted, and walk along the road of goodness, of love, and of holiness!
g This is still for you the precious time of conversion. Receive my invitation, which, in so many ways, I still wish to address to my children who are so endangered.
h Pray more; pray with the holy rosary; pray among yourselves in the cenacles; above all, pray in the family.
i I want Christian families to return to the practice of praying with me and by means of me, so that they will be saved from the great evils threatening them.
j Mortify yourselves with penance and corporal fasting.
k It is fasting from evil and from sin that I prefer, of renunciation of smoking, alcohol, motion pictures and television. Do not watch television shows which corrupt your interior chastity and bring so much dissipation into your souls, sowing the germs of evil in your hearts.
l I am also asking for bodily fasting, at least every now and then, just as it has been requested of you by my Son Jesus, in the Gospel, when He said: `Certain kinds of demons can be ejected only by prayer and fasting.' (cf. Mk 9:29)
m Consecrate yourselves continually to my Immaculate Heart, and live in daily communion of life and of love with me.
n I am the Mother of the Faith; I am the faithful virgin, and today you should ask me for help to remain in the true faith. For this reason I summon you to listen to and follow the Pope, who has from Jesus the promise of infallibility, and to recite the Creed often as a renewed profession of your faith.
o If you do everything I ask you, you will be walking each day with me towards your conversion. Live well this space of time which the merciful love of Jesus still gives you.
p You will live with trust and with joy the impending moment of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart."

June 30, 1984
Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
The Mystery of My Immaculate Heart
a "Venerate my Immaculate Heart, beloved children. Today the Church is inviting you to look at the mystery of love and of mercy enclosed in my Immaculate Heart.

b If you venerate my Heart, you give praise to the Most Holy Trinity, which receives its greatest glory in it, because it has made of this, my heavenly garden, the place of its divine delight.
c In it the Father is reflected with joy, the Word is placed therein as in a precious cradle, and the Holy Spirit burns with the purer light of his divine love.
d If you venerate my Immaculate Heart, you also give praise to your heavenly Mother, because within it is enfolded the mystery of my predilection and of the privileges of grace with which lave been adorned by God. And thus you also venerate my singular privileges of the Immaculate Conception, of the divine motherhood, of the bodily assumption into heaven, of the fullness of grace and of perpetual virginity. Through the way of my Heart, enter in so that you may understand and delight in the divine masterpiece which is your heavenly Mother.

e If you love this Heart, you yourselves become clothed with my motherly love and my immaculate mercy. In the depths of my Immaculate Heart, there takes place the wonder which I accomplish every day with you in order to make you ever more like myself and to transform your soul into the image of my own soul.
f I also communicate my spirit to you in order that you may truly grow in my life and become, today, the expression of the presence of your heavenly Mother. I form you in purity of mind, of heart and of body; and thus, you will spread about you the brightness of my immaculate light. I communicate to you my capacity to love, and your hearts will open up as a refuge of salvation to all who have strayed along the path of error and of sin. I give gentleness to your way of acting, so that you may be good and merciful to all. I give comfort and balm to your actions, that you may heal the painful wounds of the sick and of all my poor sinful children.
g And thus, you yourselves become, today, the concrete expression of my motherly love.

h If you offer reparation to the sorrow of my Immaculate Heart, you become a source of great joy and consolation for me, because through you I am able to take action, in these years, in order to carry out my plan of salvation.
i It is a plan which I am still keeping secret; I reveal it only to my little ones, who accept my invitation to venerate, to love, and to offer reparation, as they are led by me to understand more and more the great mystery of love and of mercy of my Immaculate Heart."

Valdragone (San Marino); July 5, 1984
Spiritual Exercises in the Form of a Cenacle with the Priests of the M.M.P. of the Italian Language
Mother of Jesus, the Priest
a "Beloved children, how pleasing to my Heart is this continuous cenacle of fraternity and prayer together with me, your heavenly Mother!

