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Our Lady Priests 1977

To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons
From the writings of Don Stefano Gobbi

Year 1977

January 1, 1977
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
First Saturday
Walk in My Light
a Begin the new year with me, my beloved sons, on this day when the Church invites you to contemplate my divine maternity.
b As my Son Jesus entrusted Himself totally to me, to find in his Mother a safeguard and protection, so too should you let yourselves be led in security by your heavenly Mother.
c What will this year be like? What events await you?
d My beloved sons, you should not have to trouble yourselves over what awaits you, if you accustom yourselves to live each moment in my motherly Heart.
e Each day, humanity is drawing further and further away from God, and men in ever growing numbers persist in turning away from his Law
f Because of this, with the new year the darkness will become more dense, and the calamities and sufferings that await you will become greater.
g Even in my Church the crisis will become more acute because my most urgent call to prayer, to conversion and to penance will be listened to less and less.
h Unfortunately, there will be many priests among those who do not heed my voice.
i Consequently, the pastors will have less light, and the flock will be scattered along the roads of insecurity and division, of error and apostasy.
j Pastors of the Church, become once again that which my Son Jesus wishes you to be!
k Once again, be zealous and ardent only for the salvation of souls; once again, be strict guardians of the truth of the Gospel!
l Once again, follow Jesus to Calvary, and do not let yourselves be misled or distracted by the world to which you often conform you life!
m My beloved sons, the more this darkness will descend upon the world and into the Church, the clearer will be the light which will shine forth from my Immaculate Heart to show you the way.
n Walk in this light. Thus you will always be filled with light.
o In you who are following me, my Immaculate Heart has already today achieved its triumph.
p The triumph of the Heart of the Mother is won in the souls and the lives of her faithful children.
q In them it is good which triumphs at the very moment when evil is spreading everywhere. While sin tries to pervade everything, the grace and the love of God triumph in them; if error succeeds more and more in corrupting minds, they bear witness to the truth.
r If division tears the Church, they love her and live for her unity; if the Vicar of my son is more and more left alone and abandoned, they draw close to him with greater love to become his constant comfort and defense.
s Yes, at this very moment when my adversary is now triumphing everywhere, my Immaculate Heart also has its triumph in the lives of my beloved sons.
t So do not fear if you are beginning a year which will be even more difficult and painful: the more you see darkness enveloping everything, the more brilliant will be the light of my presence among you.
u Consequently, I ask you to begin this new year with me confidently and without fear. My Son Jesus will always be with you, and with Him, in your company, will be his Mother and yours.

January 13, 1977
I Will Teach You to Love
a "My very dear son, I love you. I love you so much! It please you to hear this repeated to you; it pleases my motherly Heart to say it to you more and more often.

b From now on, it should be love alone that guides you at every moment and in each of your actions. Love for the Father, for the Son and for the Holy Spirit – love for this Divine and Most Holy Trinity which, dwelling within your soul, impels your heart towards an ever greater love for your heavenly Mother as well.
d It is in my Immaculate Heart that your Mother will form you to an ever greater and purer love for God.
e No creature has ever been able to love the Lord as has your heavenly Mother.
f The Spirit of the Father and of the Son begets in you a great thirst for perfect love, and thus your soul is inclined spontaneously to seek the Heart of the Mother.
g I will teach you to love God and your neighbor ever more and more. I will give to your heart my own capacity to love. I will help you to divest yourself of every other yearning, to bring you to a simple, continuous and pure act of love.
h And thus you will realize your vocation.
i My only joy is to bring you to love, so that my own Heart may love, within yours, the Most Holy and Divine Trinity."

Rome (Italy); January 15, 1977
You Will Be Completely Renewed
a "My Church, beloved son of mine, has become now more than ever the target at which my Adversary directs his rage in an increasingly violent manner.
b The Vicar of my Son Jesus has had a foreboding of this decisive hour of combat, and so he has solemnly proclaimed me to be Mother of the Church.
c As I am the true Mother of Jesus, so also am I the true Mother of the Church which is his Mystical Body. And as Mother I look today upon this Daughter of mine with apprehension and with a sorrow that is constantly growing.
d My Heart is again pierced by a sword to see the Church more and more violated by my Adversary.
e Satan has truly penetrated within it, and every day he is harvesting his victims, even from among its very pastors. He has succeeded in obscuring its light with the darkness of error which endeavors to pervade everything.
f The Vicar of my Son is at times cut off, as it were, from his own children whom he must nevertheless guide, and the cross of this suffering of his becomes daily greater.
g Among those who surround him, there are those who sometimes do not act out of love for him, but who are moved rather by a spirit of pride and a thirst to dominate.
h Satan is trying to strike even the hierarchy in its bond of love and unity.
i How many pastors are there today who do not love and help each other?
j Many of them criticize and often obstruct each other, seeking only to get further ahead more quickly, trampling underfoot at times the most elementary demands of justice.
k Even in the case of important problems which regard the life of the Church and souls, how many are there who, in their love for truth, demonstrate unanimity of thought and action?
l And as a consequence these priests, these sons of my maternal predilection, may find themselves left to their own resources.
m Thus an increasing number are led astray by the general confusion, become the victims of error and wander far from my Son Jesus and the truth of his Gospel.
n Thus their light becomes extinguished and the faithful walk in darkness. How many there are among them who now live habitually in sin, and who turn a deaf ear to my pressing invitations to conversion! They even try to justify themselves, adapting themselves to the mentality of the world which today legitimizes even the most serious moral disorders.
o How many of my priest-sons no longer pray? They are swallowed up in activities and no longer have a moment to pray.

p This poor Church of mine! As Mother I draw near, my Daughter, and I find you so sick! It would seem as though you are close to death.
q How profound is your affliction and your abandonment! More and more each day, my Adversary strikes at you in those pastors who betray you and those priests who become unfaithful servants.
r This grave malady of yours, this apparent victory of my Adversary over you, is not however unto your death! It is for the greater glorification of God.
s I myself, as your Mother, am helping you in this agony of your most painful purification. I take you into my motherly arms and press you to my Immaculate Heart.
t As Mother, I pour balm on your wounds and await the hour of your complete healing. I myself - when the time comes - will heal you.
u You will be more beautiful! You will be totally renewed and completely purified at the moment when, through the new life that will be yours, the triumph of the Heart of Jesus and of my Immaculate Heart will shine forth throughout the whole world."