b I am the Mother of Jesus, the Priest.
c My Immaculate Heart has always been the altar upon which Jesus has wished to present his priestly offering to the Father. From the ineffable moment of the incarnation, when the Word of the Father was placed in my virginal womb and divinity annihilated itself, assuming therein the beginnings of human nature, my Immaculate Heart became the altar upon which the first priestly action of my Son, Jesus, took place.
d I always accompanied Him in every most perfect accomplishment of his continuous offering as Priest and Victim. From his birth in poverty to his infancy spent in exile, from his youth passed in humble labor and obedient service to his public life quickly expended amidst so many sufferings and misunderstandings until its painful completion in his bloody agony and death on the Cross, the whole life of Jesus was a continuous priestly action, offered with love to the Father for our salvation.
e At every moment of this offering, Jesus willed to have his Mother with Him that she, too, might suffer and offer. In this, I became co-operator with Him in his work of redemption, truly Co-redemptrix, and I am, above all, the Mother of Jesus, the Priest.
f And so you understand why I feel a particular predilection you, my sons, to whom has been entrusted the great gift of the priesthood.
g I am at your side in every moment of your day, so that it may be completely sacrificed and given to the Father in a continuous priestly offering. I am at your side at the time of prayer and work, in the hours of joy and of suffering, of solitude and of abandonment.
h I am always at your side when you celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which renews that accomplished by Jesus on the Cross. With Jesus who, by means of you, today carries out his Sacrifice, I am always at the side of each altar to offer with you to the Heavenly Father, on my Immaculate Heart, the precious Victim of our redemption.
i Today it is necessary to shed greater light upon the value of Holy Mass as the Sacrifice which renews, in an unbloody but true manner, that accomplished by Jesus on Calvary.
j These are my times, and I am at your side, sons, to receive your continuous priestly action. For this reason, allow yourselves to be formed by me with docility.
k In these spiritual exercises in the form of continuous cenacles, which I wish to be multiplied more and more, I am gently preparing you for your offering.
l As little lambs I have gathered you into my sheepfold to prepare you for the immolation which awaits you. And now I look upon you with pleasure because you are cooperating with my action which disposes you to be offered to the Lord, on the altar of my Immaculate Heart, for the salvation of the world.”

August 15, 1984
Solemnity of the Assumption d Virgin Mary into Heaven
Walk in the Light
a "From paradise, into which I have entered with my body as well, I look upon you today with my motherly and merciful eyes. I am shedding upon you the rays of my immaculate light, and, in the deep darkness in which you are more and more enveloped, I invite you to walk along the light-filled path which comes from my Heart. Little children, walk in the light of your heavenly Mother; allow yourselves to be carried upon the wave of her heavenly perfume.

b Walk in the light of faith.
c These are the times in which my children run the grave risk of straying from the true faith. Errors are being spread; they are listened to and followed; they are publicized and disseminated especially through the press, even that which processes to be religious. How great a need there is today for a press which spreads the truth of the faith in all its clarity and integrity!
d And so it is necessary to be vigilant, to pray and to remain strongly faithful to the authentic Magisterium of the Church. For this reason I invite you to listen to the teaching of the Pope and to recite often the Creed as a profession of your Catholic faith and also to meditate upon the complete profession of faith composed by my beloved son, Pope Paul VI, who is already up here. You will then remain in the true faith, beloved children your Mother, who is for all the model of how you must believe guard, love and live the one and only Word of God.

e Walk in the light of grace.
f As a terrible cancer, sin is today infecting souls more and more and leading them to death. If you looked with my eyes, you would see how this real spiritual epidemic has spread, causing slaughter among so many of my children and making them victims of evil.
g You must become instruments which I will make use of for the healing of all poor sinners. For this I invite you to walk along the way of love and of divine grace, of mortification and penance, of prayer and of holiness.

h Walk in the light of love.
i In these times, in an ever more dangerous way, hatred and unbridled egoism are spreading everywhere. My Adversary is bringing about division on all sides: in families, in religious communities, in the Church, in all human society. How difficult it is becoming to understand one another today; how hard it is to live together with understanding and in mutual agreement!
j And so I ask of you to remain always in my peace, to become instruments of peace for all. For this reason I invite you, with gentle severity, to silence, to concrete gestures of charity and communion, to help whoever is in need, always to speak word of peace and reconciliation with everyone.
k Thus you will diffuse my immaculate light in the darkness which has spread about, and you will contribute to the transformation of your earthly life according to the model which is lived here above in paradise, where your heavenly Mother has been assumed, even with her glorious body."

Altotting (Germany); August 30, 1984
Spiritual Exercises in the Form of a Cenacle with the priests of the M.M.P. of the German Language
Mother of Faith
a "I am the Mother of Faith. I am the faithful Virgin. Beloved sons of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland and Hungary, how happy I am with these days of spiritual exercises which you are making with me, in the form of a continuous cenacle! How your fervent and persevering prayer consoles my Immaculate Heart, now more than ever surrounded by a great crown of thorns!
b In these countries of yours, you are facing a great danger which causes concern to my motherly Heart, because errors are being spread much more, efforts are being made to weaken the bond which unites you to the Pope, and moreover many souls are being led away from devotion to your heavenly Mother.
c And so, during these days of cenacle I am causing extraordinary graces to shower down from my Immaculate Heart upon you and upon all my consecrated children. I want to obtain for you from the Holy Spirit the gift of your spiritual transformation to lead you to be courageous witnesses today.

d Be witnesses of faith.
e Preserve in the true faith all those who have been entrusted to you. So therefore defend yourselves from the danger, so widespread today, of falling into error. Do not give acceptance to any error: unmask it when it presents itself hidden under the appearance of truth, because it is then even more dangerous. Do not be afraid if, because of this, you are judged as being backward and not up-to-date, because just as for Jesus, so also his Gospel is the same: yesterday, today and always.
f Renew often with the faithful your profession of faith and ask of me, the Mother of Faith, the grace to remain always in the Truth which my divine Son, Jesus, has revealed to you.

g Be witnesses of unity,
h Above all you must be united with the Pope, whom Christ has placed as the foundation of his Church. Today only those who remain united to the Pope can be saved in the faith. Listen to him; follow him; spread his teaching with courage.
i Be also united to your bishops with prayer, with good example and with effective collaboration. By the witness of your life, may they be assisted in rooting out error from the holy Church of God, and by your obedience and your filial love, may they receive encouragement in their difficult ministry.
j Bring all the faithful to this unity of life with the bishops united to the Pope. And thus you will console my Heart, so sorrowful and wounded today because of the profound disunity which has entered into the interior of my Church.

k Be witnesses of true devotion to me.
l In your countries there is under way a strong attempt to remove me from the life and piety of many of my children. It is your duty to have me shine once again upon your path. For this reason, I invite you to multiply the cenacles of prayer and of life with me. Hold them everywhere. Gather the faithful about you to recite the holy rosary, to meditate on my word, to renew and to live the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.
m The more I will begin again to shine within the life of the Church, the more the darkness of error and infidelity will recede from it.
n Courage! Take leave of this cenacle with my motherly blessing. And in times of greater danger, I will be your defense and your protection. Many evils will be spared you because of your response, so generous and fervent, in consecrating yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and in walking with me.
o With you, I bless all my priest-sons and faithful of the surrounding countries, who are especially suffering and who are praying in the hope of an early liberation."

Strasbourg (France); September 13, 1984
Anniversary of the Fifth Apparition at Fatima
Spiritual Exercises in the Form of a Cenacle with the Priests of the M.M..P. of the French Language
In Cenacle with Me
“Beloved sons, how happy I am with your homage of prayer and brotherhood, which you are offering to my Immaculate Heart during these days of continuous cenacle. These are the times in which I wish my beloved priests and all the children consecrated to me to gather together in cenacles of prayer and life with me.

b In cenacle with me, I form you to prayer, which now becomes necessary to employ increasingly as the weapon with which you must fight and conquer in the battle against Satan and all the spirits of evil who, in these times, have been unleashed with great violence. It is above all a battle which is waged at the level of spirits, and so you must fight with the spiritual weapon of prayer.
c How much power you bring to my motherly work of intercession and reparation when, together, you pray the Liturgy of the Hours, the holy rosary and above all when you offer the Sacrifice of the new and eternal Covenant, through your daily celebration of the Eucharist.

d In cenacle with me, I encourage you to continue along the difficult road of your times, in order to respond with joy and immense hope to the gift of your vocation.
e In these times, how many of my priest-sons there are who find themselves more and more isolated, surrounded by so much indifference and lack of response, with such a great burden of work to carry out, and thus they are often overcome with weariness and discouragement.
f Courage, my beloved sons! Jesus is always at your side and gives vigor and strength to your weariness, makes your work efficacious and causes everything you do in the exercise of your priestly ministry to be fruitful in graces. These abundant and wonderful fruits you will see only in paradise, and they will be an important part of the reward which awaits you.

g In cenacle with me, I teach you to look on the evils of today with my motherly and merciful eyes, and I form you, because I wish you yourselves to become the remedy for these evils.
h Above all in your countries, you see how the Church is violated by my Adversary, who is seeking to obscure it with error which is being accepted and taught, to wound it with moral permissiveness which leads many to justify everything and to live in sin, to paralyze it with the spirit of the world which has entered its interior and has also rendered fruitless many consecrated and priestly lives.
i There are especially three wounds which, in your countries, cause my Immaculate Heart to suffer:

j - Catechesis, which is frequently no longer in conformity with the truth which Jesus taught you and which the authentic Magisterium of the Church still sets forth for all to believe.