February 2, 1977
Feast of the Presentation of the Child Jesus
I Am Carrying You in My Arms
a "Behold the mystery of love of my divine motherhood: as Mother, I entrust my Child to the hands of the priest, and in Him I adore my God who enters into the glory of his house.
b Every provision of the Law is fulfilled: the offering, the sacrifice, the ransom. A Child is confided to the priest: for him He is only one among many.
c But to him who possesses the heart of a child is revealed the mystery of the Father. The Holy Spirit comes down upon a poor old man lost in the crowd. The arms of the old man reach out to embrace with love the promised Messiah, the awaited Savior of Israel.
d My spouse, Joseph, and I look on in astonishment.
e For the first time, the mystery is made manifest, and a human voice proclaims it.
f It is not revealed to the doctors and the priests.
g It is manifested to an old man and to a woman, to people who are humble and poor in spirit. Thus is the future design anticipated: `...this Child will be set as a sign of contradiction, for the salvation and the ruin of many. And for me, the Mother, ,'a sword will pierce your soul.' (cf. Lk 2:34-35)
h When, come of age, He will begin his mission, this same fact will be repeated.
i He is driven out of the synagogue and obliged to flee; his message is rejected by the great ones: the doctors of the Law, the scribes, the priests.
j This official rejection, like a sword, pierces my motherly Heart.
k But Jesus is welcomed by the poor, the sick and the sinners. His voice reaches down into the hearts of the simple. And my motherly sorrow is assuaged by the response which the littlest ones know how to give my Son.
l The little ones are for Him the gift of the Father. The little ones are his thanks which He returns to the Father, the little ones who alone understand the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

m My beloved sons, become today my little children. My Church must open itself to the action of the Holy Spirit.
n This edifice is built on columns that defy the centuries and against which hell cannot prevail: the college of the Apostles founded upon Peter, which is perpetuated till the end of the world through the bishops in union with the Pope.
o But today, such profound darkness seems to pervade this edifice: it is necessary that the Spirit make it all resplendent again with a totally new light. For this I am gathering together from every part of the world the cohort of my beloved sons: that the Holy Spirit may transform them and prepare them to carry out today the great plan of the Father.
p Again this design is entrusted to the sorrow and the love of my Immaculate Heart; and so, I ask you to consecrate yourselves to my Heart. I ask you to become little children, so that I may carry you all in my arms.
q As I did with my Child Jesus, so too with you I present myself in the holy temple of God, and I offer you as a holocaust to the Father to satisfy his divine justice.
r Do not be troubled if again today I receive the rejection of the great ones. For nonetheless, my voice is being welcomed more and more by the little ones. It will be only with these children of mine that I will achieve my triumph of love."

February 11, 1977
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
Pure of Mind, of Heart, of Body
a "Look, beloved sons, at your heavenly Mother who appears on earth in the lowly grotto of Massabielle.
b You should look more to your immaculate Mother. You should have a firmer belief in this apparition of mine.
c I come from heaven to show you the road to follow: that of prayer and of penance. I come from heaven to give you, my sick children, the medicine you need in order to be healed: go, and wash at the fountain!
d Wash yourselves at the spring of living water which flows from the pierced Heart of my Son Jesus and which the Church still gives you today through the sacraments, especially that of Reconciliation.
e Wash yourselves often at this fountain because you have need of it to be purified of sin and to heal the wounds which evil leaves in your lives.
f Wash yourselves at this fountain that you may become always purer. Your immaculate Mother, dear children, casts about you her heavenly mantle and gently helps you to live the virtue of purity.
g I want you pure in mind, heart and body.

h You must first of all be pure in mind.
i In thought, you should seek and do only the Will of the Lord. Your mind should be completely open to receive his light. Do not defile it by attachment to your way of thinking, to the way in which the majority of men think today. Do not obscure truth with error.
j My Adversary, today more than ever, leads you astray by pride in order to corrupt that purity of your mind which alone permits you to receive the word of God with humility and to live it.
k And then by means of the widespread corruption and immorality which is everywhere propagated and glorified, he attempts to corrupt your chastity of thought.
l Close the eyes of your body to this evil, and your soul will open itself to receive my most pure light.
m Only the chaste in mind can continue to keep themselves upright and strong in the faith. And so, walk along the road of this corrupted world to spread only my light from heaven, and to the multitudes, which each day are seduced by error, give the good example of remaining firm in the truth of the faith.

n I want you pure of heart to be truly capable of loving. Your love should be supernatural and divine. All inordinate attachment to yourselves or to creatures bedims its interior purity.
o You ought to love my Son Jesus, and souls for love of Him. Can one love one's neighbor and not love God? Today there is this tendency, so false and so widespread even among many of my children: to seek to love one's neighbor while ignoring God.
p You can always do good, and help your neighbor. But for your love to be supernatural and perfect, it must begin with God. Love the Most Holy Trinity with the Heart of my Son Jesus, and among yourselves love each other as He has loved you. In this way your love will always be more pure, and you will be capable of truly loving your brothers.
q Only he who is chaste of heart can open himself to a great capacity for loving and can live the virtue of charity.
r Today still, it is the pure of heart who can see God and, in his light, understand and love all men.

s I want you pure in body.
t You have made the offering of your chastity to God. This is a virtue which you should live with particular consciousness. Today this is done only with difficulty because of the errors which are becoming constantly more widespread, and which tend to diminish the value of your true consecration.
u How many of my beloved sons have given up living their priesthood, because the Holy Father has required that celibacy still be maintained today!
v But how many others remain and no longer observe it because either they believe it to be outmoded, or they believe it to be something transitory, or they even feel interiorly that it is unjustified and no longer obligatory.
w And thus, how numerous today are my priest-sons who live habitually in impurity!
x Begin anew, my beloved sons, to relive, in your bodies, the virginity of my Son Jesus, and the stigmata of his passion: your priestly body should be a crucified body. Crucified to the world and to its seductions.
y Be, once again, pure of body because one day it will rise again, spiritual and purified, to enjoy the light and the life of God.
z Your body is not destined for the sepulcher, where it will be laid to corrupt, but for paradise into which it will enter, risen again, that it may live forever.
A It is, above all, through this chastity of yours that you are able today to bear witness to your hope for the paradise which awaits you.

B Today, your immaculate Mother calls all of you to be chaste in mind, heart and body in order to live the virtues of faith, charity and hope.
C Thus it will be Jesus in you who again loves and saves his brothers and yours."

Mexico; February 18, 1977
In Every Part of the World
a "If you are pure, my beloved sons, you can see my light. In the darkness which daily becomes deeper, a ray of light shines forth from my Immaculate Heart and comes right to you. Look at my light; it is the light given you by your Mother!
b How much you have need of it, especially today!
c No one listens to you any longer; few still understand you and help you. Many, having become victims of atheism, hate and disparage you; even among the faithful many criticize you and do not accept you, and more and more, you remain alone.
d Who can understand you and help you? Who can console you? Your heavenly Mother.
e For you I leave heaven again; for you I set out on the roads of the world; for you I pray and ask help of many generous souls.
f And when you come together among yourselves, I join in your prayer as in the Cenacle: your souls open to the light of the Spirit and to the consolation of the Mother.
g This happens in every part of the world. And today I have again given you proof of this in this new continent, to which I have led you to gather together my beloved sons. Have you seen with what joy they opened their hearts?
h Yes, I want you to be all gathered together in my Immaculate Heart because today, more than ever, you have need of being consoled and encouraged. The greatest joy of the Mother is that of comforting the children of her maternal predilection."

March 10, 1977
Your Martyrdom of the Heart
a "The confusion grows greater even within the Church and now spreads to every part of the world. The first to be stricken are the priests. Each day, the number of those who allow themselves to be misled by the error which leads to infidelity grows greater and greater.
b In the name of progress, some priests have become nothing but ministers of the world and live according to the world.
c For prayer they have substituted a feverish activity; for mortification, the constant seeking after comfort and pleasures; for holiness, a progressive yielding to sin, especially impurity, which is becoming more and more committed and justified.
d They have become walking corpses, whitened sepulchers who still call themselves priests, but whom my Son Jesus no longer recognizes as such.
e And these are indeed sometimes the most esteemed, those who have succeeded in achieving success and those who have been placed in positions of responsibility.
f Those who have remained faithful are generally the most persecuted, the most ignored, and sometimes intentionally ostracized.
g Thus the darkness spreads, and the smoke of Satan seeks to cover everything; each day the apostasy grows greater.
h How great is your suffering, beloved sons, O priests consecrated to my Immaculate Heart!
i Your suffering will of necessity grow greater as the great apostasy spreads more and more.
j This is your martyrdom of heart for which I am preparing you all. Upon my motherly Heart, let each one offer his interior immolation to the Father.
k Accept, to its very dregs, this hour of darkness. Live this martyrdom of the entire Church, invaded by the night. Remain faithful and confident, now that infidelity becomes more widespread and extolled.
l Say yes to the Father and to your heavenly Mother, who is gently preparing you to live without fear, through those terrible moments which are now awaiting you."

March 21, 1977
The Angel of Consolation
a "Never become discouraged.
b As Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, you too are being assailed by the temptation of fear. Offer this to the Father and continue trusting.
c At every moment, your heavenly Mother is close to each one of you. She is at your side to help you suffer and to comfort you in your great abandonment.
d With you, the whole Church is living through this hour of trial.
e The Holy Father, the Vicar of my Son Jesus, who never before has received so many blows from all sides and been so abandoned, even by some of his own, is today living through this hour.
f I, the Mother, am, for the Pope, the angel of consolation.
g I am such, through you. I offer him the chalice of my Immaculate Heart, and in it is all the love of his priests, my beloved sons.
h Thus, through me, you are his comfort before the great trial which is awaiting you all and for which I have long been preparing you.

April 8, 1977
Good Friday
With Me Beneath the Cross
a "Today, beloved sons, I am bringing you with me to Calvary; with me beneath the Cross of my Son, where I became your Mother.

b Here I want to teach you to love.
c There is no greater love than to give one's life for those whom one loves. Look at my Son Jesus who is dying on the Cross for you. He is dying because He is giving his life. He is giving his life out of love.
d My motherly Heart feels Him dying, and it is pierced by all his horrible agony.
e My motherly love unites with his in loving you; my sons, learn from us always to love thus!

f Here I want to teach you to suffer.
g My Son Jesus has become nothing other than the Man of Sorrows. He no longer bears resemblance to a man; He is crushed under the weight of suffering, cruelly beaten, outraged, humiliated. He suffers without complaint; as gentle as a little lamb, He is nailed to the Cross.
h Behold the path along which I am calling you today: that of Calvary which you must tread with docility and meekness.
i Do not seek to escape this trial; do not beg for human consolation. You will always find the Heart of your Mother who will help you to say yes to the Will of the Father.

j Here I want to teach you to be silent.
k The word of my Son is silent in these final moments. Now He speaks with his life. This is the supreme witness to the Will of God.
l Thus the last word of his life comes forth: a word of pardon for all and of complete abandonment to the Father.
m Learn today especially to be silent. Create a silence within yourself in order to hear only his divine word.
n Create silence about yourself. Do not reply to the criticisms and the calumnies of him who does not accept you.
o Give no answer to the sneers and the offenses of him who persecutes you. Judge no one.
p In the moments that await you, you will be called upon more and more to keep silent. You will speak by your life. And for you too, from this life of yours on the Cross, will come forth the word of love for all men and of complete abandonment to the Will of the Father."

April 23, 1977
Do Not Let Yourselves Be Led Astray
a My beloved sons, do not let yourselves be led astray by the world in which you live.

b It misleads you by word.
c Never before as today has the word become an instrument of truly diabolical seduction. Speech is used to ensnare. Speech is used to spread error. Speech is used to hide the truth.
d Thus things which are real transgressions of the natural law and the Law of God are proposed as values and conquests of the human mind.
e Errors are propagated as new ways of understanding the truth.
f Even in the explanation of the word of God, the most serious errors are propagated. The Pope speaks and is no longer listened to. People continue along the same road and plunge deeper and deeper into the darkness which error spreads everywhere.
g Today my Adversary is seducing you especially through the mind.
h Answer with your humility, you docility and you obedience. Look only to my Son Jesus, who is the Truth.

i It misleads you with images.
j Never have immorality and obscenity been so widespread and so extolled as in your days.
k In the name of this false way of understanding the value of freedom, every moral aberration is justified.
l Indeed they begin with the little ones, betraying the innocence of so many souls. And thus many end by being infected almost without noticing it.
m As for you, answer by looking to me alone. Thus you will see the evil which surrounds you without gazing upon it. And you will go forward keeping your eyes on my Son Jesus who alone is your way.

n It misleads you by works.
o The works of the world have never been so evil as in these times. It has rejected God and walks in the darkness of this refusal. There is no longer the capacity to love, no longer the capacity to walk in the light.
p Where are those who still manage to live as true children of God?
q How it seduces you, above all today, this world in which you live!
r Because of this, I ask you to follow only my Son Jesus, who is your life. He ascended into heaven to help you to live here below while nevertheless keeping your eyes on paradise. He ascended into heaven to help you to be in the world, while not being of the world.
s You will not let yourselves be misled by this world if, led by me by the hand, you follow at every moment Jesus, your Truth, your Wav and your Life."