k - Secularism, which has entered into the lives of so many of the baptized and especially so many of the priests who, in their souls, and in their way of living, of acting and even of dressing, behave, not as disciples of Christ, but according to the spirit of the world in which they live. If you only saw with my eyes how great this desolation is which has struck the Church!

l - The emptiness, the abandonment and the neglect, with which Jesus present in the Eucharist is surrounded. Too many sacrileges are committed by those who no longer believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and by those who go to Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin without any longer going to confession.

m Beloved sons, you must be the medicine for these ills by your greater adhesion to the Magisterium of the Church, and thus may your unity of thought and of life with the Pope become ever greater.
n Give to everyone an example of a holy, austere, recollected and mortified life. Bear in your body the marks of the passion of Jesus and, outwardly also, the sign of your consecration to Him, by always wearing your ecclesiastical garb. In all things, be opposed to the secularism which surrounds you, and have no fear if, like Jesus, you also for this reason become a cause for contradiction.
o Be burning flames of adoration and of reparation to Jesus present in the Eucharist. Celebrate Holy Mass with love and with intimate participation of life. Go to confession often, and help the faithful to make frequent confessions. Make frequent hours of Eucharistic adoration, and bring all souls to the Heart of Jesus, who is the fount of grace and of divine mercy.
p And so, in cenacle with me, you are preparing the second Pentecost which is about to come so that, through the irresistible power of the Spirit of Love, the Church may be healed and the whole world renewed."

Fatima (Portugal); September 20, 1984
Spiritual Exercises in the Form of a Cenacle with the Priests of the M.M.P. of the Portuguese and Spanish Languages
Be My Apostles
a "How my so sorrowful Heart is consoled by this continuous cenacle, which you, beloved sons of Portugal and Spain, are holding with me during these days!
b Be united in prayer. In this way, you give power to my motherly work of intercession and reparation; implore from the Father and the Son the gift of the Holy Spirit who will gently transform your entire life; you are of great assistance to many of your brothers, my beloved sons, whom Satan, particularly at this time, is ensnaring, wounding and deceiving.
c Be united in brotherhood. Grow increasingly in your love for one another. Overcome the snares of my Adversary who, especially in your countries, is seeking to lead you into division, putting obstacles in the way of your brotherly understanding and mutual love, which I want you to live in a perfect way.
d For this reason, I invite you to littleness, to humility, to docility, to simplicity. Be little children who allow themselves to be carried in my motherly arms, so that my plan may be carried out through you.
e Be also courageous witnesses of your heavenly Mother. I want to be glorified in you. Through you I want to be increasingly honored. You are called to be my apostles in these very difficult times of yours.

f Be my apostles, in living and spreading what I have told you, during these years. I myself am leading forward my work of the Marian Movement of Priests, by means of all that I have told you through the book of my messages and the little son whom I have chosen as my instrument to spread it in every part of the world. May you all be more and more united to this son of mine; only in this way are you sure of walking in the light which I give you. You must be vigilant because, in your countries, my Adversary is seeking to do all he can to break up this unity of yours.

g Be my apostles, in spreading everywhere the one and only light of Christ. Proclaim with courage and without fear the truth of the Gospel, which the Pope and the Magisterium of the Church continue to set forth for all to believe. And then give the example of a life which is in all things in conformity with the Gospel. I want to bring you to a great summit of holiness, to repel the attack of my Adversary who - especially in your countries - is seeking to obscure the Church with the secularism which has entered deeply into the life of so many of my consecrated sons and into many religious houses.

h Be my apostles, in spreading my light and in leading everyone into the refuge of my Immaculate Heart.
i How great is the work of Masonry and Communism which, in a hidden way, is being carried out for the destruction of my Church, which has always shone forth and flourished in your countries. Respond to these dark attacks by spreading my light everywhere. Give to all the security which I have prepared for you in view of the bloody days which are awaiting you: the refuge of my Immaculate Heart. Fight with prayer and penance; let the rosary be your victorious weapon.
j I am the Queen of the Holy Rosary.
k I am the Mother of Faith.
l I am the Queen of Peace.
m From this place, where I appeared as the Woman Clothed with the Sun, I bless all of you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