April 29, 1977
The Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena
My Plan
a This is my hour. No one will be able to obstruct my plan, which I have long since been preparing for the salvation of the Church
b It is you, O priest, sons of my maternal predilection, who are the strategic elements of this plan.
c My plan can be carried out only through you.
d Nevertheless, it is not for you to know it in detail. It is enough that it is known by me, as I am you Leader. You must all obey my orders with docility and let yourselves be led by me. Do not ask me where I am leading you.
e I shall place each one of you at his proper post. Each one must look only to doing his own part well. For the rest, do not concern yourself or be preoccupied about it.
f It is for me to arrange everything according to the plan prepared long ago by my Immaculate Heart, in the light of the wisdom of God.

g Some of you will be called to stand in the line of action.
h They will be given the light and the strength to overcome the attacks of those who will endeavor to destroy all the truth contained in the Gospel of my Son Jesus. In you mouth will be found the two-edged sword with which to unmask error and defend the truth.
i In one hand you will have the crown of the Rosary and in the other, the Cross of my Son to whom you will draw souls in increasingly large numbers in the measure that the battle becomes more intense and more decisive.
j You will be clad in the fire of the most pure light of the Holy Spirit with which to burn away all the darkness of error; through you, the truth will in the end conquer.

k Others will be called to stand in the line of support.
l They will have to pray and suffer much. From many of these, I will have to ask a suffering so great that it will culminate in the offering of their own lives.
m I will grant them the comfort of my habitual and extraordinary presence. My Immaculate Heart will be the altar on which they will be immolated for the salvation of the world.

n My priest-sons, I am now calling you from every part of the world. And each one of you has been assigned to his post, in this battle which has already begun. I am pressed for time. Let yourselves be assembled by me; let everyone answer with a yes. Thus I will be able to place each one at his proper post, that which you Mother has already prepared for you. Only then will I have completed my plan and will the cohort of my priests be ready.

May 18, 1977
My Battle
a "Let yourselves be led by me, beloved sons. My battle has now already begun.
b I will begin to strike at the heart of my Adversary, and I will act especially there where he now feels that victory is assured.
c He has succeeded in seducing you through pride. He has managed to pre-arrange everything in a most clever fashion. He has bent to his design every sector of human science and technique, arranging everything for rebellion against God. The greater part of humanity is now in his hands. He has managed by guile to draw to himself scientists, artists, philosophers, scholars, the powerful. Enticed by him, they have now put themselves at his service to act without God and against God.
d But this is his weak point.
e I shall attack him by using the strength of the little, the poor, the humble, the weak.
f I, `the little handmaid of the Lord," shall place myself at the head of a great company of the humble to attack the stronghold
manned by the proud. (cf. Lk 1:38)
g The only thing I ask of all these sons of mine is that they consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart and let themselves be possessed by me. Thus in them it will be I myself who will act.
h And my victory, through them, has already begun.

i Even in my Church, Satan seems to have now succeeded in winning everything over.
j He feels secure because he has succeeded in tricking you and misleading you:
k - by error which has spread everywhere and is even proclaimed by many of my poor priest-sons;
l - by infidelity which is dressed up as culture and modernization, in an endeavor to make evangelization more up-to-date and acceptable. Thus the gospel which some preach today is no longer the Gospel of my Son Jesus;
m - by sin, which is more and more committed and justified. Often it is precisely priestly and religious lives which have become veritable cesspools of impurity.
n Over this Church, which seems about to sink, Satan desires to dominate as the decisive victor. I shall strike him to the heart by turning his own victory to the cause of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.
o I shall avail myself of the darkness which he has spread everywhere, to choose the souls of the littlest of my sons, and I shall give them my own light.
p Thus everyone will be led by this very obscurity to seek salvation in the light which issues from my Immaculate Heart. And all the triumph of my Adversary will have only served to help many souls to take refuge in my motherly Heart.
q I will call upon my priests to give witness to their faith, even to the point of heroism. By their example they will help the souls of many of my poor wandering children to return to the path of fidelity.
r I will bring my beloved sons to great holiness so that, through them, reparation may again be made for all the sins of the world. And thus it will be still possible to save many of my lost children.
s This is why Satan has now such great fear of me!
t But I have now moved into action with the cohort of my little children. Nothing will be able to stop me until my victory is complete in every detail. Thus, at the very moment when everything will seem lost, Providence will bring about the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world."

July 8, 1977
The Snares of My Adversary
a "Allow yourselves to be led by me, beloved sons, with the greatest trust in my Immaculate Heart.
b To be submissive to my commands, to form my invincible cohort, you must resist the snares of my Adversary who never as in these times has unleashed such attacks upon you.
c He desires to bring you to lack of confidence, to discouragement. He causes you to suffer from his deceitful and cunning tactics.
d He even brings you to doubt that you have been really chosen by me and loved by me, so effectively does he convince you of your wretchedness and make you feel the extent of your human fragility.
e To bring you to this paralysis of mind and thus render you ineffective, he will turn upon you with every kind of temptation.
f Be attentive, my beloved sons; these are the snares of my Adversary.
g This is the secret weapon which he uses against you. This is the venomous bite with which he strives to wound my little heel.

h Your Mother desires now to lay bare his plot and to put you on your guard against his snares.

i You are my lilies, and for this reason my Adversary often torments you with impure images, fantasies and temptations.
j Remain serene and confident! Never, as in these moments, has all your purity shone so dazzlingly and inviolate before God and your heavenly Mother, because it is born of a gift which you renew by an act of your will, in the midst of the greater suffering of your entire being.
k From every snare which Satan sets for you, you will emerge purer, more beautiful and more renewed. And the suffering which you undergo is used by me as a terrible weapon to snatch from my Adversary many of your brother-priests whom, for years and years, he has held prisoners and slaves.