London (England); October 24, 1984
Spiritual Exercises in the Form of a Cenacle with the Priests of the M.M.P. of the English Language
Do Battle, Beloved Sons!
a "I welcome with joy the prayer and fraternal sharing which, during these days, brings you together in a cenacle of life with me, dear sons of my Movement from England and Ireland, this land which is so threatened today by my Adversary, but so loved and protected by me.
b I unite myself to your unceasing prayer, to obtain for you from the Father and the Son the gift of the Holy Spirit, that He may confirm you in your vocation, give courage to your apostolic action, efficacy to your work and consolation to your souls.
c Take courage, beloved sons of mine, because these are my times, and I am calling you, who form my cohort, to do battle for the triumph of my Son Jesus, in the triumph of love and of good.
d You are being formed by me to spread the light of Christ, of his truth and of his Gospel in these days of obscurity and darkness. You are being called to be my apostles in the difficult times in which you are living.

e Do battle, my beloved ones, by means of love, which must become ever greater within you, until it reaches the very dimensions of the divine charity of the Heart of my Son Jesus.
f You see how, in your countries, my Adversary is fighting above all with hatred, which brings division and discord, unbridled egoism and violence everywhere. And thus many of my children often fall victims to terrorism, and blood flows in your streets.
g You must make love and goodness triumph. Quench the fire of hatred with the dew of your priestly love. Become my instruments for building up unity and brotherhood around you. For this, approach all, but especially those who are most in need and most alienated, with the tenderness of my motherly love.

h Do battle, my beloved ones, by means of prayer, which must be made in union with me and must be offered to God as your most precious contribution for the salvation of the world.
i In these countries of yours, the Church is seen as still divided, although the problem of its unity is keenly felt by many. I bless the efforts which are being made on the part of so many to bring about the restoration of the unity of the Church. But I confide to you, my children, that this can only take place through a special miracle on the part of the Holy Spirit and through a special intervention of my Immaculate Heart.
j For this I need much prayer. More is obtained through one day of intense prayer than through years of continuous discussions. Pray with faith and trust, with recollection and perseverance. Recite well the Liturgy of the Hours and the holy rosary and let Holy Mass be the center of your apostolic day. Multiply, everywhere the cenacles of prayer and fraternal sharing. I promise you that, after the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, these countries of yours will have the joy of seeing once again a renewed and united Church, which will reflect everywhere the splendor of Christ.

k Do battle, my beloved ones, by means of your personal immolation. Give me all your sufferings. They are precious to me because I can offer them to Jesus, that they may be united to his perennial and priestly intercession for you.
l Above all in these countries of yours, my Adversary is seducing you with the venom of neo-paganism and with an immorality which is spreading more and more and claiming victims among many of my children. How many young people are seduced by vice in their quest for all kinds of pleasure and, allured by the great spread of impurity and of drugs, live like sick people in need of help that they might be healed!
m Your priestly sufferings are the effective remedy for so many wounds which today, in ever-increasing numbers, are afflicting my poor children. Because of this, I am calling you each day to a greater immolation.
n May the peace of Jesus and my peace be in you. Live in peace of heart. Spread peace around you. I am the Queen of Peace. I am the Mother of Consolation.
o Through you I bless today all my beloved ones and all those children who are consecrated to me, both in these countries yours and throughout the whole world."

Shrine of Castelmonte (Udine, Italy); November 9, 1984
(After the Gospel during the concelebration, immediately after the Gospel)
My Messages
a "Beloved sons, today you have once again come up here to my shrine before my image which is so venerated because it is a sign of my very special presence among you. You have come here to invoke my protection on the Church, on the world and on the whole Marian Movement of Priests scattered throughout the world.
b How pleased I am with the Holy Mass which you are celebrating in my honor! I desire that all the beloved sons of my Movement from all the five continents be spiritually present with you because my times have at last come.

c In these years, as Mother, I have formed you through my messages. They are so many words of wisdom, which I have caused to come down from my Immaculate Heart to form you according to my plan. My messages trace out, above all, a simple and luminous way which I have pointed out to you and upon which you should travel, each day, in order to live the consecration which you have made to me, to grow in my love and in life with me and to be ever more mature and prepared to carry out the task which I have shown you.
d If any, after having consecrated themselves to me, have come to a halt, it is because they have no longer listened to, meditated upon, or lived my messages. Oh, after my triumph, these messages will be a light for the whole Church; then all that I have done for you during these years will be understood!
e Meditate on my messages, and live them. If you live what I have shown you and travel the road which I have traced out for you, you will walk securely along the way of the consecration which you have made to me, and you will bring to fulfillment the great plan of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.
f Otherwise, you will be halted by doubts, discouragement, difficulties and the opposition which you will encounter. You will come to a halt and will not be ready to accomplish what I have arranged for you and which today is so necessary for the salvation of the world and the renewal of the Church, whose Mother I am.
g In these messages, I also reveal to you my plan in its silent preparation, in its painful realization and in its victorious fulfillment. You are already about to reach the most painful and bloody conclusion of the purification which will take place in these years, before the great triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the coming to you of the glorious reign of Jesus.
h This is a plan which embraces this century. In 1917 at Fatima, I anticipated it, as in a prophetic announcement, at the moment when the great struggle between the Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Red Dragon became evident, a struggle which was to last throughout the whole century, as a proud challenge to God on the part of my Adversary, who was certain that he would succeed in destroying the Church and in bringing all humanity to a universal rejection of God. The Lord has granted him this space of time, because in the end the pride of the Red Dragon will be broken and conquered by the humility, the littleness, and the power of your heavenly Mother, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, who is now gathering all her little children into her army, drawn up for battle.