l You are my roses which should give off the fragrance of love only for my Son Jesus and for me.
m Because of this, he will lay snares for you by presenting to your heart creatures to which, imperceptibly, he will seek to bind you. Here again, his action is always deceptive. Often he presents you with creatures that are good, even virtuous, even endowed with extraordinary gifts, but which can nevertheless constitute an obstacle to your act of love for my Son Jesus, an act I would like to make ever more pure, unceasing and perfect.
n Even the slightest attachment to any creature is enough to prevent your act of love from being that which my Immaculate Heart desires it to be! And in this way your souls become darkened by shadows which prevent you from receiving and understanding all the light that I give you and which you need in order to make up my crown of love.
o Oh, my beloved sons! Come to me, all of you, because you are so little, so insecure, so helpless! Come, because you are my little babes, because you have such need of me to walk along the way of perfect love!

p You are my cyclamens by reason of your interior littleness, by the childlikeness of your spirit.
q Satan ensnares you by causing you to feel like adults, sure of yourselves, and by causing you to set the basis of your security in your own selves, in your own ideas, your own actions. And because confidence and self-abandonment are qualities of the humble, he tempts you more and more with doubt and lack of confidence in my action in your regard.
r He tries to convince you that it is you who should do, you who should organize, you who should act, that everything depends upon you alone.
s And you constantly toil all the harder, and you do not let me act.
t And so I cannot lead you any further because you are thus no longer capable of being docile.
u If you do not remain little in this way, my designs cannot be realized.

v Therefore, my beloved sons, I wanted to expose for you the traps with which my Adversary will constantly seek to trick you and lead you astray.
w Respond always and only with heroic trust in me. That is all I need from you, my little children, to crush the head of my Adversary, while he will attempt to bite my heel, by laying snares for you, my dearest sons."

Hermitage of Montegiove (Italy); July 14, 1977
United in Love
a "You are here, my beloved sons, on this mountain with me in prayer. This is a continuous cenacle, as was the one in Jerusalem, after the return of my Son Jesus to his Father.
b Here too, I am always in your midst. I am united with you in prayer to help you to pray well, to encourage you to intercede unceasingly for all my poor children, straying but not yet lost. I will save them too, through you; for this, your prayer is necessary to me.
c I am here to help you love one another always more and more. It is the Mother who kindles in you the desire to know one another, who impels you to love one another, who invites you to unite; it is the Mother who each day builds up an ever greater unity among you.
d I am here to form you to a life of union with me. Because, through your consecration, you have entrusted yourselves to me, I can now truly live and manifest myself in you, especially when, as priests, you speak to my children.
e It is the Holy Spirit who suggests everything to you. But it is the Mother who gives word and form to all that the Spirit prompts you to say, so that you may reach the hearts and minds of those who listen to you, according to their capacity to receive and their spiritual need.
f Now you are here with me, and I watch over you with a love that is ever more motherly. I have truly great plans for you.
g I am entrusting many of my priest-sons to you. Help me to make them grow in this life, by your prayers, by your generous and apostolic activity, and by your suffering which will increase.
h Gather them together in cenacles of life with me: they are awaiting you as the parched earth groans and awaits a drop of dew.

i Walk united in love, led by the hand of your heavenly Mother, of whose close presence you will become strongly aware, as you go down from this mountain. I now enfold you in my Immaculate Heart. And I bless you, one by one.”

July 25, 1977
Your Docility
a "My beloved sons, with docility let yourselves be formed by me. With your consecration to my Immaculate Heart, you have entrusted your priesthood to me. You have put it in a safe place.
b But in so doing, however, you have only taken the first step, even though it is a very important one. Now I myself, as Mother, am committed to make each one of you just what my Son Jesus desires you to be.
c The second step you must take is to allow yourselves to be formed by me, in a way which is different for each one of you.
d It is my duty as Mother to form you in a very particular and personal way. Even the paths along which I am leading you differ among themselves, but they all bring you to the same goal, that set for each of you by my Son Jesus.
e Pay no attention to how I am forming you; do not ask me where I am leading you; do not seek to know beforehand the path which I have marked out for you. Your duty is to second my action with your docility.

f An interior docility which leads you always to say yes to me and to seek only to carry out my will in whatever you do. You now know the will of your heavenly Mother:
g - I want you humble, silent, recollected and burning with love for Jesus and souls. Only thus will you become great in my eyes;
h - I want you trustful, abandoned to me and without human preoccupations. Even wanting to `act' for my Movement can become a human preoccupation. Only thus can your mind see the great work which I am doing in you and through you;
i - I want you mortified in your senses, persevering in prayer, and gathered about Jesus in the Eucharist like living lamps of love. Only thus will you feel me close to you;
j - I want you ever purer; thus you will finally be able to see me. You will see me with the eyes of the soul, if you close the eyes of the body to the vanity of this world.
k Your life will be transformed by me, as gently and firmly I lead you to sanctity. Only if you cooperate with my action will you be able to escape the danger of coming to a halt or of allowing your fervor to grow tepid, after your act of consecration to me.

l An exterior docility which now leads you to be examples of obedience which is lived out and witnessed.
m Obedient to your Mother who speaks to you and who brings you, by her word, to obedience to the Pope and the Church united with him. Every day my motherly Heart is lacerated anew by acts, even public, of real disobedience to, and rebellion against, the Pope.
n Your obedience ought to be like mine: humble, conscious, perfect. In this way you will cooperate with my action, as a second phase, so to speak, begins for my Movement.
o Now that in all parts of the world you are responding to me by allowing yourselves to be enclosed in my Immaculate Heart, I must as quickly as possible make you into faithful copies of Jesus Crucified.
p You have answered me with a yes; now I ask you to respond to my action with your exterior and interior docility. Only in this way can you resist the ambushes which my Adversary lays for you and respond to my great plan of love.”

July 29, 1977
Enter My Garden
a "Let yourselves be led, beloved sons, into the depths of my Immaculate Heart. Enter my garden. In it is reflected the pure light of the Divine Trinity.

b The Father finds herein his design intact and perfectly realized. Here therefore all creation is resumed and contained, to sing with me the eternal praise of its Lord and Creator. It is the place where the Heavenly Father receives his greatest glory from his creature.

c The Son finds here his habitual dwelling place. My Heart is the house where the Word was formed in his human life; it is the refuge where Jesus withdrew to find aid and comfort.
d Here He also brought his first disciples, that they might be strengthened and receive, each and all, his very own imprint. In this garden they grew, little by little, according to his divine plan; they became more humble, purer, more generous, stronger. Here they were well cultivated until each one attained that resemblance to Jesus which He Himself desired.
e It was also the altar on which my Son was immolated, the chalice which received his blood, which opened itself to the moaning of his wounds, which was opened wide to the great gift of his dying Heart.
f He desired that this garden of his should also become yours; and so, He gave you his Mother.

g The Holy Spirit is the only Gardener within my enclosure. He has overshadowed me with his light of love; He has filled me with all his gifts; He has embellished me with his grandeur and has made me his Spouse.
h In my Immaculate Heart this divine prodigy has taken place.
l My garden is his exclusive property: it is the Holy Spirit who waters it and gives it light; it is He who causes the most beautiful flowers to spring up; it is He who gives them their color and fragrance; it is He who brings therein whom He wills.
j No one can enter unless He Himself opens to them: no one walks therein unless He leads them forward.

k If you but knew, my beloved sons, the gift you have received by consecrating yourselves to my Immaculate Heart!
l It is the Holy Spirit who has brought you into my garden. And through your heavenly Mother, He is now cultivating you, embellishing you with his gifts, and enriching you with all the virtues.
m This is how you are growing in holiness, becoming more and more priests according to my design, and moving forward that you may be introduced by Him into the depths of my Immaculate Heart, wherein shines brilliantly all the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.
n Remain, then, forever in my garden."

August 4, 1977
Feast of St. John Vianney
Love Always
a "Remain in my Immaculate Heart. Always. Then at each moment, I myself will accomplish everything in you.
b Never consider yourselves. Accept your littleness with humility and meekness. Say to the Lord: `I am your smallest child. I know my poverty, and I thank you.'
c And then, love. You can love more if you are truly the littlest.
d Love always. All that Jesus and I desire of you is love. Nothing else is yours, but the beating of your heart is yours.
e Hearts of my beloved sons, beat with love only for my Son Jesus, for me and for souls! Then you will be, even here on earth, my perfect joy."

August 6, 1977
Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord
First Saturday
My Property
a "If you remain in the garden of my Immaculate Heart, you become my property. Thus, no one can any longer take you away from me, because I myself am your defense; you should always feel safe.
b You must no longer fear either Satan, or the world, or the frailty of your nature.
c Certainly you will experience that seduction and that temptation which the Lord permits as a test to allow you to experience the extent of your weakness.
d But I will defend you from the Evil One, who can do nothing to harm those who are part of my property.
e Then gently I cultivate you till each one of you becomes that kind of garden in which, as in mine, the divine splendor of the Trinity can be reflected.
f I form you with maternal solicitude. With my own hands, I root out from you whatever might, in any way, be displeasing to the Lord.
g The Spirit in whom I am clothed is like a fire which consumes everything within you, so that there remain not even a shadow which might bedim that beauty to which your heavenly Mother wishes to bring you. I want to make you a most pure transparency of God.
h And then, I am strengthening in you those virtues which are like roots on which depends any possibility of your growth: faith, hope and charity. Round about these, I am giving you, as ornaments, all those other virtues which have made your Mother beautiful in the sight of God.
i And in the measure that you open yourself more and more to the light of God, I am sprinkling upon you the balm of my perfume: humility, confidence, self-abandonment.
j Thus you grow, O flowers cultivated by me in my garden, because you receive the beauty and the perfume of your Mother.
k Then, accompanied by the angels and the saints of paradise, and with the prayer of the souls in purgatory, I present myself each day before the throne of God to offer Him ever larger bouquets of these flowers from my garden.
l When you have become like this, then all the Church will become my garden, in which the Divine Trinity will take delight in being reflected.
m The Father will rejoice to see the design of his creation perfectly realized in it. The Son will dwell with you, into whose midst the reign of the Father has already come. The Holy Spirit will be Life Itself, in a world reconsecrated to the glory of God.

n This will be the triumph of my Immaculate Heart."

August 24, 1977
The Decisive Move
a "My beloved sons, look with my eyes at the world in which you live.
b See how my Adversary has taken possession of everything: never before as in these present times has the world become so completely his kingdom over which he exercise his power as ruler.
c And souls, the victims of his enticement, are daily being 1ost in ever greater numbers.

d I want to save them through an extraordinary intervention of my maternal love. For this, I need you; I need your love.
e Love, with my own Heart, these poor children whom Satan and sin have already led to their death. Love above all those who have strayed the furthest: even those who deny God and who reject and oppose you; even those who are victims of vice, hatred and violence.
f They have become docile instruments in the hands of Satan, who is using them as he wishes, and often they act only under the impulse of his malevolent influence.
g But even these have been redeemed by Jesus; even these are my children. They are the sickest children and therefore have the greatest need of me.

h You are the ones who must love them, in me and for me. Let your love be pure and without reserve; let it be my very own love.
i Even if it seems that they do not respond to you, such is really not the case; your love is already a force which is drawing them from the dominion of Satan! It is already a light which cuts through the darkness in which they find themselves; it is the most precious help that you can give them to lead them to salvation.
j You must be mine, and I shall use you to bring back home all those children whom my Adversary has snatched away from me to make them subjects of his dominion.
k I want all these lost children of mine to come back, through you, and enter the enclosure of my garden: thus they will again be saved!
l I am in a hurry, beloved sons, because the times have arrived. I am pressed for time because the battle, already under way, has a plan which is in the process of being fully realized.
m My decisive move, which will bring about the victory, is you, beloved sons: I need all your love to snatch from the hands of my Adversary all those children whom he has taken for himself.
n Only when they all have entered into the garden of my Immaculate Heart will it be understood that my triumph is nothing more than the triumph of love in the world."