i Now that you are coming to the most painful and bloody years of this great struggle, I have intervened personally in order to form for myself my cohort through the Marian Movement of Priests, which is my work. For this I have chosen as my instrument a son from among the weakest and, humanly speaking, least gifted, and I have brought him to every part of the world to show to all that what is to take place is due solely to my personal and extraordinary intervention.
j However do not be afraid, son, of the difficulties which you encounter when it seems to you that some instrument chosen by me, deceived by Satan, no longer wishes to respond to my plan. Have confidence in me; I alone am the Leader of my cohort; I alone am the Mother and Queen of my Movement. I make use of the instruments who respond to me; I choose others when those who have been chosen by me no longer respond.
k I myself am leading this work forward each day for the great battle which we are fighting…"

Zagreb (Yugoslavia); November 14, 1984
Spiritual Exercises in the Form of a Cenacle with the Priests of the M.M.P. of the Slovenian and Croatian Languages
My Urgent Invitation
a "Beloved sons, I joyfully welcome this continuous cenacle of priestly fraternity and of prayer, which you are making together with me, your heavenly Mother.
b You are in this land where my children are in pain and carrying the burden of innumerable sufferings, in this land which is so threatened by my Adversary and yours but which is so loved and protected by me. I spread over all of you my luminous mantle, and I enclose you in the sure refuge of my Immaculate Heart.
c Through you, beloved sons, I want to spread everywhere in these countries of the East, my urgent and heartfelt message, so that it may reach all my children.

d I am the Queen of Peace.
e Never before as today has the human race been so threatened by the danger of war and of an immense destruction. Look to me as to her who has the task from God of bringing peace to the world.
f For this, I invite you to beg for it through a prayer which is continuous, trusting and always made with me. Above all, recite the holy rosary. In this way you can obtain from the Lord the great grace of changing hearts, that all may open themselves to sentiments of love and of goodness. Thus peace can enter into the hearts of men and then be spread into families, nations and the whole world.

g I am the Mother of Consolation.
h In these so troubled times, I am taking my place at the side of each one of you, to share in the difficult moments of your life. I am at your side when you pray and work, when you walk and rest, when you rejoice and suffer.
i It is to give you a sure sign of my motherly presence and to give you joy and comfort in the midst of your many sorrows, that I myself have chosen this land in which to appear in a new way, more prolonged and more extraordinary. The pure of heart know how to see me; the poor, the little, the simple know how to listen to me; the humble, the sick and the sinners know how to find me.
j If there are difficulties or obstacles which make it impossible for you to come to the place of my apparitions, do not be saddened. When you pray and do penance and listen to my motherly invitation to walk along the way of conversion and of love, you come to meet spiritually with your heavenly Mother, who thus manifests herself, present in your midst.

k I am the Mother of Trust.
1 In these times, how many of my poor children there are who have distanced themselves from God, because they become victims of the error of atheism, so widespread today, sustained and propagated through all the means of social communication! Innumerable is the company of those who walk in the darkness of the rejection of God, of the lack of faith, of immorality, of injustice, and of impiety. Evil is covering the whole earth like a thick coat of ice, and the cup of divine justice is already full and flowing over.
m And now I am revealing myself to you to show you the road of salvation: it is the road of return to God. If humanity does not accept my motherly invitation to return to the Lord, it will be inevitably lost. And so I repeat again to you this, my heartfelt message: walk along the road of your return to the Lord. Be converted because, for yet a little while, this is the favorable time of conversion. Be converted, and return to your God.
n From here, through you, I bless all my children who live in these countries, so loved and protected by me because they must bear great trials and sufferings: those of Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Poland, Russia and the whole world, whom I want to enclose as soon as possible in the sure refuge of my Immaculate Heart"