September 8, 1977
Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
I Have Been Pointing Out the Way to You
a "Remain ever in my Immaculate Heart, beloved sons. I must, as quickly as possible, form you to be such as Jesus wishes. I am pressed for time, and I am asking ever greater things of you.
b Let yourselves be led by me. Never become afraid: let all of you answer with a yes. For years I have followed you, day by day. For years I have been pointing out the way to you.
c Travel this road with me. I am leading you along it that, at the moment of greatest darkness, you may find there my light. Do not let yourselves be drawn aside by vain curiosity; do not look for other confirmations.
d This way, which I have pointed out to you, will be your only confirmation. Journey ever along it, and never allow yourselves to become wearied. Live whatever I have told you. I have spoken in order to be listened to.
e You are listening to me when you put into practice all the things that I have told you.
f Keep them in your heart, against him who tries to suggest doubts and uncertainties to you.
g Put them into practice if you wish to prove to yourself and to others the truth of my words. Only in this way can you go forward along the road which I have traced out for you and will you be able to draw close to me. Only in this way will you become poorer, more docile, littler - you who have been called to be the beloved sons of this Mother of yours, whom today you venerate as a little child.
h Courage; have confidence and patience! You will be granted a little time more in which to assist me in saving and making amends. And then, for the great evil, will begin the hour of defeat."

Njmegen (Holland); October 1, 1977
Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
First Saturday
It Is Not Given to All
a "It is not given to all to understand my plan, but only to those whom I call.
b My beloved sons, for how long have I been forming you, following you and leading you to prepare yourselves to answer this call! From your very mother's womb, I have received you into my Immaculate Heart, and in life, I myself have arranged everything for you.
c Your whole life has been a tapestry of my love. And now this design must be completed as quickly as possible for the good of all.
d Few have been called to this: but through them, the Mother wants to offer the possibility of salvation to all her children.
e See how many of them are hurrying along the road to perdition! Who is there to help them? Who is there to hold them back?
f You see how so very many of them, while still young, are already reaping the works of death, almost before they are able to sow The world in which they live has poisoned and killed them.
g How many generous souls today have been swept away by this darkness which has pervaded the whole Church!
h You are experiencing again my own sorrow by your having also met here some brother-priests who no longer believe. They continue to exercise their ministry. They are teachers who teach error; they are the blind who lead others into blindness.
i Share my own sorrow in this place from which progressivism and apostasy are spreading throughout this country and many parts of the world.
j It is from here that my Adversary has gone into action, but it also here that, as a sign of reparation, I have wanted to bring together today with me in prayer the priests of my Movement.

k It is not given to everyone to understand my great plan. This is the hour when all who are called should respond to me.
l Soon you will have no more time, because the number which the Heavenly Father has determined will have been completed."

Fatima (Portugal); October 13, 1977
Anniversary of the Last Apparition at Fatima
The Miracle o f the Sun
a “Beloved children, walk in trust.
b Today you recall with joy the sign which, sixty years ago, I gave in this place chosen by me to manifest myself. You call it the miracle of the sun.
c Yes, children, even the sun, like all creation, obeys the laws established by its Creator. But sometimes it can act otherwise when God requires this.
d Even the sun, like all the beings in creation, behaves in obedience to the laws of God.
e Through this miracle, I have desired to indicate to you that my victory will consist in leading men back to a docile obedience to the Will of our God.
f But the sun is the source of light. The earth blossoms and opens to its warmth; you live on this earth by the light which it gives you. Your activity begins with its rising, and with its setting your work comes to a stop.

g I have thus wanted to indicate to you that my victory will consist, especially, in making the light shine again upon the world and the Church. The world will be enlightened anew because it will offer itself completely to the adoration and the glorification of God.
h In the Church, once the darkness of error, infidelity and sin by which she is presently eclipsed has been entirely dissipated, the light of truth, of grace and of holiness will shine forth once again. Jesus will be so resplendent in the life of the Church that she herself will be the very greatest light for all the nations of the earth.
i But the greatest victory of my motherly and Immaculate Heart will be to cause Jesus to shine in the souls of all my children.
j Some of those present in this place today are thinking: `What a great marvel it would be if the miracle of the sun were to be repeated!'
k But every day I repeat it for each one of you: when I lead you along the pathway of my Son, when I help you to be healed of sin, when I lead you to prayer, and when I form you to holiness, it is the light of this sun that I cause to shine ever more brightly in your souls and your lives: the sun of my Son Jesus.
l And so the miracle of the sun which took place here was but a sign. The eyes of those present perceived this extraordinary phenomenon which caused many to believe in the action of your Mother whose duty it is to set burning in the hearts of all men the light of Jesus, the true Sun of the world."

October 29, 1977
Feast of Blessed Michael Rua
Doubts and Perplexity
a "Do not be surprised, beloved sons, that my Adversary does everything he can to obstruct this work of mine.
b His favorite weapon is to sow doubts and perplexity about what I am doing in the Church. He tries to base these doubts on reasons which are seemingly solid and justifiable. Thus he instills a critical attitude toward whatever I tell you, even before you have received and understood my words.
c You happen to hear of certain brothers of yours who are cultured men and often even experts and masters in theology, who reject those things I tell you, because they sift all my words with their minds, which have already been filled with the richness of their culture. And so they find insurmountable difficulties precisely in those phrases which are so clear to the simple and small.

d My words can be understood and accepted only by one whose mind is humble and well-disposed, who has a simple heart, and whose eyes are clear and pure. When the Mother speaks to her children, they listen to her because they love her. They do whatever she tells them, and thus they grow in knowledge and life.
e Those who criticize her even before they have listened to her, and those who reject what she says before putting it into practice, cannot be her children. These people, even though they increase in learning, cannot grow in wisdom and life.
f I tell you this so that you will not be troubled if you hear that even the learned and the teachers find difficulty in my words, while everything appears so clear and simple to whomever I call to be little. Look to your heavenly Mother who knows very well where and how to lead you so that the plan of her Immaculate Heart may be fulfilled. Do not allow yourselves to be either discouraged or surprised by the doubts and the perplexities which can even increase, without however being prejudicial in any way to my great work of love."

November 5, 1977
First Saturday
Everything Is About to Be Accomplished
a "Everything is about to be accomplished according to the plan of God. Your Mother wants to enfold you in her Immaculate Heart in order to make you fit for the perfect fulfillment of the divine plan.
b In it shines forth the triumph of the mercy of the Father who wants to lead all his wandering children along the path leading back to Himself who so eagerly awaits them.
c Through it there is actualized the great hour of the merciful love of the Son who desires to purify completely with his blood this world, which was redeemed by Him on the Cross.
d With it comes the time of the Holy Spirit, who will be given you by the Father and the Son in ever increasing superabundance, to lead the whole Church to its new Pentecost.

e All is about to be accomplished that the Church may issue forth from the great suffering of its purification more beautiful and luminous in a renewed world.
f Let everything that happens to you be viewed in this light. Let every single detail of the time in which you live be placed in the context of this wonderful design.
g Do not stop to consider the ever thickening darkness, the sin which has been set up as the norm of human action, the suffering which is mounting to its peak and the chastisement which this humanity is preparing with its own hands.
h These are the painful aspects of a great design. Do not be afraid; the hour has arrived, and all is about to be accomplished! As never before you must allow yourselves to be enfolded in my Immaculate Heart and live with confidence and abandonment in the Will of the Most Holy Trinity who will, in this hour, reflect upon the whole world its great glory. And finally, be prepared to live out, with me, this hour, so great and so painful!"

December 8, 1977
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
The Immaculate One at Your Side
a "I am your immaculate Mother.
b Let all of you, in every part of the world, today lift your gaze towards me to contemplate me in the glory where, through a singular privilege, the Most Holy Trinity has placed me.
c I have never known sin.
d My Son Jesus willed to make the first and most beautiful fruit of his redemption shine forth thus in me.
e As his blood makes it possible for you to be washed from every stain of sin, so too has He given me the privilege of never being contaminated by it from the first instant of my conception.
f He has wanted me to be `all fair' that He might find in me a worthy gateway through which to come to you.

g My beloved children, let yourselves be drawn always more and more by your heavenly Mother, if you wish me to help you be set free from sin, which is the only true evil which can befall you and which distorts the image of my Son Jesus, which alone should shine in each one of you.
h It is on this day that I draw close and say to you: `Do not be afraid; fear nothing, because you have your immaculate Mother at your side!'
i I have pointed out to you the goal to which I wish to lead you.
i I have marked out the road.
j I have called you from every part of the world, and I have enfolded you in this Immaculate Heart of mine.
l I have even foretold to you what is to happen.
m And now, on this day, I am inviting you to entrust yourselves completely to me, without fear and without apprehension.

n If I have told you that, in the greatest darkness, the light will come to you from my Immaculate Heart, I have wanted in this way to inform you that, at the decisive moments, I myself will suggest everything to you.
o I will tell you whom you must follow in order to be faithful to the Vicar of my Son Jesus and to my Church.
p I will confirm you in what you must say to remain in the truth. I will point out to you those whom you ought to fear and what roads you can follow to avoid dangers, while, for him whom I will lead up Calvary to be immolated, I myself will arrange everything beforehand.

q I am the Immaculate One who is at your side: in these moments of your purification I will make my presence felt in an extraordinary way, because great indeed is this battle which we must fight against Satan, sin and all the great army of evil.
r For this, I am asking only that you entrust yourselves to me, and, as of today, you will begin to see my wonders!"

December 24, 1977
You Too Beget My Son
a "My beloved sons, bend with me over this manger where my Son, just born, is still shivering from the cold and uttering plaintive cries.
b Let us together adore Him, for He is the true Son of God!
c You are especially dear to me because you are his priests. You have received a power which makes you very much like your heavenly Mother.
d When you celebrate Holy Mass, you too beget my Son. Jesus truly makes Himself present in the consecrated Host by means of the words of the priests.
e Were it not for you, my beloved sons, my Son could not become present in the sacrament of the Eucharist.
f In the Eucharist Jesus is truly present with his Body, with his Blood, with his Soul, with his Divinity.
g You priests renew the reality of his birth in time.
h Again today, as then, this coming of his is wrapped in mystery.
i Then, a cave received Him; now, it is the stone of an altar. The tender features of a baby veiled his divinity; now the white appearance of bread hides Him.
j But just as then, in the little Baby, so too now in the consecrated Host, the real presence of the Son of God is to be found.

k On this holy night, my motherly Heart is once again torn to see how widespread, even among priests, are the doubts concerning the divine presence of my Son Jesus in the mystery of the Eucharist.
l And thus indifference towards the sacrament of the Eucharist spreads, adoration and prayer are snuffed out, and the sacrileges of those who approach it in a state of mortal sin increase day by day.
m Alas, even among priests the number of those who celebrate the Eucharist without any longer believing in it is increasing. Some of these deny the real presence of my Son Jesus; others would restrict it to the time of the celebration of Holy Mass; and still others reduce it to a presence that is merely spiritual and symbolic.
n These errors continue to spread despite the fact that the doctrine has been clearly reaffirmed by the Magisterium, especially the Pope.
o The time will come when, unfortunately, this error will have even more supporters; and in the Church, the perfume of adoration and of the Holy Sacrifice will be, as it were, extinguished. And thus the abomination of desolation which has already made its way into the holy temple of God, will reach its culmination.

p It is for this reason that, on this holy night, I want to gather together in my Immaculate Heart all my beloved sons scattered throughout the world.
q I invite you to bend with me over the altar where you too will beget Jesus in the Eucharistic mystery. Adore Him with me; heap love upon Him with me; console Him with me; thank Him with me; with me, make reparation for the offenses, the coldness and the great indifference with which He is surrounded. Together with me, defend Him with your life, ever ready to shed your blood for Him.
r And so, in this night so dark, Jesus will once again, through you, cast his light upon this world which his merciful love still wants saved!"

December 31, 1977
Last Night of the Year
The End of a Period
a "Most dearly beloved son, spend with me the last hours of this year which has been for my Movement truly extraordinary in view of its graces.
b Sixty years have passed since I appeared in the poor Cova da Iria in Fatima to bring my important message to men.
c My message is now more urgent and timely than ever.
d Timely, because never as in these moments has humanity found itself so close to the brink of its own destruction; and urgent, because that which the justice of God has decreed is now in the process of being quickly realized.
e Beloved children, let all of you heed the anguished appeal of your Mother: turn back along the road which leads to God through prayer and conversion.

f Today I offer you again the means which the Father is giving you to help you return to Him: my Immaculate Heart. All of you must consecrate yourselves to this Heart and entrust yourselves to the arms of your heavenly Mother.
g During this year which is about to end, I have been able to hold back the chastisement because of the prayers and sufferings of many of my children. Your yes has enabled me to add strength to my action of maternal intercession on your behalf.
h Jesus has again willed to entrust to his Mother and yours the ultimate possibility of intervening to lead you to salvation and to alleviate the great suffering that awaits you.
i For this I have need of your prayer, of your suffering, of your life. The hour which is closing this year is marking the end of a period which the mercy of God has granted to this rebellious humanity before the terrible moment which is about to arrive."

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