Dongo (Como, Italy); December 8, 1984
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
The Will of God
a "Today you are sharing, beloved sons, in the joy of Paradise, which exults in the contemplation of your heavenly Mother, so filled with privileges, with graces and with the fullness of holiness by her Lord, whose least servant she feels herself to be.
b The exemption from every stain of sin, even from the original one, has made my life a pure reflection of the life of God. Thus my soul was filled with grace, and its powers were always directed to carrying out the divine plan in a perfect way. My mind was opened to seek and love the Will of God, and my Heart was impelled, with joy and complete abandonment, to fulfill only the divine Will.
c This is the road which today I want to point out to you also, for you to journey along, if you wish to follow your heavenly Mother in her plan of immaculate purity and of sanctity.

d The Will of God: this is where, even for you, sanctification is achieved! It is the Will of God that, in your lives, you walk along the road of an ever more perfect knowledge of Him. Let the word of God be the daily food with which you nourish your spirit. Seek this word in the sacred book of Divine Scripture; savor all its beauty in the Gospel of my Son Jesus. Through the wisdom which I am giving you, I am leading you to understand more profoundly the secret of Holy Scripture, so that you may fathom it, delight in it, guard it and live it.
e The Word of God became Flesh and Life in Jesus Christ, who is the revelation of the Father, the Image of his substance, and the reflection of his glory. The Will of God is carried out through you only by your following, with love and complete trust, my Son Jesus. Jesus must be much more loved, listened to and followed by you, his brothers, his ministers, and my beloved sons.

f The more you penetrate into the deep mystery of his divine love, as into a blazing furnace, the more you will be purified from sin, from frailty, from miseries, and from all your impurities. If you love and follow Jesus, you too will always walk along the road of an immaculate purity and of a great sanctity. When you happen to fall again into sin, his mercy will set you free and, in the sacrament of Reconciliation, will restore you to the life of grace and of intimate union with Him.

g When discouragement takes hold of you, the bond with Him which is established in prayer and especially in the Eucharist will give you strength and infuse you with new energy for good. When aridity threatens you, communion with Him will open you up to new and profound experiences of love and joy. Then you too will carry out the divine Will, which is that of living to know, love and serve the Father, in a profound intimacy of life with the Son, whose mystery will become ever increasingly revealed to you in its fullness by the Holy Spirit.
h Thus you will respond to the plan which I have for you for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, which is carried out only in the reign of love, justice and peace of my Son Jesus. By his divine mercy all evil, sin and impurity will be washed away in such a way that the renewed world will be able to sing again the glory of the Lord."

December 24, 1984
The Holy Night
Everything Has Already Been Revealed
a "Beloved sons, be recollected with me in prayer during these hours which precede the birth of my Baby Jesus. Live in my Immaculate Heart the moments of the holy night. Follow me along the way of incessant prayer so that it may become a colloquy of love, of trust, and of filial abandonment to the plan of salvation of the Lord our God.
b This abandonment carried me on the wave of a joyous experience of the presence of my Son, of which I was aware in a most powerful way, because the moment of his birth in time had come. My journey toward Bethlehem became nothing but a sweet and motherly bowing down to his divine wish to come and live among you as a brother. And I spoke with Him in a conversation made up of silence and listening, contemplation and love, adoration and expectation.
c Thus unceasing prayer enwrapped the long journey, undertaken in order to reach the hospitable grotto, and there it became even more intense and more recollected, to the point of lifting the veil which separated me from entering into a profound ecstasy with heaven, from which I emerged with my divine Baby already born.
d Follow me along the road of a suffering understood, welcomed, and lived by me, as a humble response to what, at this time, the Lord was asking of me. An interior suffering, brought about by unfolding circumstances, which presented themselves to me as a claim on my motherly collaboration with his plan of love.
e The necessity of abandoning the house in Nazareth, which had been made ready with such care, the exhausting journey to Bethlehem in my condition of motherhood already brought to term, the uncertainty of that which we were to find there, the refusal to put us up in any house, the squalid shelter in a freezing cave: all these things were like so many thorns which pierced my motherly Heart. But I understood that this suffering was asked of me by the Father, in order to prepare a more precious cradle for my Child who was about to be born.

f Now I ask of you also, my beloved children, prayer and suffering, as your personal collaboration in preparing a fitting dwelling place for Jesus who is about to return in glory.
g Understand the meaning of my motherly interventions, which today have become more frequent, extraordinary, and urgent. On this holy night, my message, which I give you as heavenly prophetess of the last times, appears clearer to you.
h Prepare yourselves for the second birth of Jesus in glory: He is about to come to reign in your midst. The ways by which He will come are those of prayer and suffering. Already these are the times in which you must all recollect yourselves in a continuous and trusting prayer, as was mine during the long journey made to Bethlehem.
i The time for projects and discussions is over.
j For those who wish to listen and understand, everything has now already been revealed.

k The hearts of men have been dried up by hatred and sin; nations and people are rebelling against their God, and a great darkness is surrounding them; humanity no longer wishes to throw open the doors for Christ, who is coming. So then let the poor caves of your hearts be opened which, in the deep night, must blaze in the light of an unshakable faith, of a sure hope and of a burning love.
l And suffer with patience and with trust. As for me, so also for you, the sufferings which the Lord asks of you form part of a loving plan of his. The pangs must increase for everyone, the closer his new birth approaches. Accept them just as your heavenly Mother did.
m Walk in the light of the star, which tells you that the time has already come in which the prophetic announcements that have already been given you during these years are coming to pass. And live each hour of your life in the greatest trust and in the joyous expectation of the glorious return of my Son Jesus.”

December 31. 1984
Last Night of the Year
The Signs o f Your Time
a "Beloved sons, pass the final hours of the year, which is about to close, in sweet intimacy with me.
b How many of my children spend these moments in amusements and clamor and are inebriated with emptiness amidst so many frivolities and diversions which are often licentious and against the Law of the Lord!...
c I invite you on the contrary to spend these hours in prayer, in recollection, and in interior silence, so that you may enter into a conversation with me, your heavenly Mother. Then, with the same familiarity that a mother has for her children, I will reveal to you the cares, the anxieties and the deep wounds of my Immaculate Heart, and, at the same time, I will help you to understand and to interpret the signs of your times.
d Thus you can cooperate in the plan of salvation, which the Lord has for you and which He wishes to carry out in the course of the new days which await you.

e - You are living under an urgent request made by your heavenly Mother, who is inviting you to walk along the road of conversion and of return to God. Beloved children, share in my anxious motherly concern as I see that this call of mine is neither welcomed nor followed. And yet I see that the only possibility of your salvation is bound up uniquely with the return of humanity to the Lord, with a strong commitment to follow his Law
f Be converted, and walk along the road of the grace of God and of love. Be converted, and build up days of serenity and peace. Be converted, and take part in the plan of divine mercy.
g With how many signs has the Lord manifested to you his Will to at last put a fitting halt to the flood of impiety: incurable diseases which are spreading, violence and hatred which are exploding, misfortunes which are occurring, wars and threats which are spreading. Know how to read the signs which God is sending you through the events which are taking place and accept his strong admonitions to change your life and to return along the road which leads you to Him.

h - You are living under your heavenly Mother's concerned and constant request to remain in the true faith. And yet I see, with anguish, that errors continue to be spread, taught, and propagated. The danger of losing the precious gift of faith in Jesus and the truth which He revealed to you is thus becoming ever greater among my children. Even among my chosen ones, how great is the number of those who doubt or who no longer believe.
i If you only saw with my eyes how vast this spiritual epidemic which has struck the entire Church: it brings its apostolic action to a halt, wounds it and paralyzes its vitality, often even making its effort at evangelization empty and ineffective.

j - You are living under my very painful anxiety as I see that you are still the victims of widespread sin. I observe how, by the means of social communications, experiences of life contrary to those indicated by God's holy Law are being proposed to my poor children everywhere. Every day you are being fed with the poisoned bread of evil and given to drink at the polluted spring of impurity. Evil is being proposed to you as something good, sin as a value, and transgression of the Law of God as a way of exercising your autonomy and your personal freedom.
k And so you arrive at losing even the consciousness of sin as an evil, and injustice, hatred and impiety cover the earth and make of it an immense desert, deprived of life and love. The obstinate rejection of God and of return to Him, the loss of the true faith and the iniquity which is spreading and leading to the diffusion of evil and sin: these are the signs of the evil time through which you are living.
l But at the same time see in how many ways I am intervening to lead you along the road of conversion, of goodness and of faith. With extraordinary signs which I am giving in every part of the world, through my messages and through my so frequent apparitions, I am pointing out to everyone the approaching of the great day of the Lord.
m But how much sorrow my Immaculate Heart feels in seeing that these admonitions of mine are not heeded and are frequently and openly rejected and opposed, even by those who have the duty of being the first to accept them. For this reason, I am revealing myself today only to the little ones, to the poor, to the simple, to all my children who still know how to listen to me and follow me.
n Now, as never before, I have need of a great force of supplication and reparation. For this reason, I am turning to you, beloved children, and inviting you to spend the hours of this last night of the year on your knees in a continuous prayer with me.”

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